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UCLA, CIsco & More Launch Consortium To Replace TCP/IP

Jahf Re: Not a chance (254 comments)

Right on. Because when we know there is no better solution and the current implementation is lack luster we need to keep status quo.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Recliner For a Software Developer?

Jahf Re:First World Problems (154 comments)

To "First World Problems" ... for enough people for it to matter, this isn't a first world problem any more than coding is a first world job (and these days it isn't). As someone with hereditary back issues since my teens that, after 25 years of pain and bad surgeries with severe complications, I am now on disability. I wouldn't have made it 25 years without an extreme ergonomic solution that I paid for out-of-pocket because until recently employers didn't recognize that even "ergo chairs" aren't enough.

For the original question ... you're probably not as bad off as I was. But if you're getting close you have a few solutions depending on how much you can spend (or get expensed). If you're not looking for this level of solution, hopefully the article attracted someone who did.

* Not a recliner, but for helping your back similar to how an exercise ball does but with more support for long coding, I have used a "SwingSeat" at my desk for a decade or more (http://www.swingseat.com/). This was good enough to get me by until the last round of surgery (which was actually a success) made it too hard to sit upright all day.

* A "Zero G" chair, like the ones by Human Touch (I use a Human Touch Perfect Chair), a bit pricey but not awful. Combined with a laptop table that can raise and angle the laptop you can actually do the vast majority of your work from a completely reclined position.

* For a desk, rather than reclining all the time, I assembled a custom desk from Anthro using their Console line that has a tray that can raise and pivot from sitting to reclining (which actually needs to be raised higher than sitting) to standing (great for those of you who don't have partial leg paralysis, good for me on rare occasions). The desk is HUGE but dang, it does everything. It is the Console with full pole extensions bringing it to almost 6' with monitors on a shelf 8" higher than the shelf that hosts the keyboard tray. Which means the monitors can raise up to standing position as well. I can, if I use a trackpad to avoid mouse problems, use this in combination with the Perfect Chair as a rigged solution similar to the next one.

* I couldn't afford this, or at least I could have before I needed it, but can't now. But if you can, the desks from ErgoQuest are perfect. And some of them are inexpensive enough to be not tooooo awful on the budget (if I had the money I spent on the SwingSeat, Anthro Console and Perfect Chair I could afford an ErgoQuest). You can -sometimes- find these on Ebay but not usually from someone willing to ship and often not for significantly less than having the right one built to your specs.

about 6 months ago

Registry Hack Enables Continued Updates For Windows XP

Jahf Re:Will those patches actually WORK? (322 comments)

And given that most of the people I know who have a machine still stuck on XP are using them for things that the POS version was built for (but before it was made available), this hits the exact audience Microsoft intended for POS. Not all vendors are willing to update to POS, and not all businesses can realistically rebuild their own systems and reinstall everything (or even have license to). This is the lesser of the two evils (use updates for a different version of Windows or have your embedded/POS/industrial PC vulnerable to attack). I strongly doubt Microsoft will go after anyone for this except possibly -vendors- who do the hack commercially. They may find a way around it and stop it from working, but they're not going to go after consumers if the consumer has a valid XP license. If they don't have a valid XP license, they're already breaking bigger laws, and MS would have gone after them if they could anyway.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read?

Jahf Re:Books to read (352 comments)

Thanks for a good thread to the OP and reply from you :)

I'm recently on disability and plan to use what time I can sit at a desk to be the back-end programmer for my wife's web site (she has a brick and mortar art gallery, so online presence is important but not a full time or even regular part time job). I spent a few years hacking Perl scripts up for web sites in the 90s but since then let what little I have self-taught rot in my brain. This subject is one I was ready to post, but in the vein of purely unpaid hobby work. It will be useful

about 9 months ago

OCZ May Be On Its Last Legs

Jahf Re:Tiniest violin (292 comments)

Minor counterpoint: I've had a couple of OCZ SSDs. Both are 2 years old and still running smoothly. However I -did- have issues with them reformatting themselves randomly when they first came out until I found a firmware patch for them. Since then no worries.

However, there are plenty of manufacturers out there. One disappearing isn't really going to affect anyone but their stock holders and employees.

about a year ago

Facebook Sued By Rembrandt IP For Two Patent Violations

Jahf Re:When will this stop? (105 comments)

Pretty sure I can pull up some prior art dating back from before the patent system.

about 2 years ago

RIM's BB10 Campaign Requires Some Serious Work

Jahf Apps are all that count. (171 comments)

If it doesn't come with a fully functional Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Angry Birds etc then it is virtually dead. Not barely working apps but fully working apps that are equal to their iOS / Android counterparts. BB already has great email support but they will need to have good Google Calendar sync, etc as well.

