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Americans Don't Want Targeted Ads

Irish_Samurai Re:And.... (404 comments)

Everyone hates ads, except for the shit they like.

more than 4 years ago

How To Make Science Popular Again?

Irish_Samurai Re:Popular, or useful? (899 comments)

Our kids need to learn to question - think - explore - analyze - and know that ITS OK!

This is the fundamental problem. Our children aren't taught to question, or think, or explore, or analyze. They just google it if they have a question. What about multiple data sources? What about the ability to determine a sources validity? What about the crazy concept that a bad source CAN deliver valid data. You have to learn how to vet it.

Also, take the stigma off of ignorance. I often proclaim my ignorance before questioning someone who has knowledge on a subject. There's nothing wrong with being ignorant, if you take steps to remove that ignorance. It's willful ignorance that needs to be addressed.

Last, don't be a douche when someone asks you something that you see as plainly obvious. These people are just learning, regardless of age. My biggest hurdle has been getting people to understand why science is about disproving instead of proving. That takes a bit of time, but after that - the other concepts become pretty easy to grasp because the FRAMEWORK is there.

about 5 years ago

BetOnSports Founder Pleads Guilty To Racketeering

Irish_Samurai Re:Victimless crimes? (223 comments)

Sorry, not buying it.

Show me the PHYSICAL need to gamble. Show me the Gambling DTs. It's not a disease, its a lack of an ability to control yourself.

I'm sick and tired of having options for my behavior limited because some fool can't control themselves. Why should I have a limit put on me on how much I choose to wager because someone else might "have a problem"?

more than 5 years ago

Playing a First-Person Shooter Using Real Guns

Irish_Samurai Re:Doesn't sound the same (225 comments)

The guy in camo is what competition shooters call a mall ninja. He can't shoot, was never in the military, but wants to be a bad ass. That's why he had a big elaborate gun, he bought his way in. You see them at competitions wearing shirts that say "Blackwater" and hats that say "C.I.A".

Bunch of damn tools.

more than 5 years ago

Artificial Brain '10 Years Away'

Irish_Samurai Re:don't believe it (539 comments)

When you can define the rudimentary start of a Jungian Archetype, and map the process that creates it, we can talk.

Until then, shut the fuck up.

Seriously. I would hate to see a human brain that functioned without personality.

more than 5 years ago

Church of Scientology On Trial In France

Irish_Samurai Re:Shame they can't do it for other religions (890 comments)

My understanding is that string theorists are TRYING to come up with disprovable tests. That kinda gives them an edge.

For full disclosure, I use the terms god and physics interchangeably.

more than 5 years ago

Church of Scientology On Trial In France

Irish_Samurai Re:And the church? (890 comments)

For instance, using this method, you might conclude that all /.ers were anti-microsoft linux fanboys who were very fond of pictures of people's anuses.

Well, using some fancy lingual gymnastics you could say "/.ers are anti-noncompetative enthusiasts of options who dig porn" and probably be pretty accurate.

more than 5 years ago

Church of Scientology On Trial In France

Irish_Samurai Re:How about being fair? (890 comments)

Religion itself is benign.

It's when a PERSON decides they are going to leverage it in order to force a behavior that the shit gets all fucked up. Usually this person is working under the delusion that they have a more substantial grasp on the concept than others. They misinterpret their certainty as a hard fact that is the fulcrum of the leverage they employ on others who lack their degree of "faith" (read certainty) or wish that they too could have that degree of certainty in their lives.

"Turn the other cheek" does not prey on the weak, "pay me money or the guy who said turn the other cheek won't think you did enough" is. The difference is what a person does with it.

more than 5 years ago

Church of Scientology On Trial In France

Irish_Samurai Re:Shame they can't do it for other religions (890 comments)

And your definition of a religion is?

Any system of belief that requires you put faith in a knowingly non-disprovable dogma before you can label yourself a follower?

more than 5 years ago

On the Advent of Controversial Video Games

Irish_Samurai Re:Free Speech? Of course! (343 comments)

The above poster has it dead right: nobody plays games to reflect on the nature of the human condition.

If a game was made with the intent of doing such a thing, it would get played for that very reason. No one read "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "The Scarlet Letter" because they were looking to "reflect on the nature of the human condition" either. They read them because they were either forced to, we're looking for intellectually stimulating entertainment, or had the book recommended by a source they trust.

Books read with the intent of "reflecting on the nature of the human condition" are philosophy, sociology, anthropology, medical, and psychology texts. You have to purposefully go for those items too.

The big mistake is that there is an assumption that the intent of the reader/player is directly linked to the affect on the player/reader. I know that "The Dragonlance Chronicles" had a greater emotional impact on me than "The Scarlet Letter", yet guess which one I read under the auspice of "consuming great literature" (that I was forced to).

If we want to criticize games for not delivering an emotional and spiritual impact in the same volume and manner as books, you have to compare them on an equal scale. Books have been being written for Thousands of years, video games have been being made for 50 years. In a metaphorical timeline, that's about equivalent to "we just got an alphabet together yesterday".

more than 5 years ago

When Politicians Tax Violent Video Games

Irish_Samurai Re:Movies? (315 comments)

Ok, but how about how the bible erodes the family unit cause Adam was originally with Lilith and then dumped her for Eve.

more than 5 years ago

Grad Student Project Uses Wikis To Stash Data, Miffs Admins

Irish_Samurai Re:Theft? (268 comments)

Societies live and die by their ability to enforce and adjudicate their laws.

A law by itself is just some words on a piece of paper.

more than 5 years ago

Trick Used To Pass French "Three Strikes"

Irish_Samurai Re:Shame (488 comments)

It's not democratic on purpose.

more than 5 years ago

IT Job Market Is Tanking, But Not For Everyone

Irish_Samurai Re:No surprise (371 comments)

A skilled commander seeks victory from the situation and does not demand it of his subordinates. - Sun Tzu

more than 5 years ago

IT Job Market Is Tanking, But Not For Everyone

Irish_Samurai Re:Machiavellian strategy (371 comments)

Actually, the theory is to fire the lowest 10% in relation to performance every quarter.

Ugly, yet effective.

more than 5 years ago

IT Job Market Is Tanking, But Not For Everyone

Irish_Samurai Talented, Skilled, and Experienced (371 comments)

The behavior of "cutting the fat" is persistent in any business worth it's salt. It just so happens that this behavior is synchronized, and expanded, in weaker economies.

A person desiring to keep their employment intact, or finding new opportunities, needs to understand three elements of their "business related worth".

  • Talent - I intuitively know what needs to be done as it relates to my function inside an organization. I rarely need input when it comes to improvising the use of my skillset.
  • Skill - I have an expansive set of techniques at my disposal. I understand how these techniques can be used in pre-defined situations.
  • Experience - I have executed multiple plans regarding my function and have the "war stories" to prove it. I am able to accurately predict the pitfalls, possible errant results, and optimal win scenarios for business plans within my function.

Every company on the planet needs people who have different mixes of the above qualities. The big problem is that these three aspects run in a Rock/Paper/Scissors manner. The bigger problem is that the relationships change from company to company. Sometimes experience trumps talent. Other times talent is better than experience.

If you approach these elements of your work history without ego, focus your job search on opportunities that match your mix, and clearly communicate them to prospective employers - you will actually find a better job that makes you happy.

It can be done, don't go into it with a negative attitude.

more than 5 years ago

Please No, Not a Blade Runner Sequel

Irish_Samurai Super Suck (585 comments)

Without a Phillip K. Dick story to bastardize, this script could go into turbo-shitty land really fast.

more than 5 years ago


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