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Public School Teachers Selling Lesson Plans Online

JPribe Re:*First post.. (590 comments)

How on earth is this insightful. My wife starts at least 30 days prior to school starting to write her lesson plans. You are apparently under the impression that because teachers don't get paid during the summer, they must screw off the entire time the kids are on vacation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Additionally, the first 2-3 weeks after the kids are out of school she spends each day moving classrooms, packing up all her stuff so the janitorial staff can redo floors throughout the school, bring all the material home she has purchased with her measly paycheck (it ends up "disappearing" otherwise) and doing crap the principal dreamed up - team building garbage, "required' training (more principal dreams) and a host of other, unpaid, ridiculous stuff that has no bearing on teaching the children. Did I mention all those hours are UNPAID but expected. And oh by the way, she has to earn at least 6 semester hours a year of education, whether it be working towards a masters or just education related. I'd go on, but there isn't much point. I can't think of a job that has more importance that is so looked down upon.

In short, the school (state) provides a curriculum, NOT lesson plans. Teachers are expected to do that in their own time - which is why many are obviously willing to part with hard earned $$$ to not have to do a lot of that work.

more than 5 years ago

Why Is Linux Notebook Battery Life Still Poor?

JPribe Re:Poor choice for screensaver? (907 comments)

After I realized what you did there - coffee came out my nose!!!

more than 5 years ago

Classic Doom Coming To the iPhone Next Month

JPribe Re:Already have it on Android (90 comments)

And THIS is why I tell people I'm not getting a touch screen phone until I can get translucent thumbs!

more than 4 years ago



Internet Cafe in Kyrgyzstan

JPribe JPribe writes  |  more than 3 years ago

JPribe writes "So, the other day I got the following email from my brother, a peace corp volunteer:

"Hello Bro,
I have a question. Do you know a free program to monitor internet usage, time and megabyte preferred but megabyte at the least for multiple computers. I am starting an internet cafe and need to know what to charge people. I know you are the computer genius who can help me in any area or with any question. (I hope that butters you up). When are you leaving? I am getting ready to go in less than two months, May 11th is the date to leave. I cannot wait, I will miss it hear but I am also ready to go home. How is the family. It was great ot talk to **** and see ***. Thanks for your help"


Obviously he thinks my genius just runs over — when in reality I merely appear to be a genius because I read /. Don't tell him.

He has a basic residential wireless router and 5 desktops, running (no doubt pirated) copies of WinXP. I suggested he setup one of the desktops to act as the router and use the wireless router as just a switch. I drew a schematic for him and he will ensure it gets setup that way, but I'm not sure what the best monitoring solution would be. My initial thought was using a VM for DHCP and traffic monitoring on the one desktop but he has 5+ year old hardware. He thinks Linux is a prescription medication, so a windows based solution is the way to go.

Anyway — suggestions? What would you do?"


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