If the apps work ... and the right apps are there ... then it won't be as hard as most people think. Outside the geek/techno realm people care few shits about the OS. It is all about the app ecosystem. It has to have the big apps on release and it has to see new apps come out at the same time as on the other platforms.

And ... from what I've read ... there is actually a decent chance of this happening.

One of the things people don't realize is that while BB has a smaller share ... people on that platform tend to be willing to pay for apps more often (and more per app) so as long as BB can get this out the door properly (big if, no doubt) the developers may well join. Especially if their app support team is as good as I've been reading and porting is as simple as they've made it sound.

Will -I- buy one? No. I want an open platform for my own purposes. But my exec bosses? They couldn't care less about rooting/jailbreaking/shell sessions/etc. And most of them don't care about fringe apps, they just want their core apps to work excellently and their phone to be secure.

about 2 years ago

Laser Strikes On Aircraft Becoming Epidemic

Jahf Re:Find a technical solution, not a legal "solutio (687 comments)

Actually I think a few of these cases getting out and being better known -would- prevent many cases. Face it, this didn't start proliferating as a problem on it's own. People saw the news where a few of these cases happened and though "oh that's funny, I could do that too, no one can catch me". Cases skyrocketed over the last couple of years since the news got posted.

That same approach can be made to curtail the problem. It just requires an equal amount of energy being put into it.

The only problem I see with this particular article was that it was very clear just how much of a dumbshit the guy with the laser was. If he had been inside a building or car going from place to place to change where he used the laser from he probably wouldn't have been caught. Likewise had he discarded the laser the second he saw a police car coming, while out of site of the helicopter, chances are fair they wouldn't have found the evidence either.

What "technical solution" do you see to visible light being shown through a window? And how could you make it commercially viable to every aircraft in the sky? Brainstorm it. If you find something, great, but that's a pretty damned huge problem.

more than 2 years ago

Nebraska Sheriff Wardriving, Sending Letters About Unsecured Wi-Fi

Jahf Re:How do they know exactlywhere to send the lette (248 comments)

Whenever I look up my maps location on a non-GPS device using Google maps ... Google is VERY good about pinpointing the location in my home. This is due to my other devices, with GPS, reporting the information back to Google. Google knows "oh, that SSID is at these coordinates".

Not rocket science. Not foolproof either, but good enough for a project like this.

more than 2 years ago

Riot Breaks Out At Foxconn

Jahf Re:Workers rights (456 comments)

Well duh, the iPhone 5s won't be released this year.

more than 2 years ago

Major Backlash Looms For Apple's New Maps App

Jahf Re:Thailand? (466 comments)

They were combining the population of those countries. Poorly written but not that hard to figure out.

more than 2 years ago

Are SSDs Finally Worth the Money?

Jahf Reliability (405 comments)

The question misses my key factor: Reliability.

Yes, SSDs have a limited lifespan, but it is relatively predictable.

HDs on the other hand, especially with as much of a commodity (meaning nearly non-existent quality controls) as they have become, are completely UNpredictable on reliability.

The same HD from a different batch might fail nearly immediately whereas the very next production run might produce a drive that will last for many years.

I got VERY tired of it.

I run SSD for the majority of my apps. My data I stick on a separate large mirrored array.

The hybrid drives may be fairly cheap, but they are inherently as unpredictable as HDs (they use the HD less, which is a bonus, but they add a second layer of complexity, which is a detractor, so I end up considering them equivalent).

I had some problem with my first SSD due to firmware issues ... but once cured all of my SSDs are still running solidly while I've had multiple HD failures of newer HDs.

more than 2 years ago

LiftPort Wants To Build Space Elevator On the Moon By 2020

Jahf Re:The goal of the project? (210 comments)

3He will power the world!

more than 2 years ago

CowboyNeal Weighs In On the Windows 8 "Metro" GUI

Jahf Re:Downgrade rights (671 comments)

And yet, from a UI perspective, Win7 and Vista were very nearly identical. A few tweaks here and there but really not MUCH different and definitely sharing all the major paradigms. And those paradigms were gradual evolutions based on prior Windows interfaces.

