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Slashdot Anniversary: Ann Arbor, MI, US

Indes Bah! (8 comments)

Last time I went to the pizza house I had hair in both dishes that were served to me. There's either a wookie in the kitchen or I'm going bald. (either possible.)

about 2 years ago

Why Fuel Efficiency Advances Haven't Translated To Better Gas Mileage

Indes HUH? (891 comments)

I live in Ontario Canada. Gas here is anywhere between $4.30-4.75 a US GALLON, in CANADIAN DOLLARS (worth less than US Dollars).
Meanwhile, when I'm in the USA, I can get gas for anywhere in the $3.xx a gallon range.
It physically hurts to see people line up here for $4.10/US GAL gasoline. It hasn't increased public transit usage - after all, this IS North America, not Europe.

Raising prices (via tax) to give to the people (politicians) who can't spend the money properly is a BAD IDEA anyway.
It's like giving drugs to a drug addict. They'll just abuse it.

  Why don't you give incentives to the private sector -- Tax breaks on new cars where MPG meets a certain requirement? Gas guzzling cars would soon be off the market entirely as car makers would opt to make more efficient cars, as a profit margin on them would be greater due to lower taxes.

more than 2 years ago

What Could You Do With a Bogus Root Name Server?

Indes Its simple... (120 comments)

.. do what we do every night.. try to take over the world!!

(Seriously, Imagine borrowing every bank's front page in North America .... You could be cashing in big time..... )

more than 6 years ago


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