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How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

InterBigs Re:Abandoning Desktop was a BIG Mistake for RedHat (232 comments)

Actually Red Hat 6 is widely used in business desktops (especially on workstations) and Fedora is an ever-so-popular alternative for Ubuntu. The only thing I dislike about Fedora is that it's often too bleeding edge and that major releases only have a limited support lifetime.

about three weeks ago

Not Just For ThinkPads Anymore: Lenovo Gets OK To Buy IBM Server Line

InterBigs Re:So? (93 comments)

Yes, I believe Slashdot's server is actually a Netbook left by CmdrTaco years ago. Who needs redundant dual-port disks with multiple controller paths, the ability to run more than 32GB RAM (with ECC), redundant power supplies, hot swappable disks, power supplies, fans and even PCI cards, centralized remote management and monitoring, motherboards built with components that actually last at least 3 years under stressful workloads and environments, 4-hour support contracts, certified hardware-software combinations so there is never any worry about compatibility, right?

about a month ago

Not Just For ThinkPads Anymore: Lenovo Gets OK To Buy IBM Server Line

InterBigs Cloud == Hardware (93 comments)

So, IBM wants to focus more on cloud computing yet sells of the very hardware (System x) on which my company operates their cloud. I wonder if the System x Enterprise (like the X6 line of servers) are also moving to Lenovo, since they're not quite that low-end.

about a month ago

LLVM's Libc++ Now Has C++1Y Standard Library Support

InterBigs Re:Everytime I read about C++1Y.. (161 comments)

ugh.. how much I love <insert language of choice>. Slashdot is not unlike C++.. who uses HTML in comments anyway?

about a year ago

LLVM's Libc++ Now Has C++1Y Standard Library Support

InterBigs Everytime I read about C++1Y.. (161 comments)

.. I want to start hacking around with it. But then I remember how much I love and I just don't care anymore.

about a year ago

Despite Global Release, Breaking Bad Heavily Pirated

InterBigs Re:How many knew that it was a global release? (443 comments)

I'm from the Netherlands and I did not know it aired on a public channel on the same day as in the US. I can't find any information about it either. All I know it airs on a premium channel 5 days after the US release, which is still not bad!

about a year ago

Apple Updates MacBooks and Mac Pro Desktop With Haswell, "Unified Thermal Core"

InterBigs Re:a problem nobody ever had (464 comments)

You have obviously never tried fitting the old Mac Pro on or under your desk. The thing's huge!

about a year ago

Apple Updates MacBooks and Mac Pro Desktop With Haswell, "Unified Thermal Core"

InterBigs Re:Not Upgradeable? (464 comments)

That's not really what workstation users do. They happily pay Apple, HP, Dell or whomever a premium to get a combination of hardware that's guaranteed to work. People that put things like cheap consumer SSD's in workstations get the short end of the stick in the end.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?

InterBigs Being a Linux user in a Mac OS X world (965 comments)

My main work and home machines run Mac OS X, but I have a Fedora 18 (w/ Gnome 3) box on the side. I'm really impressed with how far Linux has come, but man.. if you think being an OS X user in a Windows world was hard 10 years ago try being a Linux user in an OS X/Windows world. Even though my main tools (Vim mostly) run fine on Linux, there's a lot of small things I miss from OS X. I'm not happy with the direction Mac OS X is going (especially how Apple keeps breaking the Unix side of things), but on the other hand I'm really glad that the OS has finally become sort of mainstream (in terms of software support etc.). Besides, I feel really comfortable using OS X, so I'm not switching for now. However I can heartily recommend you give Linux a try for 30 days, because it really has come a long way on the desktop.

about a year and a half ago

Can Proprietary Language Teams Succeed By Going Open Source?

InterBigs Other way around (136 comments)

The question is: can they survive without going (partly) Open Source? The target audience for these kind of pseudo-programming environments is pretty small, and there's no major platform without an free SDK. The learning curve for cross-platform programming using Java or QT is not that big, either. So I think it's a good move to start giving some of it away to attract more paying customers.

about a year and a half ago

AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.

