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Facebook Breaks Major Websites With Redirection Bug

InvisibleClergy "Quickly Resolved"...? (179 comments)

I noticed this several times across a span of 9 hours, from first notice to last notice. I would hardly call that "quick".

about a year and a half ago

CES: Jono Bacon Talks Up Ubuntu for Phones (Video)

InvisibleClergy Re:But WHY? (93 comments)

They're doing this because a lot of the changes to Gnome 3 were ostensibly to improve the experience on tablets. Since Android is putting the squeeze on tablets now, Ubuntu is trying to see if they can get an edge in on the phone market.

about a year and a half ago

Researchers Study Mystery of the Toddler Who Won't Grow

InvisibleClergy Telomeres? (252 comments)

I wonder how gene damage and telomeres will play into the story of this person's aging.

about a year and a half ago

TSA (Finally) Studying Health Effects of Body Scanners

InvisibleClergy This is a distraction from the real issue. (225 comments)

The real issue with these was never the health effects. That was just an extra thing that privacy advocates tossed in there to lend additional weight to their arguments. The primary argument against these things is the fact that they are a violation of privacy. Arguing the health issue just weakens objections, when it gets defeated.

about 2 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook On Apple's US Manufacturing Move

InvisibleClergy It's better than nothing . . . (266 comments)

. . . and it provides me with the excuse I need to switch over the an iPhone at the start of my next contract, given that the iPhone has significantly better HTML5/Canvas performance than the Android.

about 2 years ago

Is It Time For the US To Ditch the Dollar Bill?

InvisibleClergy Man, I hate coins. Hate 'em. (943 comments)

That's all there is to this comment. I throw away pennies. The only coins I save are quarters, and I only do that out of frustration. I don't carry a coin pouch. Seriously.

about 2 years ago

Media Center Key Accidentally Gives Pirates Free Windows 8 Pro License

InvisibleClergy Windows 8 looks hilarious now... (255 comments)

...but Windows versions never catch on until people realize how useful their "killer feature" is.

XP's killer feature was comparative stability. Vista's was shiny-pretty value and natively playing well with a lot of things that previously needed third-party software. 7's was polish. 8's is almost entirely the touch interface. If touchscreens on decent machines become more prevalent, people will fucking love Windows 8.

about 2 years ago

GOP Brief Attacks Current Copyright Law

InvisibleClergy Interesting move, Republican Party! (296 comments)

So this is how the Republican Party is going to try to move now that super-conservative has failed. How interesting!

about 2 years ago

Probable Rogue Planet Spotted

InvisibleClergy Re:Name (155 comments)

It has one moon, named Chewie. And something else that isn't quite a moon...

about 2 years ago

Apple Orders Memory Game Developers To Stop Using 'Memory' In Names

InvisibleClergy This Gamasutra Article is Misleading. (409 comments)

First off: Apple is only having people remove the apps in countries where the copyright is valid. Remember - U.S. public domain is not valid everywhere. I believe that copyright law is largely made of feces just as much as the next programmer, but this is not surprising.

Secondly: The article makes no mention of whether or not Apple is removing apps which use the word "Memory" outside of the context of the puzzle game for which Ravensburger holds the copyright. At least in U.S. copyright law, context and usage play important parts.

This would be a useful place to practice skeptical thinking. Why is Gamasutra writing this article? Why did they leave out these details? I would wager that the answer to these questions is, "To stir up shit."

about 2 years ago

Nokia Releasing Maps for Competing Devices

InvisibleClergy Re:Offline maps are great when travelling (57 comments)

Yeah, but unless it has been within the last month or two that this has happened, it's still not great. Travelling between Ohio and Indiana, there is a pretty long stretch of no 3G access on my phone, and my map just listed blank nothingness. If you're using the Google Navigation tool, it really should just pre-cache the entire map to your destination.

about 2 years ago

Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Driving Away Brands — Starting With Mine

InvisibleClergy The actual news here... (299 comments) that Facebook is actually having to deal with the consequences of their shady shenanigans!

about 2 years ago

Study Claims Human Intelligence Peaked Two To Six Millennia Ago

InvisibleClergy Ever since the Ancient times... (637 comments)

...people have been thinking that the past was the "golden era", and that the people of the past were so much better.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Catch Photoshop Plagiarism?

InvisibleClergy Re:Invent your own exercises (284 comments)

I'll agree that it's a poor analogy. But what I'm saying is more equivalent to asking the teacher to invent a new medium, like the soft part of feathers to paint on ceramic or something.

Still, I think that telling teachers that they have to invent their own exercises is a poor choice, since it's hard to make good exercises. And it's really easy to make bad, poorly-defined ones.

about 2 years ago


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