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Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

Jarwulf As if women are all saints (1198 comments)

Not only is he unfairly dissing nerds, he's also being unfair to men. Whats with this idea that women on the whole are the more virtuous sex? Seems sort of an oldfashioned notion to me. Women can and are just as dirty, underhanded, and evil as men. Its just that they tend to exercise their power more through social and psychological means and not through bruteforce as much.

about 4 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

Jarwulf 2nd Amendment for the Military? (1633 comments)

How exactly does it make sense to believe that the 2nd Amendment was to effectively protect the military's right to bear arms? The Founders obviously were talking about grassroots organizations and the people and not just another branch of the federal army like the national guard is now.

about 5 months ago

UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming

Jarwulf Alright So What? (987 comments)

Whatever is true the majority of the climate change industry and powers that be must not be too concerned. Why else would they keep banging their head on a primarily ascetic solution that has been proven not to work? Whatever they claim to believe countries simply will not accept the standards the IPCC wants, will fail to meet the standards they accept, or offload industry on countries that have no standards. And many say that we're all doomed anyway. This has been shown time and time again. Yet they keep pushing these failed tactics of economic downsizing and regulation that will coincidentally enrich and empower them while at the same time virtually ignoring, actively blocking, or only paying lipservice to nuclear and technological solutions.

about 5 months ago

It's Not Memory Loss - Older Minds May Just Be Fuller of Information

Jarwulf If you read TFA (206 comments)

Not to make any conclusions but It seems that all they do is run a bunch of simulations on a computer then pull this sweeping hypothesis from nowhere without an ounce of biological data or actual study of real humans.

about 7 months ago

The Whole Story Behind Low AP CS Exam Stats

Jarwulf If Women are as Strong and Independent (325 comments)

as we're always told I think they'll have no problem making up their own mind about what they want to do without the media constantly telling them. And they'll be perfectly capable of doing it without any need for outside paternalistic advantage or encouragement.

about 8 months ago

Facebook Test Will Let You Message Strangers For $1

Jarwulf Re:It used to be easy to meet people in Facebook (325 comments)

Then I think they should just drop the pretense of being some sort of transformative world expanding service, remove all the mixed signal features, clearly state rules instead of mysteriously disabling accounts out of the blue for having too many friends or messaging too much etc and just admit they are a glorified rolodex.

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Test Will Let You Message Strangers For $1

Jarwulf It used to be easy to meet people in Facebook (325 comments)

Now they do everything in their power to discourage networking. They should just remove the people you may know feature. You're likely to get your account locked down if you try it. Basically all you're supposed to do is tend to your small garden of friends you meet in RL and thats it in which case its better to pick up the phone anyway.

about a year and a half ago

Sexism In Science

Jarwulf Before the reflexive pearl clutching (467 comments)

Yet another article wants you to kneejerk sexism but I think this is more an interesting reminder on how we process information. People don't judge things just using a blank slate but use demographic shortcuts from their past experiences and ideologies. With only a paper likely filled with lies and exaggeration to go on the human brain is designed in these situations to mine for information not just in direct but indirect ways, it doesn't automatically mean they're wrong. Obviously it would be better to get to know the person, but mental shortcuts in certain situations are a valid strategy that the brain naturally gravitates toward because it overall works. In fact everybody with a functioning brain uses shortcuts including demographic shortcuts all the time everyday, anyone claiming not to is lying.

about 2 years ago

All Researchers To Be Allocated Unique IDs

Jarwulf huge for some students (164 comments)

This would actually be a huge boon for students looking for a research mentor or PI. I spent months trawling through google and WoS looking through faculty and it was a gigantic mess trying to separate out who was who. The professors of Asian origin were by far the worst to get through as they had 200 other guys with the same name boosting their publication counts to absurd levels. Its made worse by the habit of moving around the country and name abbreviations. Algorithms and narrowing the search criteria could only get you so far since you still have thousands of Chens working in biochemistry at the same time. This could make an hour long search instantaneous.

more than 2 years ago

Earth's Population To Hit 7 Billion This Year

Jarwulf Re:Growth is Good (461 comments)

Obviously no one wants a population will kill everyone but its debatable whether we truly are there. But if we could overcome the environmental obstacles a bigger population with productive people is certainly better than a smaller one. So we should ultimately be working for a population that can sustain growth rather than one that simply shrinks.

more than 3 years ago

Earth's Population To Hit 7 Billion This Year

Jarwulf Growth is Good (461 comments)

Population growth should be seen as an extremely powerful tool with obstacles to overcome rather than an inherently bad thing. A larger vibrant population of (intelligent productive) people means more science, technology, goods, art, and everything else we need as a society and most importantly survival. A shrinking or stagnant population will lead to doom.

more than 3 years ago

Indian Woman Convicted of Murder By Brain Scan

Jarwulf The mind is the last bastion of Privacy (453 comments)

The only place you are truly free to be yourself the only sanctuary where you can do whatever you want is your mind. Everywhere else no matter what you are forced to a degree to mold your behavior and do what the rapidly changing and fickle whims of society and your 'betters' want you to do. But you don't have to think what they want you to think. Invading the mind is dangerous, once we sacrifice this boundary, you will have to begin to think what others want you to think. There will be no more privacy, there will be no place where you are free to be yourself, and no place to rest.

more than 5 years ago


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