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Tenth Annual AusCERT Conference Kicks Off

JamesD_UK Re:Australian CERT (27 comments)

AusCERT aren't the Australian National CERT although they have in some ways been the de-facto CERT for some time. That position is now taken up by CERT Australia who are working closely with AusCERT and taken up some of their work. If you've got problems contacting them, send me some contact details and I'll try and help you out - I know some of their staff. AusCERT have been an incredibly useful source of information on compromised systems on my customer's networks.

more than 3 years ago

Volume 4A of Knuth's TAOCP Finally In Print

JamesD_UK Pigs flying, hell freezing over (173 comments)

Donald Knuth has published a book and a date has been set for the release of Duke Nukem Forever? It's all too much.

about 4 years ago

OpenDNS To Block and Monitor Conficker Worm

JamesD_UK Re:Maybe I'm off base here but (175 comments)

One problems is that many of the domains appear to point towards servers running virtual hosts and hosting legitimate sites on the same IP address. We've been looking at data on our network and tracking down these infections based on IP address brings a lot of false positives. You really do need either proxy logs, or logs of DNS queries to find out the domain that's being contacted.

more than 5 years ago

BBC "Not In Bed With Bill Gates"

JamesD_UK Re:Definitely a screwup somewhere (335 comments)

I read all my BBC stories on Slashdot you insensitive clod. Since I never RTFA, I never visit bbc.co.uk. QED

more than 7 years ago



JamesD_UK JamesD_UK writes  |  more than 7 years ago

JamesD_UK writes "The BBC reports that the UK's Nationwide Building society has been fined £980,000 ($1.9 million USD) for failures that led to details of 11 million customers being compromised from an employee's stolen laptop. Financial Services Authority found that the employee had put the data on the laptop without the knowledge of Nationwide and that investigations into the loss did not start until three weeks after it was reported. It is not publically known exactly what information was lost; the laptop is still missing."


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