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Russian Officials To Investigate Regional President's Alien Abduction Claims

Jawn98685 What, no anal probe? (184 comments)

You'd think that someone fabricating an alien abduction tale would at least get the basics right.

more than 4 years ago

FCC To Make Move On Net Neutrality

Jawn98685 Re:More government encroachment (232 comments)

[sigh...] And you would accomplish this magic of increasing competition, in a marketplace that is by it's very nature a monopoly..., how? Exactly?
I'll save you some time. You can't do it without regulation. Expensive, complicated, and inefficient regulation. Yes, all of those, which you'd know if you'd ever once read transcripts from public utility commission hearings on things like rate increases for regulated service (think dial tone).
What you can do, and without the burden of enforcing regulation like that, is socialize the operation of the infrastructure (that portion of the whole thing that defines the monopoly) and then open up that infrastructure to all qualified comers.

more than 4 years ago

"Wet" Asteroids Could Supply Space Gas Stations

Jawn98685 Re:Another benefit (163 comments)

Man, you must live in some upscale neighborhood. Around here (Houston) the coffee and pastry sold at gas stations is more of the Kwik-E-Mart class than Starbucks or Cinnabon.

more than 4 years ago

Should the Gov't Pay For Injured Man's Wii?

Jawn98685 The approach is all wrong (222 comments)

You need to charge the insurance company at least five to six times the full retail price or it's not a "real" medical device.

more than 4 years ago

Church Turns To Facebook To Find Priests

Jawn98685 Re:Please refrain from pedophile jokes... (286 comments)

Yes, the jokes will continue.
Yes, the RCC has no one but themselves to blame for the PR mess they find themselves in, so they and all their apologists can STFU, as far as I am concerned.
I'd be happy to explain why my religion has a higher level of sexual abuse, if it had one. That's one of the nicest things about my religion. The "clergy" aren't semi-cloistered males whose normal libido's have been repressed to the point that they must turn to victimizing innocent children because that seems to be the safest outlet for their now twisted urges. It also does not have a "church" hierarchy that could attempt to systematically hide such crimes from it's "congregation" and worse, expose ever more children to the abuses perpetrated by it's priests.

more than 4 years ago

What Happened To Obama's Open Source Adviser?

Jawn98685 Re:Not a lobbyist (296 comments)

Boy, are you a rube, or what? Lobbyists, by definition, buy influence. With enough money (or other "currency") one can buy anything at all in Washington.

more than 4 years ago

Cub Scouts To Offer Merit Pin For Video Gaming

Jawn98685 Re:Way to lower the credibility of Boy Scouts... (366 comments)

As for sexuality, I see truly monogamous relationships as the only way to truly respect a spouse and one's own sexuality. I also see sexuality as intended for the complementary sexes. They're intended for each other, whether you believe it was designed or if it evolved that way. To do otherwise is to disrespect one's own body.

"Intended"? By whom?
Oh, right - God. That's your set of beliefs. You are welcome to them, of course, but you are not welcome to compel others to adopt them. When, oh when, will otherwise bright and reasonable people grasp this important point?

more than 3 years ago

Cub Scouts To Offer Merit Pin For Video Gaming

Jawn98685 Re:Way to lower the credibility of Boy Scouts... (366 comments)

Where? By saying that an adult male is unfit to be a leader purely because of his sexual orientation? WTF has one got to do with the other? Unless, of course, you're stupid and afraid.

more than 3 years ago

Cub Scouts To Offer Merit Pin For Video Gaming

Jawn98685 Re:Way to lower the credibility of Boy Scouts... (366 comments)

No. I am saying that homosexuality has nothing to do with morality. The whole "homosexuality is wrong - it says so in the Bible" argument is what is behind all this. If the BSA wants to sack up and admit that they're the youth wing of the Christian Dominionist movement and adopt Biblical law as their "code", that's fine with me. Really. But they're not about to do that. They desperately want to believe that their still the ideal "All-American" youth organization when they are clearly not. Bigotry is not something the BSA will admit to, but it is very clearly a part of their "values", and what the values they hold are taught to the boys, and that is a problem in this case.

more than 3 years ago

India, China Try Import Regulations As Security Tools

Jawn98685 Re:Copying (108 comments)

Yes, but you can then buy "Genyooine Cisko Router" for only $199 American dollar, so is good deal for everybody.

more than 3 years ago

Cub Scouts To Offer Merit Pin For Video Gaming

Jawn98685 Re:Way to lower the credibility of Boy Scouts... (366 comments)

I knew that the Boy Scouts were in decline when they decided to formalize their policy of fear and ignorance when it came to homosexuality. This latest move is stunning in it's lameness, but not really surprising, given their increasingly desperate attempt to remain relevant. And that's too bad, really, because much of what Scouting has to offer is good and noble. Alas, it is being ruined by dipshits.

more than 3 years ago

Arizona "Papers, Please" Law May Hit Tech Workers

Jawn98685 Re:What about the presumption of innocence? (1590 comments)

Oh, my. Where to start with addressing your ignorance? Might as well be at the beginning, I guess...