That's exactly the point that Cowboy Neal is trying to make ... Win8's interface has radical departures. Unless they are willing to backtrack ... yeah, Win9 will refine them. But you might as well start getting used to them.

more than 2 years ago

Man Orders TV On Amazon, Gets Shipped Assault Rifle

Jahf Re:Pregnant? (666 comments)

Perhaps she wanted to, I dunno, watch TV?

more than 2 years ago

Company Claims 80% of Facebook Ad Clicks Are From Bots

Jahf Re:If you don't have javascript, you're a bot? (402 comments)

I wonder if some of this isn't really being caused by how popular it is to block ads via extensions. I use AdBlock Plus and Do Not Track Plus. I'd be willing to be I appear very much like the "no Javascript bot" to their analytics program.

Then again, since I never see the Facebook ad that they are worried about, maybe not.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Abstainers Could Be Labeled Suspicious

Jahf Apples to Oranges to Grapes (625 comments)

I'll admit the MySpace to Facebook comparison was closer. However ... comparing Facebook to AdultFriendFinder? Either I don't hang out in the "right" Facebook groups or this is total bull. They are not even close to interchangeable in purpose, audience nor function.

I suppose the reason I find the concept of this article sad is that we're moving to a place where instead of an expectation of privacy ... we now have an expectation of no privacy. I post photos, sure, and status updates and events. But I'm careful about the permissions on them and I don't post EVERYTHING nor will I. If that makes me suspect, well, I guess suspect me. But it -should- show I have a reasonable level of intelligence on what I keep private.

While I do use Facebook, I have a number of friends, neighbors and co-workers who do not. And I don't consider them suspect. Why would I? I don't go "oh, my neighbor is always frequenting that gaming site but refuses to use Facebook, he must have something to hide".

I also have a number of friends who either maintain multiple accounts (because they hate dealing with permissions) OR keep their account obscured so that you have to know that it is their account (different name, odd profile photo, different email account, etc). Purely because we ALL have people in our lives we don't want to know EVERYTHING. Is that the next step for being suspected?

Glass walls. You don't want them. At least not until everyone in power can give up their judgements about peoples' personal lives.

more than 2 years ago

Man Claims Cell Phone Taken By DC Police For Taking Photos

Jahf Re:Chief? (318 comments)

And in this case the chief didn't make law.

The chief clarified to her officers what the law already is. Seizure of recording equipment without the recorder actually causing some form of disturbance (the officer being disturbed) does not stand up in court. Officers tend to know this, too, but are used to being able to bully their way through the issue.

The policy from the chief was not a new thing in the sense of the law. It was a new thing in the sense of the policy acknowledging it.

more than 2 years ago

Why Valve Wants To Port Games To Linux: Because Windows 8 Is a Catastrophe

Jahf Re:And.... (880 comments)

You have non tech-savvy grandmothers talking to you about Windows 8? Well, I have non tech-savvy grandmothers talking to ME about sharks with lasers. It goes like this:

Me: Gramma, did you hear about Sharks with Lasers?

Gramma: Sharks with fucking LASERS?

In other words ... she didn't know about it until I told her, and my opinion affected hers.

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S3 Stripped of Local Search

Jahf That sucks in principle, but I'm ok with it (243 comments)

Local search is actually one of the least useful things I've ever seen on a phone. I HATE the implementation on iOS. I don't use it on my Android devices. Pretty much ever. And have many many times wanted to be able to remove the way it worked from both.

It sucks in the sense that Samsung is pre-caving to Apple demands ... but I'm kinda glad at the specific result in this case.

more than 2 years ago



Stuffed Animals + Roadkill = Geeky love dolls?

Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Jahf (21968) writes "Well, it may not be tech but it's definitely got some nerdiness as well as a touch of recycling goodness. Something you might expect to see on ThinkGeek except each one is unique. What are they? Old stuffed animals ... with real skulls and bones ... and some custom jewelry thrown in:

"On a desk sat a post-op turtle doll, now with a real turtle skull, ornamented alligator eyes and deer bones lining its back, giving the creature a vague resemblance to a prehistoric reptile. A smaller, rodent-looking doll bore a disproportionately large skull and long avian claws, appearing to be a fuzzy, otherworldly scavenger."

The article lists a web site for her ... ( http://www.customcranium.com/ ) which also links to ( http://www.deadthingsgrrl.etsy.com/ )."

Link to Original Source



Save time, money and 100 million trees

Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Just a note about an application (Windows only though) I've started using: GreenPrint http://www.printgreener.com/. This marks possibly the first time I've ever sent a software recommendation to my friends and family. If its good enough for them, it might be good enough for some of you!

