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New Year's Resolution for 2015

IronTek Win Money? (214 comments)

Yes. Indeed. I resolve to win money.

about three weeks ago

What Do Geek Squad Technicians Actually Do?

IronTek Re:well... (1065 comments)

Be care ful with that statement...I have fixed a lot of machines that people let their "family nerd" try to fix.

Well then they obviously took it to the family "nerd" because they didn't have a family nerd. One with the expereince and skills (not ego) to know that if he/she can't, it truly is broken (and be able to tell why that is for a reason other than he/she can't fix it).

more than 8 years ago



Is 1 a Common Factor?

IronTek IronTek writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Vincent writes "On the most recent episode of "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader," former Space Shuttle Commander Robert "Hoot" Gibson made it all the way to the 1 million dollar question, only to be told he was incorrect.

The question was, "How many factors do 28 and 32 have in common?" Hoot answered two (2 and 4), omitting 1.

Was he wrong?

I'm not sure this has necessarily been taught consistently in school. I learned that only composite numbers and prime numbers are factors (not in those terms at the time though). The point being that 1, which is neither prime nor composite, is not a factor.

What do you think? Was Hoot Gibson and the charity he was playing for, The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, screwed out of $975,000?"


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