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Malaysia Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Infirmo Lifespan = interval of evolution (140 comments)

Umm, wouldn't a shorter lifespan effectively speed up evolution of the species in the long run? And in the short run, since females incubate their young in the ingested blood, wouldn't a shorter lifespan lead to more breeding and thus more blood consumption?

about 4 years ago

Court Rules Dungeons and Dragons Threatens Prison Security

Infirmo JEALOUS! The Warden is protecting his turf, yo. (353 comments)

In D&D, the Dungeon Master isn't the leader. He's the opposition.
A dungeon is a kind of prison:
So, what is a warden, if not the master of a dungeon?

"Some people are opposed to the death penalty because it makes the state into a murderer. I'm opposed to the prison system, because it turns the state into a gay dungeonmaster."
      -Emo Philips

about 4 years ago

Xbox Live Labels Autistic Boy "Cheater"

Infirmo He's a little boy. Give him another chance. (613 comments)

People with autism-spectrum disorders are well demonstrated to be able to achieve hyper-normal ability in specific areas of motor skills. I had a 12 year old kung-fu student with Aspergers, and his formwork was really amazing (although he lost his edge when he came into contact with an opponent). I had other students for longer and with seemingly stronger basic ability who never *got* the forms the way this boy did. Now he's 17 and spends all his time playing X-Box.

So, did he cheat, or not? Maybe, but if he did, Microsoft really ought to give him another chance. The real problem here is that they refuse to slap him on the wrist and then clear the tag. Whether he's autistic or not, he's 11 YEARS OLD. A "no strikes" rule before permanently labeling a kid a cheater is really draconian way to deal with a child.

about 4 years ago

The FCC May Decide Not To Regulate Broadband

Infirmo Because lack of regulation is ALWAYS good. (279 comments)

I mean, just look at the banks.

(Or forestry in the 1980s. Or the savings and loan arena in the 1980s. Or AT&T in the 19th Century...)

more than 4 years ago

Switching To Solar Power — Six Months Later

Infirmo Solar minimum (591 comments)

This isn't a normal year... we're at solar minimum, with greater than average cloud cover over most areas, in winter. Basically, sans ice age, solar panels will never receive less energy than they do right now.

about 6 years ago



Just Leap In picks up where Lively left off

Infirmo Infirmo writes  |  about 6 years ago

Infirmo (449121) writes "Where do all the Lively fans go now? Just Leap In announced the public phase of their beta on New Year's Eve, and have since been steadily building audience thanks to features in several tech and virtual worlds blogs. JLI provides embeddable 3D spaces similar to Lively's but with more graphical bells and whistles, and with game collision physics that would allow all sorts of interesting games on the platform. They're also positioning themselves to leverage Facebook Connect, event syndication and other social networks to integrate their virtual experience with people's real world pursuits. But can this Vancouver-based Canadian startup succeed where even the mighty Google has faltered? If what they are trying to do works out, it just might be possible."
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