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Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans As Antarctic Ice Melts

InsectOverlord Re:In a century... (784 comments)

Even if ice reforms it won't negate the theorized rise. The danger is that chunks of Antarctica may break off. The mere phenomenon of ice on the ocean becoming liquid, by itself, would not cause the oceans to rise.

about 4 months ago

Brazilian Kids Learning English By Video Chatting With Elderly Americans

InsectOverlord This is news? Wow. (147 comments)

Language exchange is one of the most obvious uses of videoconference over the Internet; it's been done ever since broadband (basically anything faster than dial-up) Internet access was widely available, with plenty of sites devoted to that purpose.

Is it news because it's about elderly Americans and young Brazilians? This is more like an unabashed slashvertisement.

about 4 months ago

Breaking Bad's Scientific Consultant On Making Meth and More

InsectOverlord Re:My baby blue (118 comments)

Pure meth is white/clear. But you could explain the blue color as the result of some additive they put into it, as a "trademark" of sorts.
Not entirely different from how some whisky makers add substances to make their product darker.

about 5 months ago

This 1981 BYTE Magazine Cover Explains Why We're So Bad At Tech Predictions

InsectOverlord Re:"it's also a smart visual explanation of why... (276 comments)

They had numeric keypads which allowed you to enter text by pressing the buttons repeatedly or in a specific input mode, similar to dumbphones. They had organisers with full-blown keyboards, but those weren't watches.

about 5 months ago

8.2 Earthquake Off the Coast of Chile, Tsunami Triggered

InsectOverlord Re:First! (86 comments)

What system uses a hosts.txt file? We're all familiar with the hosts (no .txt extension) file.

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Launches Office For iPad: Includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

InsectOverlord Re:Ribbons? (184 comments)

I hate the ribbon with a passion; however, come to think of it, on a tablet it may not be such a bad idea. Better than smartphone-style generic action buttons. And Windows CE showed desktop-style menus and toolbars don't belong on a tablet.

Not that I'd use a tablet for serious work.

about 6 months ago

Jimmy Wales To 'Holistic Healers': Prove Your Claims the Old-Fashioned Way

InsectOverlord Re:You know what they call alternative medicine... (517 comments)

For real? There's plenty of scientific proof that dehydration causes kidney stones. Can you provide a link to any rigorous study that shows effectiveness of olive oil on skin for treating skin rashes? I'm ready to change my mind.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Fastest, Cheapest Path To a Bachelor's Degree?

InsectOverlord You don't mind if it's online.Do you mind UK-based (370 comments)

If you're interested in a MSC online and don't mind if it's from a UK university, you might want to check out the University of Liverpool. I think they will accept you on this one. Price was around 18,000 GBP 4 years ago. Some modules are a breeze but others are a PITA; the modules involving group work can be an interesting experience or a really painful one, depending on your group. Their collaboration tools were message boards and crappy Java-based chats and whiteboards; a few fellow students couldn't use voice chat or better collaboration tools because of Internet censorship in their countries, and some other students were rather incompetent. Once you start a module, you're committed to turn out weekly assignments for eight consecutive weeks. They claim you can complete it dedicating between 10 and 20 hours a week, but prepare to work more if you're unlucky.

So I'm not exactly selling it but if you're interested don't be put off; my experience is anecdotal and their website looks pretty different now, everything might have changed. Ask around if you can (I think they have a forum on LinkedIn).

about 6 months ago

Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft

InsectOverlord Re:Unregulated currency (704 comments)

Yeah except everybody knows silver and gold are commodities, not currencies. Everybody with half a brain, of course.

about 7 months ago

Not All Bugs Are Random

InsectOverlord Re:No bugs are random - computers are deterministi (165 comments)

Good point, though it doesn't actually refute GP. Computers are deterministic*. On the other hand, programs, functions, etc may not be deterministic.

* Except devices specifically designed not to be deterministic, such as hardware random number generators that rely on quantum, electron phenomena, etc. Then again I'm not sure it is correct to call such devices computers.

about 9 months ago

Hacker Spoofs Track Plays To Top Music Charts

InsectOverlord Re:Noun, verb, noun noun verb (or: terrible headli (157 comments)

My point is not that the headline is more likely to be misread than read correctly (although I suspect this particular one might be), but that (c.? a.?) ambiguity can and should be avoided regardless.

Ambiguity fail.

about a year ago

Spanish Chatbot Hunts For Pedophiles

InsectOverlord Re:wonderful idea! (186 comments)

Yeah, if you consider a person's age personal information. Which depends on the chat room.

It's been a long time since I last used IRC, but I do remember those channels where asking "asl please" was widely considered proper etiquette. Some chat rooms even expected you give your "asl" as you entered.

about a year ago

Windows 8 Passes Vista, Hits 5.1% Market Share

InsectOverlord Re: Surpassing Vista (285 comments)

I assume it's still around in Windows 8, though I'm not sure if the "Pro" or whatever license of 8 gives you a free XP license.

Unfortunately, no, the XP mode is gone in Windows 8 (even Pro). Instead they suggest you use Hyper-V (which is included in W8 Pro), but that is a poor replacement. It lacks app virtualization. no XP license is included, and VMware Player is a better product anyway.

about a year ago

Apple Files Patent For New Proprietary Port

InsectOverlord Re:Audio Jack? (282 comments)

Is the invention novel and non-obvious?

If it isn't, it's not a valid patent. Period.

about a year ago

Apple Files Patent For New Proprietary Port

InsectOverlord Re:Prior art (282 comments)

Apple proposes combining two or more standard ports into the physical space of a single port, allowing any one (but only one at a time) of the corresponding standard cables to be inserted into that combined port.

Yeah, just like ESATAp

about a year ago


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