It is pretty damned obvious by now to anyone with a brain that the feds aren't gonna do jack shit about illegals, and as anyone who has lived in one of the border states can tell you illegals are turning the towns into war zones!

Hyperbole much? Jeezuz, you make it sound like lead is flying down every street in every border town. Not that there isn't a serious problem going on, but it's the "war on drugs" that's failing here, and BTW, it's not "immigrants" who are doing the shooting. It's smugglers and organized crime. AZ's new "show uz ze papers" law is going to do exactly dick to solve that problem.

Lets be honest here folks...having a wide open border is the biggest clusterfuck of our century!

Can't argue with that, other than to point out the practical impossibility of shutting down thousands of miles of border. Or did you have some heretofore unheard suggestion on how to do that? Nah, didn't think so.

... anyone who has been in one lately can tell you the ERs are looking at 12+ hour waiting lines thanks to illegals using them as clinics (and of course never paying so YOU get to pick up the bill on your insurance),

Though it's been a few years since I retired, as a paramedic I spent a fair amount of time in ER's, certainly far more than you have, and I'm fairly certain most of the people sitting in the waiting room with non-emergent complaints (those who are using the ER as a "clinic") are U.S. citizens who have been kicked to the curb by the rest of our fucked up health care system. You're right about one thing though, the rest of us have to pick up the tab for every runny nose that get's treated in an ER instead of a more appropriate venue (that would have cost a tiny fraction of that ER visit).

just look at the crime rates for places like Phoenix, the towns are becoming warzones!

No points for repeating yourself. Besides Phoenix isn't a border town. Neither are L.A., Detroit, N.Y.C, Boston, Atlanta, etc., but those towns damn sure have places where it isn't safe to be unarmed and alone. I suppose now you'll tell us that it's just a different color of hoodlum in those cities and that they're all the problem and we should get rid of them next.

So until the fed gets off their pandering asses and actually does something about the borders the states are gonna have to step up. If you don't like it, don't go there! That is one of the nice things about having 50 experiments in democracy, if you don't like one state's laws you are free to move. As someone whose state (AR)...

Why am I not surprised.

more than 4 years ago

Pope Rails Against the Internet and Transparency

Jawn98685 Re:wagging the dog (840 comments)

The Catholic church, as far as I know, doesn't have a monopoly on abuses...

True, but without a doubt, they have perfected the institutionalization of greed and corruption, wrapped in a yummy cloak of "doing the work of the Lord". The RCC has, for centuries, used every dirty trick in the book to gain influence and spread it's power. While The Reformation saw to it that the Church's influence would never again be what it once was, the Church certainly has not given up on those ways. We hear a lot about the pedophile priests and how their crimes have been systematically hidden by the Church, but their other crimes and moral transgressions are just as foul, if nowhere near as extensive, as they ever were. The RCC's pronouncements in Africa alone, on the "sinfulness" of condoms, may be realistically attributed to the loss of thousands of lives.

more than 4 years ago

How To Grow a Head

Jawn98685 Re:Zaphod? (355 comments)

Halfway done the page before I got to the obvious HHGTTG bit? What is the world coming to?
Better late than never, I guess.

more than 4 years ago

Punishing Security Breaches

Jawn98685 Re:Gizmodo May Face Felony Charges (151 comments)

The question is: will they simply pay a fine, or will someone actually get to face a criminal charge? All too often (in the US) people get off free because the offense is blamed on the Corporation® and not the individual acting on behalf of the corporation. If this is knowingly purchasing stolen goods, then it should be treated like any other case of the same.

You don't understand. The Supreme Court of the United States has determined that corporations (e.g. "big business") get to enjoy all the benefits of citizenship with none of those annoying responsibilities (paying taxes, obeying the law, etc.). If you think that''s wrong, you must be some kind of socialist.

more than 4 years ago

In Brazil, Google Fined For Content of Anonymous Posting

Jawn98685 Re:The Internet is less free... in Brazil. (484 comments)

I sincerely hope that US people are less dickheaded than you. In civil law countries (like Italy too) the judges have little choice in applying the law.

If I yell in the streets something libelous I am responsible, even if someone else told me first. The same applies to Google...

Well, no. It does not. Not even close. By your logic, the owner of the pavement upon which the "yeller of libelous words" was standing would be as culpable as the yeller himself. This is, of course, absurd, just as it is absurd to suggest the Google should, or even could, exercise editorial control over anything uttered in any portion of it's formidable "street corner".

more than 4 years ago

Don't Talk To Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking

Jawn98685 Nothing to worry about (1015 comments)

We've still got Jeff Goldblum, after all.

more than 4 years ago

Man Put On "No-Fly List" While In Air To NYC

Jawn98685 At least the got to him before (300 comments)

He tried to detonate his tighty-whiteys, this time. That's progress, I guess.

more than 4 years ago

Blippy Exposes Credit Card Numbers Through Simple Google Search

Jawn98685 Re:Why would I WANT this? (95 comments)

Dude! Because it's so kewl, and besides, all your friends are there too.

more than 4 years ago


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