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Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

Jawnn Re:Who watches the watchers (207 comments)

Sometimes I wonder if democracy is dead.

In the U.S.A., it died quite some time ago. The U.S. is more accurately called an oligarchy now. The will of "the people", not to mention their interests, is (distant) secondary consideration. That much is obvious to anyone willing to actually look. Alas, most are not. Instead they allow themselves to be satisfied with the bread and circuses that are so freely handed to them.


Hewlett-Packard Admits To International Bribery and Money Laundering Schemes

Jawnn Re:Corporations are not people (139 comments)


Has there ever been a single documented case in the whole of history where the shareholders have ever successfully (or even unsuccessfully, for that matter) sued a company because the company wasn't doing enougl illegal stuff to bolster profits?

Interesting question. My guess would be no, for who would pursue expensive litigation on a premise so outrageous. On the other hand, I'll bet that more than one corporate officer has been quietly dismissed for exactly that reason.

about two weeks ago

Why There Are So Few ISP Start-Ups In the U.S.

Jawnn Re:Regulate last mile (223 comments)


Utilities are fine for phone and electricity because they are mature technologies that don't change much year-to-year.

Really? And what of cable television? What revolutionary new technology has come out since the industry started that forced the retirement of the expensive bits of their infrastructure? The answer, of course, is "none". Many, if not most, of their customers are receiving service over a piece of coax that might be 30+ years old. Sure, the backhauls have been upgraded in a lot of places, just like water mains and electrical distribution lines are from time to time. IP networking is no different. Google knows this and saw the value in an expensive investment in infrastructure. The phone and TV cable monopolies do not. They don't have to. They're monopolies.

about two weeks ago

How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

Jawnn Re:Knowledge (1037 comments)

Two words: free will.

How blithely you ignore GP's observation that the xtian god is omniscient. He knew that his law would be broken. So there was absolutely no free will in that exercise. You rather miss the point of that particular piece of scripture. The message is clear, and is repeated throughout the Abrahamic scripture, "You are free to do what you will, but god will punish you if you go against his will." Reading between the lines a bit... "Either god does not care enough about you to remove temptation from you path, or he delights in punishing you when you cross him. Follow this (or that) set of rules and be spared. Don't follow and burn." The "right thing" is never the driver. Punishment is.

about two weeks ago

Senate Report Says CIA Misled Government About Interrogation Methods

Jawnn Re:So Arrest Them (207 comments)

Congratulations on completely missing the irony in GP's post.

about three weeks ago

Geologists Warned of Washington State Mudslides For Decades

Jawnn Re:Scientists warned of global warming for decades (230 comments)

Surely, you are being sarcastic and I've just been whooshed. Surely you aren't arguing that personal responsibility has anything at all to do with the tragedy here, because that would just be too fucking stupid. You know, to suggest that the residents would somehow "just know" that an entire mountainside might come down and flatten their houses and kill them.

about three weeks ago

Wal-Mart Sues Visa For $5 Billion For Rigging Card Swipe Fees

Jawnn Re:Walmart employees, rejoice! (455 comments)

Bitch about Walmart employees all you want...

Fine. I will, because I don't give a shit about superficial things like the CEO's office or the car he drives. Walmart is a parasite on virtually every community in which they operate. Not only are their wages too low for their employees to actually live on, they actively promote the subscription to government services (welfare) by those employees. Privatize the profits and socialize the expenses, and then get some gullible apologist to talk about how "humbler" Walmart's leadership is.

about three weeks ago

More On the Disposable Tech Worker

Jawnn Re:Jackasses (323 comments)

Sure. Why not just take us all out back, put us against the wall, and shoot us? Real responsible attitude, corporate America. What a bunch of fucking jerks. Go ahead, loot and pillage the U.S., what the hell do you care anyway?

Your ire, while wholly appropriate, is misplaced. Corporations exist to make money for their shareholders. That is their highest priority. That is not evil or immoral. It just is what it is. You should be mad as hell at the elected officials who are carrying their (corporate America) water. They do have a moral obligation to look out for the people who elected them, and failures on that count are commonplace.

about a month ago

NSA General Counsel Insists US Companies Assisted In Data Collection

Jawnn Re:Obvious but not interesting. (103 comments)

It would have been nice if someone would have shown some spine here. However, the fact that no one had the balls to stand up to the NSA really doesn't get them off the hook for anything.

