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Wave Power Fails To Live Up To Promise

Inzkeeper Re:Golden opportunity missed... (195 comments)

It looks like we will need to find a more feasible way to generate electricity from water, dam it.

5 days ago

Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own

Inzkeeper Re: Unlikely (375 comments)

That is a huge amount of water, needing a pretty big pump .. and a lot of energy

The article says that it uses a next-generation micro-battery! (presumably yet to be invented)
Next-gen, micro-something, molecules, scientist... why are you unwilling to believe?

about 8 months ago

City Councilman Resigns Using Klingon

Inzkeeper Exactly (135 comments)

Just what I was thinking.
"Resign" in Klingon would have to be a polite way of saying "took a Bat'leth to the skull".
He is definitely no Klingon.

about 9 months ago

Searching The Internet For Evidence Of Time Travelers

Inzkeeper Time is an illusion (2 comments)

Ok, well can we agree that if any of us discovers time travel in the future, we will come back to this point and post on this thread?
...unless, of course, the danger of altering the future is too great.
In that case, just go for the "Frist Post". We will extrapolate from there.

I read a fascinating article on the nature of time a few months ago.
Maybe the idea isn't so crazy after all!

about 9 months ago

Oil Train Explosion Triggers Evacuation In North Dakota

Inzkeeper Re:Shouldn't have to run oil by rail (199 comments)

I did some work on software used for a corrosion inspection system. The basic idea is that any medium travelling through a pipe corrodes the pipe at a measureable rate. Pipelines have procedures in place to monitor corrosion over time with special attention given to "weak links". There is a lot of careful engineering that goes into building and maintaining a pipeline.

Regarding setting conditions for running a pipeline through a sensitive area:
A review of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline approved the proposal in principle with 209 conditions.
But the public's reaction proves that, for some people, no amount of protection will ever be enough.

I am very concerned that the opposition to pipelines will result in more of these kind of accidents.
It seems to me, from following the Lac Megantic disaster, that the safety protocols on rail lines needs some review.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Hardest Things Programmers Have To Do?

Inzkeeper Re:Estimation (473 comments)

Estimating continues to be the bane of my existence.
But the most lost I every was involved trying to estimate a full database data conversion process from an old non-rdbms system.
"Oh but our data is clean", they said.
I spent over a week just fixing / coding for bad date formats.
I asked a senior guy for advice. He suggested something similar:

Come up with a number. Multiple by an arbitrary single digit. Double it. Double it again.

Eventually I learned not to fix bid data conversion. Ever.

about a year ago

ITER Fusion Reactor On Track To Generating Power By 2028

Inzkeeper Re:Improvement (232 comments)

I agree that fusion power has been 20 years off for at least 60 years now.
We have known the basic principles for a long time so how hard can it be, right?
You just mash some atoms together until they fuse. After lunch we will tackle time travel.

What makes this different is the international consortium of government funding of the project to the tune of $30 BILLION.
Call me naive, but I believe this is going to happen. On time and on budget, well, that is a different question.

about a year ago

German Court Finds Fantec Responsible For GPL Violation On Third-Party Code

Inzkeeper Re:This is why they hate us (228 comments)

Yes, Fantec was approached in an effort to work it out.
Their initial reaction was to deny everything.
When confronted with undeniable proof, they simply blamed a contractor and said that they were not responsible. least, that's what the articles I read reported.
At that point, what options are left?

about a year ago

Things That Scare the Bejeezus Out of Programmers

Inzkeeper Re:My Biggest Fear (641 comments)

Ah, I remember my 20s.
I wish I could find that comic. Something like:
Just out of university: "I'm going to change the world!"
After one year at first job in your field: "I'm going to change this company!"
After ten years: "I'm going to change the coffee!"

about a year ago

Iron Man 3 To Debut As a 4DX Film In Japan

Inzkeeper Re:Seat motion? (158 comments)

Gah! I'm out of mod points!

about a year and a half ago

Python Family Gets a Triplet Of Updates

Inzkeeper Re: The Python Launcher (196 comments)

cx_Freeze works for 2.x as well.

about a year and a half ago

Holy iPad Slayer! Company Releases World's First Christian Tablet

Inzkeeper Re:But does it run Linux? (326 comments)

You joke but I remember (years ago) seeing an email from a user who took offense at receiving an automated message from an mail "daemon". He didn't want to receive any further emails from evil automatons. sigh.

more than 2 years ago

World's Most Powerful Optical Microscope

Inzkeeper Re:"Seeing a cell directly without dying" (163 comments)

"Among other tiny objects the scientists will be able to examine are anodized aluminum oxide nano-structures, and nano-patterns on Blue-Ray CVC disks, not previously visible with an optical microscope."

Hmmm... Sounds like a DMCA violation to me.

more than 3 years ago

American Solar Challenge Racers Head For Canada

Inzkeeper Re:Canada? (144 comments)

Very true. If they take a wrong turn and end up 1000km north of Calgary, communications could become a significant concern.

more than 6 years ago



Groupon CEO is fired but goes out with class

Inzkeeper Inzkeeper writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Inzkeeper (767071) writes "Groupon CEO Andrew Mason made public an email he sent to Groupon employees. He takes responsibility for the company's downturn, expresses his appreciation for his staff, and wishes them well. "For those who are concerned about me, please don't be — I love Groupon, and I'm terribly proud of what we've created. I'm OK with having failed at this part of the journey. If Groupon was Battletoads, it would be like I made it all the way to the Terra Tubes without dying on my first ever play through.""
Link to Original Source


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