GreenPrint adds a step between hitting the "Print" button and actually sending the task to the printer. This step allows you to weed out the wasted space before printing and/or saving. It is very easy to use.

How often do people waste paper when printing prototypes, brochures, etc? You can easily prevent 20% of your total printing. Save closer to 50% when printing "1-page" web pages that so often have that one nearly blank page at the end. Save over 50% when printing things with lots of "hidden" text. Ever seen a spreadsheet print 4 blank pages for 1 "real" page (or more)?

There is a free version (GreenPrint World) that is supported by unobtrusive ads, but is not free for commercial use (ie, in the office). C|Net's download.com reports it as verified free of spyware/malware. Home Premium is corporate licensable. Volume licensing is available for the Enterprise version; I don't have a clue what their terms are. Home Premium and Enterprise have additional features. All run on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

NOTE: I have no interest in the program other than it being a smart way to save trees, time, and money. This isn't spam it is a real review. If you want to see a demo before installing, go here: http://printgreener.com/tutorial.html

  • Do you ever:
  • need to print only SPECIFIC pages, not everything?
  • want to define rules for things like "don't print blank pages!"?
  • want to remove images from your document?
  • prefer to save a PDF file instead of printing?
  • GreenPrint will allow you to:
  • remove entire pages (easily, graphically)
  • print only text (whole document or selected pages)
  • print only images (whole document or selected pages)

NOTE: Don't just use the right-click menu for these, use the "Tools" menu for more control

  • Once done you can:
  • Print to any of your configured printers
  • Save to a PDF (replacing tools like CutePDF)
  • Email immediately as a PDF (I didn't get this working but you can email saved PDF files)
  • GreenPrint will also:
  • Automatically remove blank and "header/footer only" pages
  • Automatically remove pages via configurable criteria (ex: less than X lines, etc)
  • Alert you before removing pages automatically
  • Track the amount of money saved (and define costs on a per-printer basis)
  • Track how many pages you have saved
  • Handle printer configuration (like you have now)
  • Collate pages
  • PS. As with any 1.00.00 software there are bugs. I reported two today to their support address. I got replies back in under an hour.


Too many email accounts? Fuser.com opens its doors to help

Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

How many messaging accounts do YOU have? If you're like me you've got enough that you either a) don't check them all as often as you might like or b) check them enough and feel your e-life slipping away. Especially once you factor in MySpace and Facebook (or if you're like some of us, factoring those in multiple times).

Fuser.com is a web 2.0+ service from Confluence Commons aiming to be the answer. And they've just opened their doors to you (they had been in a semi-closed testing period for awhile, which is how I got in to play around). Sign up up and view all of your email from a single spot. When I mean "a single spot" I mean that you can see all of your messages in a single folder sorted by time. Someone sent you an email 5 minutes ago and someone else sent you a MySpace message 4 minutes ago? They all appear in the same message listing. And when I say "all of your email" I mean that it will let you set up accounts for the following services:

Standard email (IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S), AIM, AOL, Comcast, Gmail, Hotmail (MSN, Windows Live), Netscape.net, Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007), Yahoo! Mail, SquirrelMail as well as MySpace and Facebook inboxes.

And you can send messages as if they are coming from any of those services as well.

In addition they have some other integration with MySpace and Facebook to show you who contacts you the most with a Leader Board. They're looking for user feedback on their service and features and actively soliciting feedback and additional services to be supported (for instance, I requested LinkedIn as another service and was told its being developed).

Its not a final product, there is plenty of room for your suggestions and UI improvements. People with just a couple of accounts, especially ones that can notify a central email account of new messages, probably won't see as much benefit from it. But for those of us with a ton of legacy accounts out there it can be a very handy tool.

They're funded by Jared Polis, the entrepreneur (and now democratic candidate for the U.S. house of representatives) who previously sold Blue Mountain Arts and ProFlowers.com

PS. I'm not affiliated with either Mr. Polis nor Confluence Commons. I live in the area and have met a couple of the Fuser folks after doing some testing and feedback for them and am excited to see the product go live so everyone out there can help improve it.


Anyone a subscriber? Do me a favor if so ...

Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Does anyone actually subscribe to /.?

I actually had a prospective employer ask me to list the best threads I've been a part of (my job is technical marketing and one of the things I do is look around for things related to my current job to clear up when they are misstated).

