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Prey Review

JWhitlock Natural Selection (277 comments)

Have you tried Natural Selection? The theme is Marines vs. Aliens with two gameplay styles. Classic is a real-time strategy/first person shooter hybrid, where there are real differences between the teams. Combat is an action-oriented RPG-style game with shorter rounds. It's based on the Half-Life 1 engine, with a Source version to be released (hopefully this year). Still, if you have fond memories of Quake, then you probably don't mind 5 year-old technology. The company formed by the mod authors (Unknown Worlds) is trying to make money now, and I wish them luck.

Sure, not everyone is playing the same game anymore, but the market is much bigger as well. The important thing is the community, and if you have 3 friends willing to play with you, that may be all the community you need.

more than 8 years ago


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