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Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

Inominate Re:Bullet, meet foot (575 comments)

SP3 works. Windows 8.1 Update has problems preventing many people from updating which MS is not addressing.

about 7 months ago

Backscatter X-Ray Machines Easily Fooled

Inominate Re:It's theater... (342 comments)

It's not even theater anymore, it's about the TSA buying expensive machines to make their friends rich.

more than 3 years ago

A Peek At the National Opt-Out Day Numbers

Inominate Re:Get used to the Police State... (297 comments)

It's not just too late, there was never anything we could do to prevent this. For every person who cares, there's a hundred people who don't give a shit. For every hundred people who care, there's maybe one who cares enough to do something. It's a lost cause, not because it's been too long, but because the system follows the people. The people are happy to tolerate this shit in order to feel safe.

Got a problem with the scanners? Care about civil liberties? Guess what? You're a minority that nobody gives a shit about, except much of the country finds your views suspicious. Those of us who care about civil liberties can't compete with the masses who are happy as long as they get theirs.

about 4 years ago

Comcast Warns Customers Suspected of Bot Infection

Inominate Begging for phishing (196 comments)

Comcast is creating a system where unrelated websites will notify you of problems in your computer. This is the "Virus detected click here to install antivirus 2011!", except being legitimate it tells people to trust what a random website tells them. Way to train users to trust any website popup, I expect this will result in new phishing scams.

The only upshot is that the people who are infected are often the ones who already install anything that a popup warning tells them to.

more than 4 years ago

Obama Wants Allies To Go After WikiLeaks

Inominate Whistleblowers deserve protection. (1088 comments)

Whoevever released the 'collateral murder' video was clearly trying to act as a whistle-blower and deserves some slack. The person who released the detailed names of those working with the US military is guilty of murder at the very least, and wikileaks is complicit in it. These are two very different issues and any attempt to reconcile them as "the public must know!" is disingenuous at best.

more than 4 years ago

Why Bad 3D, Not 3D Glasses, Gives You Headaches

Inominate Your brain can tell the difference. (255 comments)

We use a more than binocular vision to see things in 3d. One way is moving our head position, though in a movie theater this isn't really a big deal. Another important way is by focus. This is one reason why 3d movies cause headaches. When they gimmick out to make things "pop out" of the screen, the image our eyes see doesn't match up with how our eye wants to focus on it.

There's nothing really wrong with 3d movies, it could potentially add something. The current state of 3d movies however is to pack the movies with distracting "HOLY SHIT IT'S 3D!" gimmicks that add nothing.

more than 4 years ago

Hollywood Accounting — How Harry Potter Loses Money

Inominate Why is Hollywood allowed to get away with this? (447 comments)

Hollywood has been getting away with this crap for so long that it's seen as normal. When any other big business does even a small fraction of this sort of creative accounting, they get jumped on by every lawmaker and regulator who can dream up a way to punish them. Yet Hollywood somehow is an exception and the response is always along the lines of "Well it's Hollywood everyone should expect this." With the Hollywood accounting, much of what goes on seems to be well beyond contract disputes, moving on to straight up fraud.

This exemption from accounting fraud that Hollywood enjoys needs to end.

more than 4 years ago

NASA Should Focus On Going To..

Inominate Not NASA. (508 comments)

NASA is good at doing a great many things, however "cheaply" is not one of them.

more than 4 years ago

Desired Input For Console Video Games?

Inominate Re:APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE WALL (271 comments)

And yet you can play all of those with a mouse and keyboard.

more than 4 years ago

A delicious steak should be ...

Inominate Not Daring. (763 comments)

Nothing daring about ordering a steak black and blue other than most restaurants being unable to do it right. It takes an especially hot cooking surface and is awful with cheaper steaks. Anyone who likes steaks rare should head to a proper steakhouse and try black and blue.

more than 4 years ago

Maybe the Aliens Are Addicted To Computer Games

Inominate Fermi's Paradox isn't. (496 comments)

Fermi's Paradox isn't so much a paradox as what one would expect.

