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Hungarian Law Says Photogs Must Ask Permission To Take Pictures

ItUsedToBeBroken Re: Well.. (149 comments)

Right...kudos for writing such a horrendous broad stroke law to pester google that now tourists can't take snapshots. Yard.

about 7 months ago

Religion Is Good For Your Brain

ItUsedToBeBroken How do we know? (529 comments)

Nobody with a brain has ever had religion.

about 7 months ago

Movie and TV GUIs: Cracking the Code

ItUsedToBeBroken Leverage was good until the last couple seasons (74 comments)

They moved to Portland so it was cool to see the city in the background, but Sophie bacame a pycho stalker and the Microsoft product placemnt was hard to ignore. I loved the 3D rendered blueprints of buildings they are able to magically pull most of them arent still on blue wide format paper.

about 7 months ago

Computer Science Enrollments Rocketed Last Year, Up 22%

ItUsedToBeBroken Re:It's easy money (137 comments)

Of course it did...but with the entitlement mentaility of todays graduates they assume they'll be leadership from day 1.

about 7 months ago

Computer Science Enrollments Rocketed Last Year, Up 22%

ItUsedToBeBroken It's easy money (137 comments)

The kids see $220,000,000 spent on a website that doesn't work (ie: CoverOregon) and think "Hell, that looks like easy work for the compensation" and they're right.

about 7 months ago

Oregon Withholding $25.6M From Oracle Over Health Website Woes

ItUsedToBeBroken Reinvent the wheel much? (132 comments)

"It's also possible Cover Oregon will use software developed for other state exchanges or, according to this week's announcement."

It took them a year and over sixty million dollars to determine that's it's cheaper when every deployment doesn't reinvent the wheel? Yeesh. Fail.

about 8 months ago


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