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Math And The Computer Science Major

JM_the_Great Math/CS double major (1203 comments)

I'm actually a Math/CS double major at Georgia Tech... The two subjects are so integrated these days - they're completely inseperable. Most Math people work on computers all day, and most CS people deal with Math constantly (unless they're '1337 d00ds 7h47 kn0w ASP and can make a 5h177y website). Even last semester, I had a proofs class which was clearly the domain of Math - but it was taught by the CS department. Additionally, our Intro-to-CS class uses Scheme - which is based on lambda calculus - a mathematical construct.

I think if CS majors stopped bitching about having to learn Math, they'd be much better off. Understanding the connections between the two will only improve your understanding of both.

more than 10 years ago


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