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Crackdown on M-Rated Videogames?


"Video game manufacturers are the criminals for belching out their bile and filth to young, impressionable children. This has to be stopped right now!"

Excuse me.


Ah.......okay, I think I can talk coherently now.

Hmm. Since when do impressionable children have the money to buy a computer, much less a gaming machine AND Quake 3/Diablo/The Sims? Quake 3 itself costs $60. The gaming system could cost upwards of $2000. What? Oh, the parents bought it for them. Oh, I see. So the parents aren't paying attention or taking responsibility for what their kids are doing? They sound like the criminals to me.

But as far as having games regulated like movies...raise your hand if you have ever skipped past the idiot running the ticket at a movie theater because you wanted to see T2 or something worse (rating-wise)? Come on...raise 'em high...that's I guess that regulating movies doesn't work after all. HMMM. So your suggestion that we regulate games like movies (what you actually meant was regulate them like cigarettes and liquor...but wait...that doesn't work, either...there are always ways around this sort of thing) won't work either.

Anyway, I hope that your post was in jest. Because it sure made me laugh.


more than 13 years ago


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