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Death to the Trapezoid... Next USB Connector Will Be Reversible

Indras Re:Even worse... (408 comments)

Equally, for micro/mini USB, have you ever tried plugging in your phone in the dark, when it's yelling at you about needing to be charged?

I came up with a very simple fix for this when I got my Galaxy S3. It drove me nuts that the connector on the cable was not reversible, but the molded end around it was completely symmetrical, there was no way to "feel" which way was up in the dark. So, I took a utility knife and shaved off about a millimeter of the molding from one side, which makes a small flat spot. Now, in the dark, I grab my cable, pull until I reach the end, then if my thumb is on the flat side, I plug it in, otherwise, flip it over first.

I quickly did this to all of my other cables, like my car charger, my wife's charger, etc. Very simple, dirt cheap, and effective.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Beautiful Network Cable Trays?

Indras Flat cable (250 comments)

Depends on how many connections you need, but hiding flat cable under the carpet can be a viable option.


Then again, the poster doesn't specify whether this office has carpet.

about a year ago

What's Stopping Us From Eating Insects?

Indras Re:I'm in. (655 comments)

You can dry roast mealworms in your oven and pulverize them in a blender or spice grinder for a cheap protein powder. It adds kind of a nutty flavor to whatever you put it in.

I could definitely try this. There is a certain revulsion towards eating insects due to the appearance. Imagine opening a bag of flour and finding some maggots crawling inside... you'd just throw the whole bag away. At that point, even if you filter them out, the flour is "tainted" in your mind and is no longer edible. Same goes for a spot of mold on a slice of bread.

However, if you could simply grind them up into a powder or paste and eliminate the visual association, I would certainly not be against including them in my diet!

about a year and a half ago

When Was the Last Time You Used a Landline Phone?

Indras Re:Still maintain a Land Line (329 comments)

... because when power is out I can still make a call if I need to and report the power outage...

In my area, power outages are annoyingly common. However, a few years ago the power company came and upgraded us to a smart meter, that doesn't have to be read and automatically reports power outages. The first three times I had an outage, I called the 800 number to report it, only to find that my home was already reported as not having power just a few minutes prior. Now, I don't bother, I'd rather not clog up the automated calling center with another redundant reporting.

The ironic thing is that I canceled my POTS service five years ago after five service repair calls in a six month period to try to fix the static on the line. Every time, it took down the DSL, and in one case, the static was so bad that I couldn't even dial out to call for a tech, I had to run across the street and borrow a neighbor's phone. However, I've yet to lose cell phone service in my neighborhood since I dropped the land line and bought a Nextel. YMMV

about 2 years ago

Researcher Warns That Military Must Prepare For "Mutant" Future

Indras Re:The next horror blockbuster (179 comments)

Can't wait for Mutants vs. Zombies!

I believe that game was called Fallout.

more than 2 years ago

US House Science Committee Member: Evolution Is a Lie From Hell

Indras Re:Post bigotry here (1113 comments)

In plaing (sic) English that would translate to "Stop voting for idiots.".

But that's all that is on the ballot!

more than 2 years ago

Why It's Bad That Smartphones Have Banished Boredom

Indras Re:I hated boredom... (351 comments)

I do not mean this in a snarky way, because I certainly while away time standing in lines with my own smartphone. This is just the thought your comment elicited in me... maybe you'd think of an answer yourself? It depends on the subject matter you're pondering of course. "Who's the Prime Minister of England?" isn't really what I'm talking about. But if it's a novel problem, maybe *not* having reference materials at hand would actually prod your brain in a direction nobody's thought of yet?

Yeah, I've met people like this. They think up a question, then come up with an answer that seems logical, then go spewing to all their friends at work as though it were fact. In the case of the parent post, I could come up with a reasonable explanation about why manhole covers are made in India. I pretty much guarantee it would be wrong. If I never took the time to find out the correct answer, I could eventually just assume that I was right. I would say that coming up with a wrong answer and believing it to be correct is a far worse tragedy than simply whipping out the smartphone and doing a quick google search for the correct one.

more than 2 years ago

Young Listeners Opt For Streaming Over Owning

Indras Re:Young listeners? (390 comments)

Same here. I'm married, own a house, and have two kids, a decade since I was last called a teenager. I haven't purchased music in physical form since I was 16. I bought a handful of tapes and two CDs. I saved up a lot to buy a CD, and I realized that after just a few days the music got old, so I went back to the radio. I realized that in order to have a collection big enough to *not* get sick of the same music playing over and over again, I'd have to buy hundreds of CDs. At the time, that was an insane amount of money for me, so I just got it stuck in my head that owning music was a stupid waste of money.

Now, I have a cell phone with unlimited (soft cap) bandwidth and a Pandora app. I get all the benefits of owning thousands of CDs of music, and I don't have the hassle of having to pick each song individually. With FM radio, if I hear a song I don't like, I change the station, or more likely, turn the radio off and don't play it again until the next day. With Pandora, I thumb it down, and it is gone for good.

My friend has an 8Gb Sansa MP3 player, totally loaded with good music, the stuff we both like to listen to: Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Nickelback, AC/DC, etc etc... however, after just a couple hours of listening to it while we are working on a car or something, I get sick of it and go back to Pandora. Why? Because I can't thumb down a song, only skip past it, and the dang thing keeps coming back. Deleting it is not an option, he paid good money for it.

