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Google Releases Dart 1.1

JavaTHut Re:25%?? (161 comments)

Dart is really just the evolution of Google's GWT efforts, which they've been pretty good about supporting long-term and cultivating community contributions while also making a lengthy migration path to Dart

about 7 months ago

Google Releases Dart 1.1

JavaTHut Re:25%?? (161 comments)

Although in some benchmarks the Dart VM is 25% faster than JavaScript (and much more in other benchmarks). The article quotes are a mess. Just look at the actual benchmark numbers at for a good idea of what's actually being claimed.

about 7 months ago

Cab Hailing Service Uber Collected Just $9M of Fares During 15 Months In Boston

JavaTHut Re:Explain (112 comments)

The funny thing is, the Taxi companies could easily implement their own Apps to automate the cab hiring process, perhaps some are doing this already.

about a year ago

Ohio Zoo Attempts To Mate Female Rhino With Her Brother For Species Survival

JavaTHut news for nerds, stuff that matters (272 comments)

"news for nerds" [x] Check.
"stuff that matters" [ ] Not so much.

about a year ago

Trader Pleads Guilty To Illegal Purchase of Nearly $1B In Apple Stock

JavaTHut Re:Worth it? (174 comments)

"which ultimately led to the demise of the financial services firm he worked for."

The company went bankrupt, which is as much as a company can be punished. Something this negligent requires punishment on both the individual and the company -- there just aren't enough consequences a company can impose on their employees beyond firing them to prevent something like this.

about a year ago

Navy To Deploy Lasers On Ship In 2014

JavaTHut Re:with frickin' lasers! (402 comments)

Next up, sharks.

Erm, nope. Next up, Somali Pirates with mirrors

about a year and a half ago

DHS X-ray Car Scanners Now At Border Crossings

JavaTHut Only when properly calibrated! (295 comments)

The average energy of the X-ray beam used is three times that used in a CT scan

This assumes professional calibration! This should read "The average energy of the X-ray beam when calibrated by an apathetic TSA employee is a hell of a lot more than three times that used in a CT scan calibrated by a hospital technician"

more than 2 years ago

Apple Faces Temporary iPhone, iPad Ban In Germany

JavaTHut Re:Google's proxy wars (193 comments)

Ah, the "but mooom, he started it!". I get it.

"Yes Johnny, but you're supposed to come tell us immediately, not hit him"

"Yes Google, but you're supposed to explore all the wonderful alternatives we have to a defunct patent system. Not write legal briefs and submit them to a judge"?

more than 2 years ago

Adobe Releases Flash 11 and AIR 3

JavaTHut Re:Fighting till the end... (174 comments)

which is exactly why one of the biggest improvements in AIR 3 is it's iOS support. My iOS app ( ) is written 100% in Flash (Actionscript) using the Open Source Flash SDK ( ). That's infinitely more open than Objective-C, and it performs great. The only thing Adobe sucks at is P.R. for letting Apple brainwash people into thinking using Apple's approach is more open than an open source sdk. Yeah it's not perfect or standards committee developed (ironically, Flash/Actionscript is exactly JavaScript 4 . If it weren't for all the JS4 politics Flash would be JS by now), but that's only if you're letting it be compared to JS. It's capabilities and performance are way closer to Native than JS.

more than 2 years ago

RIM Does Not Want PlayBook Devs, Complains One Potential Developer

JavaTHut Total Whinner (165 comments)

I've made an app using the Adobe Flex Builder Burrito Blackberry sdk and thought it was great. Better than iOS even. Essentially, his argument boils down to saying "they made me use VMWare for a virtual machine and I'm an idiot who can't differentiate the free VMWare Player that I'm given a download link to on the blackberry site from VMWare Workstation, which I'd need to use a trial version of."

I will gladly have to click three separate download links (oh no!) in order to get a more exact desktop emulation experience than be stuck with an emulator that just shows the target device screen resolution and no other changes. Even on Android Emulator I had an issue once where the emulator said everything was great and then running on the device, key information was placed off-screen. Dealing with that was far worse than having to click download 3 times.

This guy should be thankful he's never had to develop for Nokia OVI store. As for Blackberry, they can probably be thankful not to have to deal with this guy anymore.

more than 3 years ago

German Publishers Want Monopoly On Sentences

JavaTHut To be fair, (158 comments)

a sentence in German has roughly the length of a book in English, so they're just bringing things up to parity with the US.

more than 4 years ago

New RTS Based on DotA Offers Native Linux Client

JavaTHut Re:Woo Hoo!!! (173 comments)

Like DotA was a mod to Warcraft III, Heroes of Newerth is a mod to Savage 2, which is already available/playable on Linux and a great game. So, there's at least some evidence this is likely to be good.

more than 5 years ago

Questioning Mozilla's Plans For HTML5 Video

JavaTHut Re:I thought DRM was the issue (242 comments)

"Flash" isn't a codec. If you are referring to H.264

Doesn't Flash use use On2 VP7 as its codec?

more than 5 years ago

If life gives you lemons, you should make ...

JavaTHut If life gives you lemons, (393 comments)

bitch about how life did give you any sugar or water ...

more than 5 years ago

Ball And Chain To Force Children To Study

JavaTHut Re:Laughably Medieval (346 comments)

So? I've never met a person who didn't have a personality disorder of some sort.

Mmmm, try leaving slashdot

more than 5 years ago

EU Could Force Bundling Firefox With Windows

JavaTHut Re:And What of the Others? (650 comments)

By forcing the users to make a choice, it allows Opera to attempt to sway users to choose them.

They already have to pick between IE and Telnet:80 . Exactly how many options does Microsoft have to provide for people to sort through before they magically decide they want to download Opera?

more than 5 years ago

Obama Keeps His Blackberry (And Gets a Sectera)

JavaTHut Re:So, all this talk about Bush emails and... (365 comments)

They are equal branches of government.

The constitution most definitely does not say all branches are equal. The Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers both put the judicial branch as weaker than the other two. Granted to your point, the President was never intended to be more powerful than the Congress; it's no accident that if 76% of the congress agreed to it, they'd have the legal authority to abolish both the presidency and the supreme court and install cowboy neal as dictator for life.

more than 5 years ago

Canonical Close To $30M Critical Mass; Should Microsoft Worry?

JavaTHut Re:Sumbmitters? Editors? (625 comments)

Hey, guys, my car goes from 0 to 120 in 3! That makes about as much sense as the summary.

Was a car analogy really necessary?

more than 5 years ago



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