I have something like 750 posts, but non-subscribers only get to see a 25 comment history. If you are a subscriber, I would love it if you could page through my comment history and mail me the results.

Yeah, you don't owe me anything, but if you're reading this you probably got here because you either very much agreed or very much disagreed with my comments. If you're in the former category and are a subscriber, maybe you'll take pity.

If not, maybe I'll do it some day :)


My New Vocation

Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Ok, so I finally figured out what my next job should be ... Slashdot Analogy Critic.

Come on ... if you're going to make an analogy, examine it for 10 seconds before posting it. Make sure it actually holds up. Is it as close to "apples to apples" as can be, or is it "Apple to Coors"?

Seriously, is it just /. or are bad analogies everywhere? Most weeks I find I've torn apart some seriously bad analogies. Sure, I've probably posted a couple with holes, but these were really bad.

Think it though a bit more, everyone will thank you.


Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 10 years ago

A quick thread that pretty well sums up how I feel about the way /. and Google and like can really abuse their best participants ...


Pasted here in case the above link ever dies but I may miss parts of the discussion because of it


Re:Yeesh (Score:1)
by thesaur (681425) on Wed Mar 24, '04 08:57 AM (#8655929)

However, that cannot prevent an attack by Google. You wouldn't want to block requests referred by google.com, because you do want people to find your site, right?

As reported in a previous story [slashdot.org], Google linked their main logo graphic to an information academic site and brought it down [swin.edu.au]. Subsequently, Slashdot hit [swin.edu.au], but it didn't hold a candle to Google. Fortunately, such attacks by Google are rare. Of course, there is no way to determine your risk for a Google attack, unlike slashdot attacks.

The best idea is to always keep your server ready to handle any load.

I'll probably get modded down for this, but so be it.
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Re:Yeesh by thesaur (Score:1)
Re:Yeesh (Score:1)
by Jahf (21968) on Wed Mar 24, '04 10:59 AM (#8657449)
(Last Journal: Wed Oct 29, '03 04:29 AM)
Depends on if you care if people see your site ... I know one guy who takes all traffic referred by Google, /. and a couple of other sites (he occasionally publishes tech goodness) to the Google cached version of his page.

Most people can't afford to keep their personal servers ready to handle 1% of the load that Google's image fiasco or 10% of a popular article on /. can throw at them.

Should those people be penalized by not being able to have their own site (rather than surrendering control to a bunch of web farm monkeys)? No, sites like /. and Google, which espouse the idea of being good net citizens on principle should realize that often they are some of the worst net citizens out there.

Wow ... wasn't expecting it to turn into a rant, oh well :)

And who cares about being modded down? *laugh*
        [ Reply to This | Parent ]

Re:Yeesh (Score:1)
by Jahf (21968) on Wed Mar 24, '04 11:05 AM (#8657551)
(Last Journal: Wed Oct 29, '03 04:29 AM)
btw I doubt even the referer->GoogleCache mechanism would save most sites from the inadvertant DDOS that Google provided by that image link. Just more argument to Google and /. being better citizens.

Perhaps /. could wait to publish a story until Google had it cached and then give the -option- in a user pref to allow links to be rewritten to the Google cache ...

Perhaps Google could add a new piece to the stale robots.txt standard like "cache-link-only" so that Google would know the author was only interested in being in the Google engine if Google directed all links to it's own cache for that particular site.

Both are opt-in programs that allow the rest of us to have good conscience when viewing tiny sites via links from beasts like Google and /.

BTW, I don't want people to get me wrong ... I might not have a -job- without /. or Google since I use them for research and learning every day along with a host of other sites. I don't want them -gone- I just want them to be a bit more responsible for their actions. To paraphrase J. Depp, they're "something like big dumb pupp"ies ... in this case we like to pet them and they're usually sweet but sometimes they can bite the hand that pets them when they get overzealous.


Jahf Jahf writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Tonight mcrbids commented on my signature ("It is more productive to voice thoughtful opinions (reply) than to judge (moderate) others.") being a "crock" ...

A semi-lively debate ensued between mcrbids, Darth and myself. Maybe this journal entry will be useful to someone who is confused by the signature. I don't know who would be confused by it's meaning unless they are -looking- to twist it's meaning (even taken purely literally it does not have the extra nuances they implied and in my opinion a literal interpretation actual refutes their view of it), but hey, it's already happened twice in one night.

See this offtopic mini-thread for the clarification. If you care ... which you shouldn't ... but I'll save it just for my own future reference in case this comes up again.

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