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Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors

JazzHarper I'll be interested (55 comments)

when a machine actually reads all these books and starts making comparisons based on content.

about 2 months ago

Help a Journalist With An NFC Chip Implant Violate His Own Privacy and Security

JazzHarper Re:Small Government Mandate (142 comments)

Are you being obtuse deliberately?

about 3 months ago

Help a Journalist With An NFC Chip Implant Violate His Own Privacy and Security

JazzHarper Re:Small Government Mandate (142 comments)

A libertarian state would never permit, much less mandate, such a thing.

about 3 months ago

Passwords: Too Much and Not Enough

JazzHarper Too many attempts, try again later. (223 comments)

You don't need long passwords, just reasonably good ones, to defeat online guessing. Estimates of how quickly billions of guesses can be performed assume that all your encrypted passwords have been downloaded and can be subjected to brute force, offline. That means your security has already been compromised.

about 3 months ago

The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

JazzHarper Re:Heavier than air flight is impossible (350 comments)

Apparently, you don't fully understand the difference between physics and engineering. Technological barriers can often be overcome with advances in materials and design. Declaring them to be insurmountable has been shown to be foolish, many times. Barriers imposed by the properties of matter, on the other hand, are much more durable. Declaring them to be insurmountable is rarely a mistake.

about 3 months ago

Core Secrets: NSA Saboteurs In China and Germany

JazzHarper Re:Snowden (228 comments)

When Snowden's material runs out, he becomes worthless, so it makes sense for him (and his masters) so string it out as long as possible.

about 4 months ago

Why the Trolls Will Always Win

JazzHarper Re:Never forget (728 comments)

No, children, the trolls were not here first. Some of us remember that human beings inhabited the Internet before the Eternal September.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

JazzHarper Re: slashdot (635 comments)

people will believe that Einstein said it.

about 5 months ago

Extracting Audio From Visual Information

JazzHarper Re:Not surprising (142 comments)

There is a very significant difference: this involves detecting vibrations in images of objects in a video recording rather than the objects themselves. However, not just any video will do; it requires a very high frame rate.

about 6 months ago

A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States

JazzHarper Re:$7142.85 (419 comments)

Eight-core Mac Pro with 27" Cinema Display. Extra memory and hard drives. Plus tax.

about 6 months ago

Are Tethers the Answer To the Safety Issues of Follow-Me Drone Technology?

JazzHarper Re:Not sidestepping (88 comments)

The FAA doesn't use the term "drone" for anything. This thing, tethered or not, is a model aircraft. As long as it is used for hobby purposes within the guidelines for model aircraft, the FAA doesn't care. What the FAA does not allow is any unlicensed aircraft (which includes models, balloons, kites, gliders, rockets and probably tennis balls), tethered or not, to be used directly or indirectly for commercial purposes.

about 7 months ago

1958 Integrated Circuit Prototypes From Jack Kilby's TI Lab Up For Sale

JazzHarper Re:Microchip (76 comments)

At Texas Instruments, an integrated circuit was called a "bar", not "chip" or "die", partly because that's what Jack called them. Wafers were called "slices", so your multiprobe yield was expressed in "good bars per slice". They finally dropped the Texas jargon in the mid-'80s when it became obvious that it was a silly affectation in the face of industry-standard terminology and an obstacle to communicating clearly with vendors and customers.

about 7 months ago

Are the Glory Days of Analog Engineering Over?

JazzHarper Hybrid silicon processes (236 comments)

In the past, the manufacturing processes for analog and digital circuits were so different that they could not be combined on the same chip on a large scale. There were big companies that made digital chips and a host of smaller companies that made analog chips. That changed about ten years ago and analog circuits are now included on SOC designs. That has caused a shift in the industry, as the large SOC manufacturers have absorbed most of the new analog circuit designers who used to go to smaller companies that specialized in analog. The smaller companies are faced with competition for designers and a shrinking niche for their specialized products.

Texas Instruments has $12B in sales and analog is a large (and growing) chunk of that.

about 8 months ago

Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

JazzHarper Re:Space is cheap, rip to FLAC (329 comments)

I always save the cue file when I rip to FLAC, but not for that reason. Gapless playback isn't a problem on any of the players I've used with FLAC files. If anything, you may LOSE the inter-track gaps, if any were inserted.

about 8 months ago

Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

JazzHarper Re:FLAC rips from a CD? (329 comments)

I don't think so. Very few recordings are available from Apple or anywhere else at higher quality than 1,411.2 kbit/s.

about 8 months ago

Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them

JazzHarper Inherent bias (351 comments)

We have considerably less data on the isolated tribes that die out before we meet them.

about 10 months ago


JazzHarper hasn't submitted any stories.



A Perl Lesson for the Day

JazzHarper JazzHarper writes  |  more than 10 years ago If you have a block of quoted text inside the single-quoting operator q(), a backslash preceding a '(' or ')' (or whatever delimiter characters you have chosen for q()), will be parsed as an escape on that delimiter character. Therefore, you must escape any literal backslash if it appears before '(' or ')'.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
print q(
This is a test... x(1), x\(2\), x\[3\], x\\(4\\).

The rationale for this undocumented Perl feature is reasonable. The q() operator will ignore balanced pairs of delimiter characters that appear in the enclosed text, but it is sometimes necessary to write text that contains unbalanced delimiters. To make that possible, the q() operator must recognize the escape on its delimiters.


Shiner B.A.S.H

JazzHarper JazzHarper writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Completed my longest ride to date: 93.8 miles,
from Katy to Shiner in exactly 6 hours,
including rest stops. Ride time was 5:10,
avg. speed 18.2 mph.

Weather turned out to be perfect, after a week
of thunderstorms. Most riders were charged up
and in high spirits with the sudden improvement
in the weather. A light breeze out of the north
neither helped nor hindered the westbound riders.

The course was good, except for a 4-mile stretch
west of Wallis where the pavement had been
removed; in other words, GRAVEL. I'm glad that
I had installed Gatorskins last week; a lot of
riders got flats in that stretch. The course
was mostly flat for the first 60 miles, then
turned into rolling hills for the last 33 miles.
Nothing too tough; I stayed in the saddle and
simply downshifted. Never had to use the granny

The post-ride event was rather disappointing.
Free beer, but no place to sit and no shade.
By noon, the temperature had climbed into the
80's, the air was still humid from the previous
days' rainfall and, off the bike, there was
very little breeze. Next year, it would be
nice to have our own tent and chairs (if I
can talk the wife into bringing them).

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