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Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service

JTsyo Re:Remind my why they are being sued (484 comments)

Currently cable companies pay the broadcasters to carry their channel. If Aereo was allowed people might cut out the cable company and just receive the programming for free. This would be lost revenue for the cable company and broadcasters. So instead of providing a competing product, they sue to keep their monopoly.

about 3 months ago

Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service

JTsyo Re:This doesn't necessarly shut it down (484 comments)

People that could receive OTA would not bother paying Aereo unless they wanted the option to watch elsewhere. Having the antennas somewhere with good reception was a huge plus, and the main reason I considered Aereo.

about 3 months ago

Banking Fraud Campaign Steals 500k Euros In a Week

JTsyo How do they prevent the money from being tracked? (35 comments)

Since this is all done electronically, what do the thieves do to prevent the banks from tracking where the money went? Why would banks allow transfers to institutions that don't allow the money to be tracked and returned?

about 3 months ago

The FBI's Jargon List: Internet Acronyms Galore

JTsyo Re:Urban Dictionary (124 comments)

What did smoking use to mean?

about 3 months ago

How Open Government Data Saved New Yorkers Thousands On Parking Tickets

JTsyo Open Government Data costs NYC thousnads in income (286 comments)

Guess that would be the alternative headline. It really isn't in the city's interest to release the data. People have to be vigilante now to ensure they don't stop providing it.

about 3 months ago

Geophysicists Discover How Rocks Produce Magnetic Pulses

JTsyo Would hav ebeen more impressive if (72 comments)

Since the 1960s, geophysicists have known that some earthquakes are preceded by ultra-low frequency magnetic pulses that increase in number until the quake takes place.

The pluses would have been more impressive if they decreased in number at some point with anti-pulses. I'm guessing they meant frequency instead of number.

about 3 months ago

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion

JTsyo Re:What a punishment (270 comments)

A charge doesn't go past a defender... wait you're doing it again aren't you?

about 4 months ago

Autonomous Car Ethics: If a Crash Is Unavoidable, What Does It Hit?

JTsyo Crash into whoever violated the rules (800 comments)

Crashes should be very unlikely when everyone is following the rules of the road. So if the car has to pick between the guy that cut it off or the car next to it, it picks the car that cut it off. Maintain the right of way if no other option is available without creating a crash.

about 4 months ago

Skydiver's Helmet Cam Captures a Falling Meteor

JTsyo Re:Why it is not white-hot? (142 comments)

That far into the atmosphere, it's lost it's orbital velocity and has reached terminal velocity. It's probably doing in the neighborhood of about 200-300 kph.

about 5 months ago

Xbox One Reputation System Penalizes Gamers Who Behave Badly

JTsyo Re:OMG FAG LOL (183 comments)

You might just be able to use the system as a placebo. Just state the rules and have the system work weakly. A lot of people might improve just knowing the system is in place. It would be the 80% solution.

about 6 months ago

I prefer my peppers ...

JTsyo Re:Common Examples (285 comments)

after seeing the list I would like to change my answer from fairly to very please.

about 6 months ago

Jimmy Wales To 'Holistic Healers': Prove Your Claims the Old-Fashioned Way

JTsyo Re:Wikipedia ruined the internet (517 comments)

But if wiki calls out Energy Medicine as the placebo effect, it'll stop working for those that read it.

about 6 months ago

Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

JTsyo Re:Still Worth It (276 comments)

How so? Prime members get to borrow books from the Amazon library that others would have to buy.

about 6 months ago

Terrafugia Wants Their Flying Car To Be Autonomous

JTsyo Re:How will people learn to swear then? (94 comments)

I'm sure aggressive drivers would be really pissed if they saw others drive like them.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

JTsyo Current rotation of games (669 comments)

1. Hearthstone - log on and do a the daily quest and maybe play 2 or 3 other rounds
2. Check Battlelog to see if any friends are playing BF4
3. Skyrim for some alone time
4. Log into Planetside 2 for the daily certs. Play for a bit if there's an alert or something interesting going on
5. On weekends I might fire up a game of Civ5

about 7 months ago

Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

JTsyo Make some sort of agreement with a "snowy" city (723 comments)

Wonder if it would be feasible to have some sort of agreement with a city that does have the equipment to come by and salt roads and Atlanta pays some kind of fee each year for help with upkeep. Though you probably have to go pretty far north from Atlanta to get to a city that's snowy. Might need to just have a collective or maybe the state or Georgia have them available.

about 8 months ago

Lawsuit: Oracle Called $50K 'Good Money For an Indian'

JTsyo Re:The cruelest part (409 comments)

And the Indian would have even less to live on since he needs to send money home to his family.

about 8 months ago

FBI Edits Mission Statement: Removes Law Enforcement As 'Primary' Purpose

JTsyo Re:It definitely *IS* a ruse ! (539 comments)

How would that be different to what happened 200 years ago? The British considered the American rebels traitors and could have hung them. They didn't since the US also held British prisoners. What they did do was hold them in prison ship, in which many a prisoners died.

The two times that I know of that there was a rebellion in the US (Whiskey Rebellion and Civil War), an army was drafted and the rebellion crushed. Why do people think things would be different now?

If you have enough people to start a revolution, you have enough people to get people that think like you elected. I would think it would be much easier to get people to vote rather than take up armed resistance.

about 8 months ago

What Would It Cost To Build a Windows Version of the Pricey New Mac Pro?

JTsyo Re:Hard to believe (804 comments)

nah just add a huge aftermarket spoiler, all the downforce you need.

about 9 months ago


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