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New Ebola Drug 100% Effective In Monkeys

JJJK Re:100% effective in FIVE monkeys (129 comments)

You are right, they still need to test it on humans - and the death rates really make the "cure" thing seem unimportant.

But five monkeys aren't that few if you consider it was 30000 times the lethal dosage. Sounds to me like testing bomb-squad armor by dropping an atomic bomb on it - five times.

I doubt that we'll see this being treated as the breakthrough that it is without calling it something that it isn't yet.

more than 3 years ago

IE 0-Day Flaw Used In Chinese Attack

JJJK Re:You know what this means (318 comments)

At least those Google employees who are responsible for getting stuff displayed in browsers need to use all major browsers. QA people probably even use all the browsers plus most versions of those browsers. Sure, those setups will probably be automated and sandboxed, but at least up until now I don't think it seemed necessary for each developer to be that paranoid about using the latest IE for quick tests.

I'm sure that for normal browsing (not for testing purposes) most of these people use chrome.

about 5 years ago

Aussie, Finnish Researchers Create a Single-Atom Transistor

JJJK Re:Moore's Law Extended? (96 comments)

Not very easy to achieve does not equal "ultimate limit". I though we'd have a major paradigm shift by now, but the current one just won't die. I'm not making any bets anymore...

more than 5 years ago

Dell Defect Turning 2.2GHz CPU Into 100MHz CPU?

JJJK Re:Oh for the love of god ... Throttlegate? (314 comments)

Every time some name becomes a noun (or a noun becomes a verb), a meme becomes mainstream, or anything slightly changes its meaning to settle in a niche, there will always be a lot of ranting from people who find this annoying or lame, making it something of a scandal.

I'll just call that "GATEGATEGATE".

more than 4 years ago

Mafia Wars CEO Brags About Scamming Users

JJJK Re:And he likes that he did this... (251 comments)

He's like a kid who asks "why don't we just turn all traffic lights to yellow all the time, this way everyone would get around faster!" or "Hey, if I print money I can make myself rich!" but then actually does it. Way to think outside the box...

more than 5 years ago

Tired of Flash? HTML5 Viewer For YouTube

JJJK Re:Only video sites? (372 comments)

And WebGL seems to be coming along nicely - what we need is a good authoring app that outputs js/webgl. As soon as that is available, I expect flash games to peak within 2-3 years. And then slowly die out.

more than 5 years ago

LHC Shut Down Again — By Baguette-Dropping Bird

JJJK Was it a thermal exhaust port? (478 comments)

And you thought the death star had stupid vulnerabilities...

more than 5 years ago

From Turbines and Straw, Danish Self-Sufficiency

JJJK Re:Imaginary self-sufficiency. (183 comments)

"energy self-sufficient". That means they produce all the energy they need by themselves. You are ranting about X not being Y, when X never claimed it was anything else but X. Go to a car-manufacturer and complain about how their prototypes are way too expensive.

more than 5 years ago

PSP Go Debuts, Disappoints

JJJK Reselling (258 comments)

This is what bothers me the most. Of course Sony doesn't want someone to play a game and then resell it - they don't get a cut. This and piracy are the biggest reasons for the change (battery life? sure, they care sooo much how long you can play with their console). But what about the people who simply don't have the money?

As a kid, the amounts of money I had pretty much made me choose: buy the hardware to play games or buy games. Couldn't afford both. So I chose the hardware. With consoles, I bought used games or new ones (to sell them later). Also there's rental. Unless you do these things, games are way too expensive (at least to a kid). On the PC I just pirated whatever I wanted. Didn't feel right, but I kept telling myself that I only download/copy whatever I couldn't afford anyway.

But now as an adult I do buy games. I don't play as much as I used to, so I can afford it (although I do usually wait until the price drops). But thanks to my reselling/renting/pirating childhood, I'm pretty much a gamer for life. If we had ebay back then, I'd also be much more used to buying games.

When I do buy a new, full-priced game, I still like to think it's no that expensive, because I can still sell it on ebay. I usually don't, but it does make it easier to buy something without thinking much about it. With an app store, I know that I don't really own that game. What I bought is the privilege to play it almost immediately (with no fear of scratched DVDs), as long as the company that sold it to me exists. That's it. App stores that sell games at retail price are complete insanity. Some even use bittorrent, so there's not even much bandwidth to pay for.

But you know, the market will decide. According to sony that means "new psp go owners", not "people with old psps who bitch about being ignored" and they're probably right.

This is the world we live in: buy a product, be dead to the company that made it - unless you have some sort of support contract.

more than 5 years ago

Parallel Processing For Cardiac Simulations Using an Xbox 360

JJJK Re:Why not the PS3? (101 comments)

Or use OpenCL and choose any GPU vendor that supports it (ATI and nVidia already do - in beta)

I must admit that CUDA is pretty easy, you'll understand the basics and make a simple application in less than one day. I have some experience with programmable shaders and I know how GPGPU works, but that's a lot more complicated than using CUDA. I'm not sure what kinds of features the xbox provides, but I doubt it's easier than that. And OpenCL is almost the same concept, it's just using a compilation method more similar to what shader programmers are used to.

more than 5 years ago

Why Motivation Is Key For Artificial Intelligence

JJJK Re:There is no way an AI can build a cleverer AI. (482 comments)

Let me guess, you had one course / book about CS theory or something and now you just throw half-understood concepts at us. (I'll try that too!)

The problem is that it is not that easy to understand the implications of things like the halting problem. It is very important for the general concept of computation, but it does not mean that there is not a significant subclass of programs for which the halting problem is decideable. void main(){} halts, void main(){while(true);} does not and it is easy to see for us (or a computer) why that's the case. Similar thing happened to limtxt-learneable languages until pattern languages came along. Just because you found out that you can't do something in general doesn't mean there isn't a huge number of useful instances where you still can.

