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Boiling Down the Meaning of Life

InfoHighwayRoadkill Re:Life sucks, then you die. (218 comments)

When you have a hammer all problems look like nails... or something

more than 2 years ago

Sky Watchers Want Recognized a Newly Described Type of Cloud

InfoHighwayRoadkill Re:alto-cirrus (166 comments)

oh how I wish I had mod points right now... well done sir

more than 5 years ago

Rotten Office Fridge Cleanup Sends 7 To Hospital

InfoHighwayRoadkill true story from my brothers office (410 comments)

My brother used to work in an office that was (badly) converted from an old bakery about 10 years previously. There was the usual large store/junk room around the back where stuff was just piled up until they ran out of room. Eventually they had to clear it out. Right at the back of the room buried under a huge pile of stuff was quite a large chest freezer. It wasn't turned on but it was locked shut.

They tried to shift it but it was too heavy and obviously full. This should have rung a few alarm bells but no. They busted the lock open with a crow bar and opened it up. Projectile vomiting all round the moment the lid was opened. 3 people taken to hospital. It required a very specialised hazmat / cleaning team to sort it out in the long term as it turned out the freezer had been used to store raw meat for pies and pasties and that meat had been in there for about 11 years or so. Did I mention the room got very hot in the summer...

more than 5 years ago

Testing IT Professionals On Job Interviews?

InfoHighwayRoadkill Re:It's very reasonable (1057 comments)

I was looking for a job a while ago and had a first interview with one company that went well. They asked me to do a second interview that would last a whole day and "replicate a real days work here".

Basically they had a project that would take a day to complete and I had to do it for them for free.

I had already been to another interview that had gone really well by the time my second interview came around and I was less keen on the job.

The PHB told me another guy had been in the day before and done a "similar project" and even showed me his work. That clinched it... I wrote something that worked fine. I just hope they dont read the html comments in it.

more than 6 years ago


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