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Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

Jason Goatcher Yeah, because the US is powerful enough just yet (434 comments)

(Title is ironic)

We really need to find a way to start over with the US. Don't know how that could work without being worse in the interim, but we are in dire straits.(sp?)

8 hours ago

Unboxing a Cray XC30 'Magnus' Petaflops Supercomputer

Jason Goatcher Re:Ode to past: (68 comments)

Dr. Who reference or wishful thinking?

August 23rd can't get here fast enough, lol.

8 hours ago

EA Tests Subscription Access To Game Catalog

Jason Goatcher I favor a new kind of micropayment system. (63 comments)

Maybe pay $2-$3 an hour and have access to a game library the size of the Steam library. The creaters get paid according to how much each person actually plays, which means they'd have to deal with the inflated numbers you get when someone is in a game and simply walks away. Or not, if they want to be assholes about it.

3 days ago

A Look At the Firepick Delta Circuit Board Assembler (Video)

Jason Goatcher Takes some profit from the Chinese... (43 comments)

and might give a bit back to the rest of the world's economy, especially where electronics are common.

The US is pretty evil lately, but if this tech pans out, I'll be thrilled. Might make things so cheap they're done locally.

3 days ago

Enceladus's 101 Geysers Blast From Hidden Ocean

Jason Goatcher Re:Astrobiology (39 comments)

I predict it will be DNA and/or RNA similar to that on Earth. And I'm a Jesus freaky Christian, so I'm asserting God put it there and Jesus is Lord.

Of course, if nothing's found there, ignore me. Otherwise, if it's truly alien DNA, I will be very shocked. Alien DNA would definitely screw with my Christian belief system. Especially if we didn't even have the same nutrients in common.

3 days ago

Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?

Jason Goatcher What about blowup blisterkeys for touchphones? (543 comments)

Technology is always advancing, and one of the things that's being worked on is buttons on touchphones that physically exist, but only when you need them. The first iterations will probably be dedicated buttons(still capable of being transient) for, wait for it, QWERTY keyboard setups. Later on, you'll probably be able to customize it to different games and needs, maybe something that lets you navigate tv shows by touch so you don't have to squint or turn on a light. I know some remotes kinda work like that, but a customized version would be spectacular.

Researchers know the problem exists, their solutions just aren't profitable yet.

3 days ago

Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'

Jason Goatcher Re:no problem (338 comments)

So you're saying someone has literally seen an American birth certificate from Obama, and not a copy or an assertion that it definitely exists?

about a week ago

Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically?

Jason Goatcher Re: String theory is not science (147 comments)

Sure it can, we just haven't discovered the formula yet. Even if there's randomness involved that can be described with a formula.

The problem comes when you try to describe things mathematically. Chess has simple rules, even a child can understand them, and yet chess still isn't "solved."

about two weeks ago

NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts

Jason Goatcher In other news... (157 comments)

If we had unlimited fuel we could travel at near the speed of light through space.

Seriously, though, just because it hasn't been implemented yet doesn't make it news.

about two weeks ago

Tesla Model S Hacking Prize Claimed

Jason Goatcher Re:So (59 comments)

I've never understood the mouth-breathing insult. How does my having an odd nasal passage affect my intelligence?

about two weeks ago

Coming Soon(ish) From LG: Transparent, Rollup Display

Jason Goatcher Re:Can someone explain... (64 comments)

Upgraded laser tag that actually works properly?

about two weeks ago

Coming Soon(ish) From LG: Transparent, Rollup Display

Jason Goatcher Transparent displays? (64 comments)

I don't understand the appeal of transparent displays. Sure, it looks great in scifi shows and movies, but what happens when you want to do something without people seeing what you're doing? Now, instead of just worrying about shoulder-surfers, you've got the additional problem of people simply reading backwards print.

about two weeks ago

Phase-Changing Material Created For Robots

Jason Goatcher Re:Deploy or die (35 comments)

I'd be happy if they just hover. If they can fuck, going from hard to pliable would not only be a good thing, it would be an incredibly necessary thing.

about three weeks ago

Phase-Changing Material Created For Robots

Jason Goatcher Re:LOL ... (35 comments)

lol, maybe you just have a dirty mind, I didn't "get it" til I saw your post.

about three weeks ago

Chimpanzee Intelligence Largely Determined By Genetics

Jason Goatcher Re:"We have one that can SEE..." (157 comments)

Even wrestlers can occasionally make good movies. Bizarre, but true.

about three weeks ago

The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

Jason Goatcher Re:Lovelace? (285 comments)

This is true. Whether you're arrested or taken into protective custody, it looks the same to the neighbors.

about three weeks ago

Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

Jason Goatcher Should be great for the operating table (284 comments)

Won't have to guess at dosage anymore, just zap the brain until you want them to wake up. Of course, there needs to be redundancy so they don't wake up screaming.

about three weeks ago

When Beliefs and Facts Collide

Jason Goatcher Re:Religion (725 comments)

If I may quote from the Switchfoot song "Is this the World You Want." *ahem*

What you say is your religion. What you do is your religion. What you believe is your religion. All your wars are your religion. All your science your religion.

Etc. etc.

So...your personal belief system is your religion, which means EVERYBODY is religious and EVERYBODY has their own God, even if their God isn't actually sentient. Whatever's most important to you in your life is your God.

about a month ago

New Russian Law To Forbid Storing Russians' Data Outside the Country

Jason Goatcher Snowden (206 comments)

Everybody's favorite scapegoat, I bet he caused global warming, too.

about a month ago


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