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ATI Releases AIGLX Linux Driver

Inhibit Re:Separate stuff. (113 comments)

And apparently neither you nor the original responder use said drivers. The latest showing up on their site as of 9:31 EST is 8.40.1, not the driver this article purports to cover. Which is what I was why I was asking where the driver was.

This makes four pages on how it almost works not worth much. Also, performance gains through increasing the artifact count don't do much for me.. although I'd be able to say for sure if I could get the driver.

At any rate, you can check for yourself right here:

As for the open source drivers, I'll give them some kudos when they're actually available, thanks. Until that happens they haven't got drivers that are worth anything in either closed *or* GPL form.

more than 6 years ago


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GNU Gnash and You

Inhibit Inhibit writes  |  more than 8 years ago Wow, the GNU Gnash how-to I put out seems to be getting a bit more readership than I figured on. Good to see people are interested in the GPL Flash proggy.

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