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SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

JRV31 Re:1024-fold (210 comments)

Just think, if we all had sixteen fingers we would use hex and this argument would be unneccessary. And it would be easier to type.

4 days ago

Microsoft Lobby Denies the State of Chile Access To Free Software

JRV31 Re:Wow (159 comments)

Bribery is not illegal in the US, we call it campaign contributions.

about a month ago

Dramatic Shifts In Manufacturing Costs Are Driving Companies To US, Mexico

JRV31 Re:FUCK BETA (233 comments)

Beta seems to have become worse lately. There is no place to sign in, and the link to return to classic is missing. I have to close and re-open my browser until it starts in classic mode.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

JRV31 Re:Pick a different job. (548 comments)

I found that a programming job ruined a good hobby. I went back to CNC machining.

about a month ago

Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

JRV31 Re: It's already going on... (353 comments)

There is not fierce competition, the McCarron Fergason act of 1945 exempts insurance companies from anti-trust laws. They can, and do, get together and fix prices.

about 2 months ago

Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

JRV31 Re:It's already going on... (353 comments)

They are not bad people thay are cattle. You can join them if you want to, I won't.

about 2 months ago

On 4th of July:

JRV31 Re:missing option (340 comments)

In Minnesota where I live, and in many other states, fireworks are illegal. I appreacieate the irony of people celebrating the countries independance by breaking it's laws.

about 2 months ago

Baton Bob Strikes Back Against Police That Coerced Facebook Post From Him

JRV31 Re:America: Its just completely fucked (203 comments)

The deepest circle of hell should be reserved for people who abuse power.

about 3 months ago

UK Man Sentenced To 16 Months For Exporting 'E-Waste' Despite 91% Reuse

JRV31 Re: And yet (212 comments)

Here in the USA we call bribes campaign contributions.

about 3 months ago

US Government OKs Sale of Sharper Satellite Images

JRV31 Re:Area 51 - What's Really There? (82 comments)

People who have worked there have REPORTED claims that there is Alien Spacecraft there. They can't all be lying, right?

The best place to hide the truth is in a pack of lies.

about 3 months ago

US-EU Trade Agreement Gains Exaggerated, Say 41 Consumer Groups, Economist

JRV31 Re:Rule of thumb (97 comments)

When large corporate lobbyists and their politicians talk about the economy, simply substitute the word "profit" for "jobs" to get a more honest version of what they're saying.

And beware of anything with the word "free" in it.

about 3 months ago

Oregon vs. Oracle: the Battle of Blame Heats Up

JRV31 Who is to blame? (83 comments)

With it seems like all the health care sites having the same problems, I can't help wondering how much of it sabotage caused by the republicans and the insurance companies.

about 4 months ago

Google Foresees Ads On Your Refrigerator, Thermostat, and Glasses

JRV31 Re:Nope. (355 comments)

A new use is found for duct tape every day.

about 4 months ago

Ohio Prison Shows Pirated Movies To Inmates

JRV31 Re:Apples and Oranges (186 comments)

Governments just make the laws. It's us peasants who have to follow them.

about 4 months ago

Did Mozilla Have No Choice But To Add DRM To Firefox?

JRV31 Re: Not denying something is different from forcin (406 comments)

We need to stop calling it DRM and call it what it really is "Digital Restrictions Malware". In the 1980s copy protected software started to appear and poeple would not buy it. Have we turned into a herd of cattle that will accept all the crap governments and corporations throw at us?

about 4 months ago

Sony To Make Movie of Edward Snowden Story

JRV31 Re:Got it! (107 comments)

Here is the story. Sony puts malware on CDs, how can anyone trust them to tell the truth? They will just put their spin on it and make a hero out to be a traiter.

about 4 months ago

Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

JRV31 Re:next 50 to 100 years? (453 comments)

Our messages are transmitted over a carrier signal that is very obvious, even if the data is encrypted.

It's more than just the encryption, you also need to figure out the alphabet. Even if you figure out that 01000001 means "A" what does "A" mean?

about 4 months ago

Rand Paul Starts New Drone War In Congress

JRV31 Re:Where's the ambiguity? (272 comments)

We don't have a choice, there are only two viable parties and they both support unrestrained capitalism. (The key word here is unrestrained.)

about 4 months ago


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