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Open Source Car — 20 Year Lease, Free Fuel For Life

InfernalRuss Re:700 pounds -- goodbye safety standards! (319 comments)

being that it is to be unveiled in london i suspect it will be tested under euro ncap - the european rating system for crash tests. small cars can be safe - crash tests for the smart for two give quite suprising results for such a small car

more than 5 years ago

A Widescreen Laser Projector In Your Pocket

InfernalRuss Re:Meetings (189 comments)

so you and 3 of your closest friends could whack off together... in starbucks... back to coffee at home again i think

more than 5 years ago

No Museum Status For UK Home of Enigma Machine

InfernalRuss Re:Turn a park into a museum? (101 comments)

Bletchley buildings doesent have the same ring to it IMHO

more than 5 years ago

Why Programming Rituals Work

InfernalRuss Re:time of day (233 comments)

3am to 7am is my best time (if i've stayed up all night) for coding and/or gaming (im not sure if the gaming being better is because all of the good players have gone to bed though) or if i can make it in to work for 6am/7am those 2/3 hours before anybody arrives really does a world of good

more than 5 years ago


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