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Toyota and Tesla May Work Together Again

Isca My guess:Series Hybrid + recharge tech licensing (51 comments)

The current Priuses and other Toyota offerings are parallel hybrids. That is, they have transmissions that directly drive the wheels using the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine).

In a series hybrid, each wheel has it's own motor, and the ICE engine runs at a steady speed that is very efficient to generate electricity that is then used to recharge the batteries that are fed to the electric motors.

A second part of my guess is that Toyota is licensing the recharging technology from Tesla, so that they can use the supercharger network as well. This way they can have a vehicle that can run 100% off of electricity only, but have a ICE engine that is available at any time to back that up (faster refueling, can go anywhere there is a gas station, etc.)

about a week ago

How Argonne National Lab Will Make Electric Cars Cheaper

Isca Re:where are we headed 5, 10, 15 yrs from now? (143 comments)

Don't forget that all of the old batteries that are returned to Tesla will probably go into large warehouses in rural areas where they can take those batteries that are only 70% of their effectiveness and use them for another 20 years as grid storage. I honestly think this is Elon's long term goal. Using them in transportation pays for the initial cost of the batteries - long term grid storage is what will make the money. Once the first few large scale grid storage "warehouses" come on line the financiers will join in to make purchasing your electric vehicle batteries a lease with the goal of making money over the long term, making it even cheaper for the EV owner to purchase them.

about a month ago

Sprint/T-Mobile Plan To Buy Spectrum Together May Be Blocked By FCC

Isca AT&T and Verizon have shown... (28 comments)

That they have the best lobbyists money can buy!

about a month and a half ago

Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating

Isca Re:The Air Force is also making an effort to repla (122 comments)

Quite frankly this is what should give you nightmares.

I can almost guarantee whatever replaces it will not be as secure.

about a month and a half ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

Isca Re:Web = Garbage (315 comments)

It'll be interesting to see where C# is in 10 years. With Microsoft open sourcing it and the multiple compilers that recompile into different environments that are here and are being developed I'm wondering if it'll be everywhere or if it'll be fading away like VB is?

about a month and a half ago

The "Rickmote Controller" Can Hijack Any Google Chromecast

Isca Re:Maybe it's just me ... (131 comments)

It's awesome except for the 35 dollars someone is out.

Hopefully it has a tool in it that deauth's it again when you are done to make it just inconvenient.

about 2 months ago

Dell Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Isca Re:Slow shipping (152 comments)

Most anyone out of the country is already choosing not to purchase american built (or processed) equipment after the NSA scandals so it really doesn't matter now at this point does it?

I suspect it'll be a long time until it does.

about 2 months ago

Dell Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Isca Until dell can pay it's bills with Bitcoin.... (152 comments)

....It needs to go through a middleman.

Employee Wages and benefits
Real Estate

Most all of these things need cash. And even if they could be paid in bitcoin most companies wouldn't want to do that infrastructure themselves and would outsource it.

about 2 months ago

NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever

Isca Re:How foes this compare (146 comments)

The boosters are not bad on their own. They have been fairly reliable and reasonably cheap (not as cheap as SpaceX's approach could be however). The bad part of the boosters/shuttle setup was simply the fact that the vehicle occupants were located next to parts that could go boom instead of on top of and away from most potential blast paths.

about 2 months ago

NSA's Novel Claim: Our Systems Are Too Complex To Obey the Law

Isca Re:More likely to big to be backed up (245 comments)

While I'm sure there is plenty of NSA Skullduggery to go around, in this case the parent is probably right on the money. I'm sure someone had an aha moment with this one - they most likely can't even begin to store all of this data - yet. Probably only a small fraction of it.

about 3 months ago

Spotify Announces Single User Hacked, No Personal Data Stolen

Isca This sounds like a proof of flaw 'hack'. (50 comments)

1 account only was hacked? This sounds like someone who was trying to prove that a flaw exists in their security. I'm guessing there is more to this story to come - this sounds like they are setting things up to go after this 'hacker'' that caused the security breach. If it was someone trying to do something malicious there would be more accounts pulled. Even if it was someone who was just curious to see if they could do it wouldn't have just stopped at one but someone who is trying to playing the role of a white hat would potentially only do this on one single account. I'll be really disappointed if that's what it turns out to be and Spotify decides to prosecute.

about 4 months ago

Aerospace Merger: ATK Joins With Orbital Sciences Corp

Isca It can still work (22 comments)

Solid rockets ala the shuttle still have their place -- with heavy lifting of cargo into space. They are relatively cheap and can be reused. However if SpaceX is able to succeed in returning their rockets to the pad and is able to scale that ability up to it's heavy lifting proposals nothing this orbital-ATK company has proposed will come close to SpaceX's price.

about 5 months ago

SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water

Isca Re:What a shame. (125 comments)

This has way more to do with the political motivation to spend the money required than technical know how.

about 5 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

Isca Re:Easy Militia States (1633 comments)

Mod parent up. This would be very easy to get around.

about 5 months ago

SpaceX Testing Landing Legs On Next Falcon9 Rocket

Isca Re:"Back to the launch site"? (73 comments)

Once you've used up 80% of your fuel plus you have dropped the weight of the upper stages and the fuel/payload for them it's relatively light. Especially compared with how much thrust you can output. That 20% fuel is enough to dramatically change your direction and still leave enough fuel to steer yourself and land in an upright position.

about 7 months ago

Thousands of Gas Leaks Discovered Under Streets of Washington DC

Isca Re:Private enterprise to the rescue (292 comments)

The issue with wireless is that you just can't get the bandwidth that cable or fiber can bring. It's different per industry. There's no reason why water and sewage need to be for profit companies. I think natural gas is close behind simply because it's hard to have multiple companies provide the product at a central distribution point in whatever city/town. However communications services CAN be split into their components to be set up as a utility and a service. I think more cities should invest in municipal fiber with this type of setup. There have been multiple studies showing it can be economical for most cities to recoup costs over a thirty year period for around $25/month per drop for the actual infrastructure (fiber to the home/switches/etc on backbone). You can make that cheaper for people in your city by adjusting how much businesses are charged for the infrastructure versus residents. Some cities have lowered the monthly infrastructure cost having residents pay a larger amount for hookup (300-400) and have that cost spread out over a few years in the same way the city will spread out payments for a new sidewalk. The key thing is that they should not be allowed to offer service themselves - allow others to sell the service. Heck, if google wants to come in and make no profit off of it but sell it at the same cost as what the city is charging google per customer, let them. There will still be some who might op for other, better add services with other companies. It's easy to add other providers in this scenario. .

about 8 months ago

How the LHC Is Reviving Magnetic Tape

Isca Re:maybe (267 comments)

I think Amazon's system is a hybrid. There have been numerous articles about it but Amazon has kept their system tightly locked down with NDA's for all parties involved. However the reason why lots of people have come up with this conclusion is simple -- there are occasional but regular complaints you'll see on the internet where the 3-5 hour window is blown up to 10-24 hours. I suspect that they use commodity hard drives that are powered off once filled. But backing up those hard drives is a tape system that is only kicked in when they find a bad hard drive (and the tape backs up the hard drive). This way they don't use power when the drives are on.

about 9 months ago


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