So, owning music has never felt like a good option for me. I'll stream or listen to the radio, or listen to silence. I would have to spend thousands of dollars to make a collection of music big enough for me, and for that money, I can pay for a premium streaming radio service, or satellite radio, for the rest of my life many times over.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Instead of a Laptop, a Tiny Computer and Projector?

Indras Re:Zenbook. (339 comments)

Get the Asus Zenbook ... Aluminum's the worst material to use in a laptop, anyway.

Um, what? Quoted from the Asus Zenbook website:

There are several advantages to the finely crafted aluminum used in ASUS ZENBOOK construction. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, aluminum offers a lighter Ultrabook that’s easier to carry, while retaining strength and durability. To accomplish a sleek and smooth metallic look, ASUS developed new mounting methods that reduce screw usage by 12%, taking inspiration from hand-crafted luxury wrist watches.

more than 2 years ago

Chrome Beats Internet Explorer On Any Given Sunday

Indras Re:Chrome vs IE (212 comments)

Hell Firefox has a portable mode that you can just install on a Thumb drive and run without even installing it.

So does Chrome.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Mobile Phone Solution With No Data Plan?

Indras Re:MMS is the only issue? (294 comments)

MMS is an abhorrent waste of time that despite I get free unlimited MMS messages, have never sent one. I will not inflict that pain and suffering on another person in that way.

They truly are a vile creation only popular with people whos age (or acts like their age) starts with a '1' followed by some small number.

Parent here. I'm 29, wife is 30, two kids, 2 and 3. I receive 2-3 MMS messages from my wife every day, pictures and/or videos of my kids playing/singing/sleeping/whatever while I'm at work. I live for those messages. I'm stuck on the 3-11 shift for a while longer, yet, so I only get to have dinner with my kids on weekends. Last week, her camera died, bad ribbon cable on an LG Lotus. I promptly took her out and got her a shiny new Evo Shift so she can can keep sending those pictures my way.

I honestly have no idea what your issue is with MMS... it would be like having an issue with the postal service because you get some junk mail. Point your anger where it belongs. If you get annoying MMS messages, blame the person that sent them, not the protocol.

more than 2 years ago

Google Explores Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data

Indras Re:Google tricks (126 comments)

And grocery stores are getting people to check our their own goods at the register, eliminating the checkout clerk and bagger at the same time. Most stores local to me have already eliminated baggers, giving rotating carousels of bags to the clerks so they can bag as they scan. Not news. I only see this trend expanding.

more than 3 years ago

Time To Rethink the School Desk?

Indras Re:Riiiiiiight (405 comments)

Here's the chair I sit in every day: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/KI-Round-Stool-2W159?Pid=search Unfortunately, the wood top broke off a few years ago, and I have to weld the legs back on to the support ring every six months or so (I keep meaning to spray paint it to prevent rust, but then just get too busy). Sorry, no school board is going to get sympathy from me about uncomfortable chairs for students!

more than 4 years ago

Google Wants To Be Your Electricity Meter

Indras Re:Blah blah blah (206 comments)

This is absolutely wrong. The obvious flaw in your argument: 220V loads. A clothes dryer, for instance, creates a complete circuit between the two phases to provide the 220V necessary to run the load. Therefore, 220V appliances are ALWAYS balanced loads, requiring no neutral/ground to handle the difference. Are you trying to tell me that the power company does not charge you for electricity you use in 220 circuits?

more than 4 years ago

RIAA Says "Don't Expect DRMed Music To Work Forever"

Indras Re:That's funny (749 comments)

Being somewhat devils advocatish - what about all those people who find that their CDs stop working after a few years due to small scratches? Should they be allowed to demand free replacement in perpetuity?

That argument doesn't work. If I buy a chair from you, and I do not properly take care of it, and eventually it becomes unusable, that is MY fault. If I buy a chair from you, use it properly and care for it, and one day the chair just suddenly falls apart, that is YOUR fault. See the difference?

more than 5 years ago

When watching a movie, I like to add calories via ...

Indras Re:Peanuts (457 comments)

My coworker told me that MSG stimulates your taste buds and makes them more receptive to flavor, allowing companies to put less flavoring in and still have the same amount of taste. If this is the case, it means that the ones you're buying without MSG are adding much more salt/honey/etc to make up for it.

The reason he knows this is that both he and his father have very strong reactions to it. He mentioned dry mouth, upset stomach, or headaches for even mild doses. As a result he tends to monitor ingredient lists on everything he eats.

more than 5 years ago

Strange Glitches In Games

Indras Re:MMOs seem to have the most (282 comments)

Dark Age of Camelot had quite a few places where the floor didn't properly meet a wall, leaving a tiny crack. Pushing yourself against the crack while rotating your character would allow you to push through the crack and fall below the world. Once you reached a certain depth, the game automatically teleported you back to your last bind stone.

It was a VERY handy trick to know, saving hours of running and horse travel. It didn't take people long to find these cracks in pretty much every dungeon in the game.

more than 5 years ago


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