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New Car Sensor System Simulates Birds-Eye View

InternationalCow Not so hot (150 comments)

I mean, Toyota has this system where the car parks itself (http://www.hiptechblog.com/2006/02/25/toyotas-parallel-parking-assist/). So tell me, how does this Nissan toy improve over that?

more than 7 years ago


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InternationalCow InternationalCow writes  |  more than 9 years ago This journal is useless. I'm not a blogger (don't think that my daily life is interesting) nor am I a real writer. So I'm not gonna write any more in this useless journal. Nobody reads it anyway. I don't read it.


iMacs do not

InternationalCow InternationalCow writes  |  more than 10 years ago The imac's drive died. Damn. Now i will have to open it and put in a new one :) The Steve Jobs w/cancer episode made me think about what Apple really is. And for all intents and purposes, IMHO Apple == Jobs. If he croaks, so will Apple. I do not doubt that Jonathan Ive is a great designer but without Jobs I don't think he will have much fun at Apple dealing with management weenies. So I am now considering my next laptop. Maybe I will go all Linux and run it on a Savrow or Voodoo notebook. I have this need for speed and a desire to game every now and then, while I also greatly enjoy running Linux. It's odd - in OSX I hardly every use the command line although it's there - in Linux I am at the command line for at least 60% at the time, feeling powerful. Why would that be?


Maine Coons rule!

InternationalCow InternationalCow writes  |  more than 10 years ago Today, I went to a small village in central Holland to get a nice iMac (beautiful Indigo specimen) for my kids. Hey, they are of an age that they need to use a computer, might as well get a good one with a good OS that is easy to use. Anyways, they people that had this iMac (and another one, a prime 700 MHz Graphite specimen) also had two Maine Coon cats! These cats are so sweet, it's incredible. They're HUGE but adorable. I want one! Or more. I think our current cat won't have that though.

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