InterBigs Re:Mind boggling (798 comments)

Yes, the US cellphone market is mind-boggling to me as a European as well. Land of the free, my ass!

about a year and a half ago

Java Vs. C#: Which Performs Better In the 'Real World'?

InterBigs Language is hardly relevant (437 comments)

When talking about large-scale websites the language is hardly relevent. There are as many high-traffic sites running on C#, Java, PHP or whatever. When facing large scale other factors play a much larger role. The only exception is when you're talking Facebook or Twitter scale: Facebook has practically reinvented PHP and also has some parts of their code in C (or C++, not sure) and Twitter made a switch from Ruby to Scala in order to handle the onslaught of users. The results mentioned in the article (accepting 2000 requests takes 600ms longer when using simple code) are not that interesting in this context.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise-Grade Linux Networking Hardware?

InterBigs Re:Server (140 comments)

Actually, all the DRAC Enterprise cards that I've worked with (say the last two or three generatios) have a dedicated ethernet port. The whole management card functions separately from the server, as it should. Sure, the remote console works through a Java Web Start application which seems kludgy but it has never failed me (much like pretty much all Dell server hardware we operate over here).

However I agree with you that a complete server would be a waste of resources for this scenario so it's kind of a moot point.

more than 2 years ago

AF 447 Flight Recorder Found In the Atlantic

InterBigs Amazing technology (218 comments)

The fact that they found this box on the bottom of the Atlantic long after it's beacon died out and the fact that it's in good shape is just amazing. Let's hope they can figure out what happened.

more than 3 years ago

My phone is ...

InterBigs I'm from Europe, you insensitive clod (274 comments)

The only locked phone I ever bought here in the Netherlands was a prepaid phone twelve years ago. Most phones that come with a subscription are unlocked here. For example: my Blackberry is T-Mobile branded, but it's not locked to the T-Mobile network.. I can use any SIM card I like in it.

If you do buy a simlocked phone, the carrier will supply you with an unlock code one year after purchase.

more than 2 years ago

Zen Coding

InterBigs Re:for those ruby railers (175 comments)

Even though they are different things I agree.. HAML is much easier to learn since it's compiled afterwards, so you're always working with your HAML code as opposed to Zen where your Zen code disappears as soon as you compile it to HTML once (which makes remembering how to do things pretty hard). I love HAML more than plain HTML and it makes Zen Coding completely unnecessary.

more than 4 years ago

The Case For Mandatory Touch-Typing In High School

InterBigs You don't need a course to type fast! (705 comments)

The majority of kids around 12-16 I see these already type at very decent speeds, since they're IM'ing and Facebook'ing all the time. I myself learned typing 110wpm without any touch typing course (except for a small tutorial program I fooled around with on the PC a few times). Touch typing courses are so dated.. I don't think kids need them these days.

about 5 years ago

Nokia Unveils Its First Netbook

InterBigs Netbooks are.. (219 comments)

..boring. Yawn! Or is it just me? Sure it looks a little slicker than some of the others, but it's still unimpressive. HD video out? Nice. Now only if it had enough CPU power to play HD video.

about 5 years ago

Standalone GPS Receivers Going the Way of the Dodo

InterBigs Re:No iPhone TomTom, stop pretending there is (422 comments)

My thoughts exactly, how can 80% of the iPhone owners use their phone for turn-by-turn navigation if there are no decent applications for that on the iPhone in the first place? Google Maps is not a turn-by-turn navigation solution.
I can use my Symbian phone using Nokia Maps (+navigation lisence), but a small screen phone in the cup holder of my car, running off it's own limited battery is no match for a dedicated navigation system :) I'd rather use my â 200 TomTom for that.. you can get them for even less than that nowadays.

more than 5 years ago


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