That's why you shouldn't limit cleverness like that. Also, why does HAL-2 have to solve all the mathematical problems that HAL solves instead of just "more"? What if HAL uses a evolutionary algorithm and makes HAL-2 by "informed accident"? And how many mathematical problems can bacteria solve? Based on your theory, all ancestors of humans (including bacteria) should be able to solve at least as many as we do.

I'm guessing that the truth about how intelligence developed from non-intelligence is hidden somewhere in the concepts of evolution and emergence. If you don't fully understand these things (I know I don't), don't make predictions about what intelligence can or cannot do, and that includes the creation of cleverer AI.

more than 5 years ago

Symantec Wants to Use Victims to Hunt Computer Criminals

JJJK Re:Hmm, tip line? Vigilante? or just more info? (139 comments)

-- The data sent to Symantec will contain following information:
-- Name: Grandma
-- Data stolen: pictures of cats
-- Underwear size: enormous
-- Thank you for your support.

more than 5 years ago

Sending Astronauts On a One-Way Trip To Mars

JJJK Hope (917 comments)

More people will volunteer if they think they might still come back somehow:

"OK, for the trip back you get one empty tube of toothpaste, two cigarettes, one paperclip and one Richard Dean Anderson"

more than 5 years ago

Has the Rate of Technical Progress Slowed?

JJJK Re:Flying Car (712 comments)

I think the author made pretty much the same mistake. If you measure progress in "number of unrelated things that blew my mind per decade", then that rate might be (temporarily) going down. If you mean overall progress in all fields that support small incremental changes, then that rate is going up. Way up.

more than 5 years ago

Has the Rate of Technical Progress Slowed?

JJJK Re:The article's author is confused (712 comments)

I too think that the author used the wrong yardstick - you could make a similar argument counting the number of "fields of science". Just because not that much completely-unheard-of things get invented doesn't mean the overall progress, or complexity as you've said, doesn't continue at the same or higher rate. The biggest change has already been introduced with computing, and since most future changes will somehow be related to that, they will look smaller in comparison. Strong AI could be considered a "game-changing" invention or something - if it came unexpectedly instead through small increments.

It's hard to keep track of the state of science today. I read a lot of science news, try to stay informed... but Kurzweil's books (K. tends to write a lot about advances in many different fields) and TED conferences still surprise me and make me wonder how I could miss all these new things. So if the author wants that "big advances each decade"-feeling of the 20th century, he should probably go live in a cave for ten years and then check back. The little increments seem to ruin perception.

more than 5 years ago

Swarms of Solar Powered Microbots On the Way

JJJK Re:New grey goo milestone (119 comments)

the "grey goo threat" might be something to be considered, but it shouldn't stop us from further exploring micro/nanobots. I'm tired of hearing someone shout "grey goo!" or "skynet!" every time there is some advance in nanotechnology or AI (and I mean the ones who are actually being serious about it). You can't stop the progress in these fields (and you shouldn't, considering all the positive aspects), or just repeat fear-mongering from luddites/attention-whores/sci-fi-writers. Instead, try to understand current research and help to find ways to make these things safe!

more than 5 years ago

NVIDIA Predicts 570x GPU Performance Boost

JJJK Re:The math (295 comments)

You're right, nothing about performance in that law. But with GPUs, things are a bit different... if you can squeeze twice as many shader units onto the die, you'll probably get almost twice the performance if you stick to the special class of "GPU-compatible" programs (those that need massive parallelism with little synchronization etc).

Though I would have expected the GPU people to use some of those extra transistors to implement double precision and generally make the GPU cores look more like CPU cores (more pipelining, branch prediction) to make them better suited for more complex problems like raytracing.

more than 5 years ago

Thanks For the ... Eight-Track, Uncle Alex

JJJK Re:Think back 17 years (633 comments)

Unfortunately there is a difference between CD-R's and pressed CD's. The best Idea would probably be to keep the data redundant on multiple CD-R's (from different manufacturers) and other media like USB sticks (as some already mentioned). If you can, check for integrity every 5 years or so even if that kind of destroys that "time capsule" -idea.

more than 5 years ago

Psychopaths Have Brain Structure Abnormality

JJJK Re:Free will (438 comments)

Try to review what you think you know about "free will" and "punishment", I had some misconceptions about that too. There is no reason to believe that something like "free will" exists - it really is more of a religious thing but somehow many non-religious people cling to it. Of course I have the impression that all of my actions originate in me, but that's how consciousness works. Anyone who believes in free will is implying that his brain doesn't obey causality and that is one claim that can't just stand there, unproven... (And don't start with quantum mechanics at this point if you are not a physicist)
What's important to understand is that something being deterministic doesn't mean it doesn't look random to someone who does not have all the data. So your thoughts will continue to look like free will, even if you know that it doesn't exist. Also something like "so now we have to let all the criminals go because they had no choice?" is a completely false implication. But there's the other misconception: law/justice should have nothing to do with punishment or revenge. It is supposed to be a solution to a problem. If you have a violent criminal then you'll want to put him away so he can't attack normal people. If someone stole something, you'll want to make him give it back and maybe add some incentive to not do it again (what you may call punishment - but it only works on rational-minded people). So what about psychopaths, child abusers and so on? You can 1) put them away (doesn't really solve the problem, just the symptoms), 2) kill them (barbaric, innocent people will die as well, also not really a solution), or when it's available 3) correct what's physically wrong with them.
So if your justice system is based on revenge rather than problem-solving, then I hope these advances will affect it. As for society I guess the effect will be a lot of misunderstandings, fear and knee-jerk reactions. As usual.

more than 5 years ago


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