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The Way the Music Died

Jason_Knx Re:Cut it down to 3:05. (628 comments)

Well, I guess some people missed the point of what this thread was trying to say. It was mentioned that "[Evanescence]'s not amazingly innovative or anything, but it's more than just another over-produced pop album..." . But that seemed to get lost in the thought. Granted that what they do is nothing new at all, but they did have a different way of packaging it that made it appeal and open doors for people to the other stuff mentioned. And I actually own just about all of the albums of the artists mentioned in the parent and the responses.

But the point is the diversity in this (and any genre) is enough to see that innovation in the music industry is not dead. Innovation is the improvement of existing technology. (Something many forget and constantly confuse with invention.) Just because other artist have made similar music in the past does not negate the effort and work that a later artist have put into there music.

I agree with the CDBaby suggestion though. I've bought a ton of music that will probably never be heard through mainstream radio.

Listen to Trippin' In The Dark for some new different stuff.

more than 10 years ago


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