Space travel is hard and takes a LONG time. Galaxy spanning empires are unlikely to exist without unknown physics being used. Any interstellar civilization bound to physics we know would be unable to spread very far, or very fast, as the time needed for travel and communication are enormous. A civilization able to harness any sort of practical near-light or faster than light space travel, radio waves would likely also have totally unknown communication methods.

A civilization bound to physics we understand would have no use with radio waves for interstellar communication. It requires a tremendous amount of power, virtually all of which is wasted. Not to mention the noise and interference with shorter range communication that radio is good for. The only use an interstellar civilization would have for sending radio waves over interstellar distances would be specifically for the purpose of communication with unknown civilizations.

Given our current level of technology, we do have a device which is fairly close to ideal for interstellar communication. Lasers. Far more of the energy you pump into the beam will arrive at the destination, requiring far less power than a radio transmitter. One obvious side effect of this is that any interstellar communication going on out there would be invisible unless directed at us.

more than 4 years ago

IBM Breaks Open Source Patent Pledge

Inominate It's all about the hardware. (359 comments)

As has been mentioned, only two of the patents listed were part of the promise and will almost certainly be dropped from the claim. The patent pledge is essentially unrelated to this case.

TurboHercules doesn't sell an open source emulator. TurboHercules sells hardware setups designed to emulate IBM mainframes. This is not an issue of software, or of evil companies, or open source. TurboHercules is using IBM's patents to compete directly with them in the mainframe market. To expect IBM to not act is insane.

more than 4 years ago

Toyota Accelerator Data Skewed Toward Elderly

Inominate Re:Non-issue (776 comments)

It's easy to explain. "Unintended acceleration" from hitting the wrong pedal is a common cause of accidents, especially among the elderly, and it's easily accepted as driver error. As soon as there is a report of it being the fault of some specific car, it opens a way for everyone involved in the accident to avoid blame, and potentially collect more money.

Had an accident in a toyota? Now not only was it not your fault, but you might get money out of it!

more than 4 years ago

North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due To Core Flux

Inominate It's time for war! (346 comments)

We cannot allow a magnetic pole gap!

more than 4 years ago

Why Is a Laptop's Battery Dearer Than a Lawnmower's?

Inominate Conratulations. (427 comments)

You just spent an entire paragraph explaining the short, simple post you replied to.

The question posed in the story is simple. Why do computer manufacturers screw customers on battery prices? Because they do, because they always have, and most importantly, because they can.

more than 4 years ago

Calling Video Professor a Scam

Inominate woops (385 comments)


more than 4 years ago

Calling Video Professor a Scam

Inominate It IS a scam. (385 comments)

It's a TERRIBLE fucking scam.

It does detail in explicit detail everything they're doing. You have unlimited time to review the conditions. So scam? No not really. Deceptive marketing? Absolutely.

"Deals" like these have been the status quo for decades. Should they be illegal? Yes, but given current contract law, try and figure out a way to band them, win a nobel prize.

Consumers who ignore the find print deserve what they get, and get what they deserve.

more than 4 years ago

Computer Games and Traditional CS Courses

Inominate Game design is worthless. (173 comments)

Game design oriented courses are a waste of time. It's an attempt to turn a difficult creative process into a trade school education.

That said, appliying game principles to CS is completely the opposite. How better to learn about trig than working with 2d graphics/games? Or more advanced concepts like matrix math and quaternions? Instead of learning abstract math, students learn how this math is applicable to real world applications and how to make it do interesting things.

about 5 years ago

The Software Router As MiFi Killer

Inominate Cellular Access (192 comments)

Fast Cellular access is the key, cell phone based routers are the obvious solution since most computers lack any sort of cellular modem, and at best can use a dongle to do so. The dongle is a pain in the ass. Using one is often more expensive than sneaking wifi routing software onto a pda phone. Not to mention the question of which cellular carrier do you use so your computer can be locked into it.

Basically, yes, as soon as PCs are able to access cellular networks easily, the cell-phone-turned-router will die. But as long as the cellular networks remain a crapshoot where switching services and protocols is often necessary, why tie more of your devices to them?

about 5 years ago

Game Development On Android

Inominate PC vs Console (211 comments)

This is also why consoles are stuck with the same copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy games while the real innovation happens on the PC.

more than 5 years ago


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