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The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery

Infestedkudzu I'd Tell them its too expensive. (461 comments)

how often does this happen .... like once every 10 years? 100k per plane is alot.

about a year ago

Hyperlinking Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules

Infestedkudzu BEEETTTTTAAAA (97 comments)

FUCK BETA they fooled me i thought they gave up recently. I will fucking never come back if beta doesn't leave

about a year ago

Adjusting GPAs: A Statistician's Effort To Tackle Grade Inflation

Infestedkudzu Re:Use Class Rank (264 comments)

I wanted to mod this up, but then i couldn't comment. Aside from the 'Gen X...' part of this This is pretty right on.

about a year ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Infestedkudzu Hey im game (2219 comments)

you give us a classic page for good option and you can do what you want.

about a year ago

India To Build World's Largest Solar Plant

Infestedkudzu indian reality aside (253 comments)

I'd take a few 4.4 billion off of millitary budget to get some real southwestern solutions to energy.

about a year ago

Now Published: Study Showing Pirate Bay Blockade Has No Effect

Infestedkudzu shock....and....awe (127 comments)

and sarcasm

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Do If You're Given a Broken Project?

Infestedkudzu Re:Enjoy your Death March (308 comments)

+1 Right, Insightful This is an accurate perspective and how you should look at it. I need my mod points to last longer . they always seem to show up when i don't have a reply i wanna mod

about a year ago

Australia OKs Dumping Dredge Waste In Barrier Reef

Infestedkudzu Re: Sign the petition (277 comments)

I never have mod points when i want them +1 funny

about a year ago

In an Age of Cyber War, Where Are the Cyber Weapons?

Infestedkudzu Great Firewall of china (94 comments)

China could probably ddos attack all of the uSA that counts.

about a year ago

Obama Nominates Vice Admiral Michael Rogers New NSA Chief

Infestedkudzu rebranded? (138 comments)

Is this what companies do when their product turns out to have lead paint in it or something.

about a year ago

Megatons To Megawatts Program Comes To a Close

Infestedkudzu Price of Nuclear Energy (125 comments)

So, does this mean nuclear reactors will be more expensive to run now that what I assume is free or subsidized fuel is gone?

about a year ago

ChipSiP Smart Glass Specs Better Than Google Glass?

Infestedkudzu Borg! (129 comments)

The winner will be the one that can be modded to be assimilated

1 year,2 days

You Might Rent Features & Options On Cars In the Future

Infestedkudzu hackable? (437 comments)

In the neat DIY hackable way?

1 year,6 days

Global-Warming Skepticism Hits 6-Year High

Infestedkudzu What does the fox say? (846 comments)

ggggloobbal warming is just a mmmyyyth eeeowww

1 year,8 days

If I Had a Hammer

Infestedkudzu so painful as it is... (732 comments)

So If we lower the human population of earth the problem isn't nearly as bad. It may be painful but essentially that's a solution.

1 year,14 days

2014 Will Be a Big Year For Commercial Space Travel

Infestedkudzu i bet you... (61 comments)

lots of articles from 2013 said the same thing

1 year,16 days

Australian Teen Reports SQL Injection Vulnerability, Company Calls Police

Infestedkudzu what a honeypot this is (287 comments)

I'm not sure what else to say. I figure if you are smart enough to come across some whistle blowing material you are smart enough not to look for advice on slashdot posts.

1 year,17 days


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