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How Web Advertising May Go

Jasin Natael Re:Web ads are getting killed....by my FF extensio (229 comments)

On a side note, this is why the iPhone's Safari is far and away the best mobile browser at the moment.

Simply double-tap the paragraph or column of text you actually want to read, and the browser will zoom in so that all the annoying, animated ads (and really, everything else excepting the content) are pushed off the screen and out of your field of view. Now, I will grant you that having an ad-blocker would be superior, as it would prevent the downloading and execution of such ads in the first place and save my battery life, but the high-resolution zoom is so effective that I can live without the blocker. The iPhone doesn't produce any hover events, which is a mixed blessing, but in this context it means that those annoying embedded keyword ads won't ever activate.

Until Fennec is release-quality, anybody trying to avoid ads on the go should look into the iPhone or iPod Touch. For the record, I use a Nokia E71 every day, but its mobile browser crashes so often it's basically useless. I carry an iPod Touch and seek out WiFi, or tether my laptop to the phone when I need to browse.

about 6 years ago

Should You Get Paid While Your Computer Boots?

Jasin Natael Re:The real problem (794 comments)

I had a job *exactly* like this, and everything you've said is right on. In just a few months, I'd been promoted twice to the third level phone queue ("supervisor's supervisor"), started handling email responses, then started basically doing a manager's job by writing email templates, producing process documents, and even began writing a QA application for the center.

I was driving >40 minutes to get to this job, and sometimes I'd be due to clock in at 8:00, but I arrived at 7:50, causing me to "log in" to the queue software at 8:01 or 8:02. Never mind that depending on the time of day, it might take 8 minutes or more to find a parking space and walk in from the wilderness to the front door. When I found out I would be summarily fired under a new policy if this happened only two more times, and my manager couldn't figure out how to prevent it, I just quit.

more than 6 years ago


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