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Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email

J'raxis Re:Right ... (175 comments)

That's what these large corporations all do.

Look at Google, grandstanding about moving things to HTTPS a few months ago, making things harder for the NSA, and so on, and yet at the same time they are now proactively scanning people's data for illegal activity and then handing it over to the government. Microsoft is doing the same thing.

What makes you think Yahoo will do anything different? The whole plan here is probably to get uninformed users to hand over their PGP keys so they can store them.

about two weeks ago

Man-Made "Dead Zone" In Gulf of Mexico the Size of Connecticut

J'raxis "Highly concentrated life zone" (184 comments)

If you read the article, it explains this "dead zone" is actually full of algae---in other words, it probably has more life in it than the entire surrounding area (in terms of number of organisms, concentration of organisms, total biomass, and so on). Maybe this is a good thing, maybe it's bad, maybe it's entirely indifferent, but it is not a "dead zone."

But of course if we described the zone honestly, we wouldn't be able to use it as environmentalist propaganda, now could we?

about two weeks ago

Cell Phone Unlocking Is Legal -- For Now

J'raxis Re:And... (135 comments)

Looks like something broke.

about two weeks ago

Gmail Recognizes Addresses Containing Non-Latin Characters

J'raxis Slashdot's time? (149 comments)

Now that Google has implemented 2012 i18n technology, maybe vaunted technology site Slashdot can catch up to 1998 and implement UTF-8 properly?


about two weeks ago

Cell Phone Unlocking Is Legal -- For Now

J'raxis And... (135 comments)

...absolutely nothing has changed. People have been unlocking their phones; people will continue to unlock their phones; and if Congress re-outlaws it, people will still continue to unlock their phones.

about three weeks ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

J'raxis Or he's both (335 comments)

"Traitor" is a legal term. "Hero" is a value judgment. Snowden is probably both. The government he turned against, having long turned against their own people, deserved it.

about 5 months ago

Google Ordered To Remove Anti-Islamic Film From YouTube

J'raxis Torrents on TPB (321 comments)

Time for a good ol' streisand effect. Lookee here:---

Pirate Bay #1
Pirate Bay #2 (720p)
Pirate Bay #3 (640x360)

Personally I always thought this movie was just racist/Islamophobic dreck, but now with the government finally finding a convenient excuse to censor it, I'm downloading all three of these copies and will be seeding them indefinitely once downloaded.

about 6 months ago

Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World

J'raxis Yes, the dollar is so much better (695 comments)

"Maybe the U.S. Dollar isn't so bad after all."

Because the regulated financial institutions that deal in U.S. dollars are so much more trustworthy. Perhaps I should keep my money with these guys. Or this company. Or them perhaps? This guy looks trustworthy, doesn't he?

Here is what government-backed currency banks, lenders, investment firms, and the like have been up to recently. And here is what they're up to now.

about 6 months ago

'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official

J'raxis Competition (606 comments)

The head of a government-run transit monopoly is upset someone else is providing a competing service.

about 6 months ago

Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

J'raxis Car radios (226 comments)

People get into accidents all the time because they were messing with their radio when they should have had their eyes on the road. So why don't we ban car radios?

And if that seems absurd, why are we talking about banning things like texting, cell phone use, or Google Glass while driving?

about 6 months ago

Oops: Security Holes In Belkin Home Automation Gear

J'raxis Re:Belkin Gear (77 comments)

Maybe their hardware is crap because they're more about abusing their customers than providing quality products.

about 6 months ago

Oil Companies Secretly Got Paid Twice For Cleaning Up Toxic Fuel Leaks

J'raxis Subrogation (113 comments)

The insurance companies most likely put a subrogation clause in their contracts. Now that they know the oil companies received additional payouts from a third party, they can come in and claim that money.

about 6 months ago

Developer Loses Single-Letter Twitter Handle Through Extortion

J'raxis Re:The city in which you were born, your first pet (448 comments)

Of course. And using made-up answers is exactly what I do. But the vast majority of people don't think about this. They create a halfway-decent password then protect that password with "New York City" and "Fido."

about 7 months ago

Developer Loses Single-Letter Twitter Handle Through Extortion

J'raxis The city in which you were born, your first pet... (448 comments)

This is the kind of thing made possible by the absolutely stupid policy of protecting unobtainable information (one's login password) with easily obtainable information (those "secret questions" to reset one's password, such as the city in which one was born, one's first pet, or the last four digits of one's CC or SSN).

If you choose a password that is strong enough, and you're careful enough not to leak it yourself somehow, your password is unobtainable and unguessable. It's as secure as possible. But it requires only a modicum of effort, perhaps a simple public records search, to figure out the answers to most "secret questions" that big companies like GoDaddy use to protect people's passwords. And yet this is how these companies protect your password. And now we see the results.

about 7 months ago

Developer Loses Single-Letter Twitter Handle Through Extortion

J'raxis Re:Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen (448 comments)

GoDaddy here is no more insane than any company that uses "secret questions" to guard users' passwords. I've pointed out to people for years that the idea of protecting a piece of information that is unobtainable (your password, if you're careful enough not to leak it yourself, and it's strong enough to not be guessable) with information that is easily obtainable with just a modicum of effort (e.g., your mother's maiden name, the city in which you were born, your first pet, ...), is an absolutely stupid idea. And it sounds like this guy's GoDaddy account fell victim to exactly that kind of attack.

Maybe if word of this attack gets around other companies will switch to something more secure than easily-answerable "secret questions" to reset someone's password.

about 7 months ago

23-Year-Old Chess Grandmaster Whips Bill Gates In 71 Seconds

J'raxis How many Libraries of Congress is that? (449 comments)

Regardless, it took 23-year-old Magnus Carlsen, a "grandmaster" Chess player since the age of 13 and new world Chess champion, just 71 seconds to defeat Gates in a friendly game of Chess on a Norwegian television show. It takes longer to heat up a cup of water in the microwave.

Thanks for that helpful comparison---without it, I would have had no clue how long 71 seconds actually is.

about 7 months ago


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