I beg to differ... QWest did exactly that. Who's QWest, you say? Now, you're getting it.

about 1 month ago

Overuse of Bioengineered Corn Gives Rise To Resistant Pests

Jawnn Re:The most damning aspect of this affair (259 comments)

We do (need that revolution), but it wont' happen because most people do not, or just refuse, to understand how bad things are. Science is hard, after all. Better to worry about things like abortion and gay marriage.

about a month ago

Church Committee Members Say New Group Needed To Watch NSA

Jawnn Form a committee... (143 comments)

The most widespread violations of citizen's rights in the history of this nation, practices that have badly damaged the international reputation of the nation in both public and private sectors, appointed officials who have sworn to protect and defend The Constitution patently guilty of criminal behaviro being allowed to tell Congress to, essentially, go fuck itself, and the advice is "form a committtee". Seriously?

about a month ago

Gates Warns of Software Replacing People; Greenspan Says H-1Bs Fix Inequity

Jawnn Re:Fuck that (516 comments)

Considering 50 million American out of work. One wonders that American corporations can't invest in American workforces.

Let me make it clear for you... We don't care. Why the fuck should we care?


Corportate America

about a month ago

Religion Is Good For Your Brain

Jawnn Re:No surprise (529 comments)

Most religion is blind belief. Still it can serve a purpose. If the community says that killing is wrong, then whether it is understood or not, there is a benefit.

Yes, but your implied assertion is that one needs religion in order to understand that killing is wrong. That, of course is nonsense. Some of the most moral people I know are atheists. The most immoral? So-called Christians. And I damn them and their religion because it allows them to wrap their psyches in a cloak of "forgiveness and salvation" despite their sins and their rank hypocrisy. That "purpose" I would rather not see served.

about a month ago

A Look at the NSA's Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

Jawnn Re:I fully support this (154 comments)

Frankly, I'm more scared of moderators than our government...

You should be more afraid of your government. You should definitely be more afraid of your government than "teh terrorists". Your fear of "teh terrorists" has convinced you to allow your government to do far more harm to our country.

about a month ago

Neil Young's "Righteous" Pono Music Startup Raises $1 Million With Kickstarter

Jawnn Re:Reality check (413 comments)

I can personally guarantee* (*worth nothing, not redeemable for anything) that sound studios will not start producing multiple mixes just for the audiophiles.

They already have started, in fact. It's very common for the vinyl edition of an album to be less of a loudness wars catastrophe than the CD or MP3 digital downloads because vinyl customers tend to overlap with audiophiles. Two albums I can name off the top of my head where this was done are R.E.M.'s Accelerate and Rush's Clockwork Angels. After buying the CDs and hearing how they were brickwalled, I was happy to have supported the artist by buying at least something, but then I went to a torrent site, downloaded a vinyl rip and now play that exclusively on my home stereo.

And this sad state of affairs is what's driving Mr. Young to come up with a commercially supported medium to deliver that quality to users who would pay to have it. I would. I'm tired of ripping vinyl.

about a month ago

Neil Young's "Righteous" Pono Music Startup Raises $1 Million With Kickstarter

Jawnn Re:It IS FLAC (413 comments)

Except that in every objective test the iOS devices show a near 0 THD, nearly flat recency response and a nearly perfect dynamic range. While perhaps "technically better" is the case with the Pono, the simple, physical, physiological and demonstrable fact that 100% of humans can not hear the differences

[citation needed]
I'll save you some time. It isn't there. My hearing is not the best but on gear that is capable of reproducing those differences even I can hear them. No, your iThing and Beats headphones do not fall into that category.

about a month ago

Neil Young's "Righteous" Pono Music Startup Raises $1 Million With Kickstarter

Jawnn Re:Double blind tests? (413 comments)

I challenge any 68 year old rocker to a double blind test to hear the difference between MP3 and Pono.

On gear capable of actually rendering the differences the differences are stark. I bet even you could hear them.

about a month ago

Stanford Researchers Spot Medical Conditions, Guns, and More In Phone Metadata

Jawnn Re:Outed? (193 comments)

But conversations among liberals or progressives are decidedly 100% anti-gun. "Gather them all up and throw them away"

Holy shit. Stereotype much, asshole?

about a month ago

Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

Jawnn Re:Wrong, study shows disfavor with science (482 comments)

And talk about your ignorant lemming liberals following blindly along believing everything they're told.

We hear this often from the drooling ditto-heads on the right, and yet again, nothing to substantiate it. No, "studies" conducted by energy industry shills do not count. Produce credible citations to support your assertion, or STFU.

about a month ago

SXSW: Edward Snowden Swipes At NSA

Jawnn Re:Mod parent down! (116 comments)

Me? Nothing. Why?
That giant whooshing sound is you not getting what is implied in my italicized question.

about a month ago



EFF Sues NSA, Justice Department, FBI

Jawnn Jawnn writes  |  about 9 months ago

Jawnn (445279) writes "The Washington Post reports that the EFF has filed suit in Federal Court in San Francisco, on behalf of multiple groups. Those groups include, "...Rights activists, church leaders and drug and gun rights advocates..." Apparently, not everyone out there is believing the "If you have nothing to hide..." excuses being offered up from various government quarters."


Jawnn has no journal entries.

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