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SF Authors Predict Computing's Future

Jainith Re:Real scifi isn't about predicting the future (258 comments)

For instance, Star Trek answers an important philosophical question: "What if we gave a starship command to a man with a bigger sex drive than an entire class of high school seniors?"

Yeah "ST:Voyager" really cleared up that question.

No Voyeur was about giving a woman command of a starship full of people with bigger sex drives than her.

more than 3 years ago

Steam Success Holding Up Half-Life Development?

Jainith Re:Say What? (235 comments)

Anyone else remember the Half-Life 1 demo...which had a bunch unique content...including alot of cool scripted scenes.

It had great "Atmosphere" alot like "Opposing Forces".

more than 3 years ago

Can For-Profit Tech Colleges Be Trusted?

Jainith Re:For profit schools are not the only ones (557 comments)

I'd add military training as well.

In college (university) I used to be able to go point for point down the slides/notes used for my Army ROTC classes and match them up with the ones used for my Business Administration ones.

more than 3 years ago

Sony Marketing Man Tweets PS3 Master Key

Jainith Re:So... (351 comments)

when do we get too...

"...Show them the power of this fully operational battle station"


"Its a trap!"

more than 3 years ago

First-Sale Doctrine Lost Overseas

Jainith Re:The stupidest thing is (775 comments)


I just thought of all of the 'no-tag' clothing stores where you can buy "brand name" clothing out of which the tags have been cut. (I assume they get these thought the secondary market or salvage, and have to remove the tags for the very same reason.)

more than 4 years ago

Antivirus Firms Short-Changing Customers

Jainith Re:Protection? Hah! (205 comments)

I think the grandparent meant "protection" in to refer to extortion that was commonly employed by criminal organizations.

And I'd suggest saying...

"Norton Antivirus: You pay for the fear. The security is free."

It makes more sense that way.

more than 4 years ago

TV Tropes Self-Censoring Under Google Pressure

Jainith Re:Ahmurkuns 'n Ruhpublicuns (393 comments)

I dont see a word about marriage in there.

Perhaps we should just get rid of the whole problematic institution.

more than 4 years ago

iPhone Alarm Bug Leads To Mass European Sleep-in

Jainith Re:Hate for DST aside, how does this bug even exis (487 comments)

Actually this sounds a lot like the 'Outlook/Exchange' issues that occured the last time the US changed DST. The key thing to notice is that this pertains to reoccuring scheduled appointments. ...from the Outlook debacle... I can tell you. It makes a difference when you scheduled the appointment. Was it DST when you set it up. Is the appointment in DST, is it in the period that was changed (in the US this was 1 week in Spring, and 3 weeks in fall).

Add in the variations of device location (and the various rules about when to apply DST) and you have a nightmare for anyone responsible for scheduled appointments (in a corporation).

more than 3 years ago

Five Times the US Almost Nuked Itself

Jainith Re:Um, not quite.... (384 comments)

Off hand I would guess it is because of the long-lasting radiation effects nuclear weapons. This in effect makes them the ultimate "defensive" weapons. Should an enemy invasion of your country be successful there is the option of Nuclear Suicide. In effect denying the "victor" access to your land/people/technology/secrets/resources...etc.

It seems there are some folks who would consider an invasion of Iran a desirable event in the future. Therefore it is in the current regimes best interests to develop defensive nuclear capabilities. Unfortunately some of the "Hawks" have been attempting to spin this as a reason to go to war.

The scary thing is that its working. Anti-Iran rhetoric is quite common to hear in every day American life.

more than 4 years ago

StarCraft AI Competition Results

Jainith Re:Nerd Fantasy Extrodinaire: Ingame Scripting Age (113 comments)

I kinda liked the "less control" approch of Majesty.

Your units actually think for themselves, and respond differently to your "reward" incentives. To me this makes for a more "realistic" experince than the "hive mind" approach of the standard RTS (Where the player controls exactly what every unit does.)

more than 4 years ago

Careful What You Post, the FBI Has More of These

Jainith Re:Motorcycles (761 comments)

Inside your handlebars...

They are hollow you know.

more than 4 years ago

Pirate Electrician Supplied Power To 1,500 Homes

Jainith Re:British Power Supply (373 comments)

Somehow I doubt it. But you might find it difficult to buy and build on the rights-of-way maintained by the power distribution companies.

more than 4 years ago

Lawyer Is Big Winner In Webcamgate Settlement

Jainith Re:who cares about the money (475 comments)

+1 for understanding the meaning of a word that is often inappropriately used.

more than 4 years ago

Lawyer Is Big Winner In Webcamgate Settlement

Jainith Re:Associated costs (475 comments)

Maybe they should have thought of that before they made the system so ridiculously complicated that an average educated person still has no chance of successfully navigating the legal system without the assistance of a specialist (harbor pilot, priests...)

more than 4 years ago

Top Reason for Facebook Unfriending Is Too Many Useless Posts

Jainith Re:You learn diffferent things about people online (300 comments)

My mother is on facebook.

Over the last few years she her views have been trending more and more towards "christian fundamentalism".

Every-time she posts one of those ... lets get a revolution started...repost if you agree... links I want to flame her.

But its my own mother... what do I do?

more than 4 years ago

Man Gets 12-Year Jail Sentence For Planting Child Porn On Enemy's Computer

Jainith Re:Perverting the course of justice. (448 comments)

(if I had killed someone every time I said I'd like to...)

There's a great short story about this that I read many years back...I don't recall the name but basically

11 of the 12 Jurors immediately want to vote guilty...

The 12th is actually interested in the case/process etc. and begins to convince some of the others of his "reasonable doubts".

In the climax the 12th juror provokes one of the others into saying "I'm going to kill you!" ...echoing a statement made by the defendant. This was a key part of the case against the defendant so demonstrating that that statement doesn't always precede the act of homicide is enough to cause many of the other juror's to have "reasonable doubt".

I think the story also deals with jury sequestration, and allergic reactions (peanut butter? or maybe a bee?)

Anyone remember the Title?


more than 4 years ago

Ballmer, Bezos Fund Effort To Undermine Bill Gates

Jainith Re:Ultimate Greed (866 comments)

They do. Thats why they pay people to lobby on their behalf.

more than 4 years ago

Torvalds Becomes an American Citizen

Jainith Re:The Real American System (654 comments)

In addition there is the fun difference between the enlisted ranks and the Officer Corps.

For even more fun the Officer Corps is made up in parts of
Military Academy Grads
ROTC Grads
OCS (Former enlisted or other willing college grads)

I don't know the relative percentages of each, but I can tell you each group has their own demographics.

more than 4 years ago

Copying Trumps Creating For FarmVille Creator Zynga

Jainith Re:Martial Arts belts? (319 comments)

You'll notice similar trends in other "Americanized" martial arts diciplins.

Typically "Americanized" systems will have

10 Belts...Black ... 5 Ranks of Black

Whereas more traditional systems will have.

5 Belts...Black ... 10 Ranks of Black

This makes comparing belt colors kind of usless between systems (individual teachers are very different in some systems making them even harder to compare)

Many Dojo's treat Martial Arts as a business, and they realize that

        -People like things where they are more frequently rewarded
        -Kids are your big profit center

and adapt their training methods to suit.

more than 4 years ago

NIH Orders Halt To Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Jainith Re:Buy one get one? (593 comments)

Which was specially surprising to me...

I would think that any Alaskan voter would react negatively to a recommendation from a former governor who resigned.

more than 4 years ago


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Swedish Fish

Jainith Jainith writes  |  more than 4 years ago

What is going on with this Ad? I must know!!! It is driving me mad...

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