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Birthday Song's Copyright Leads To a Lawsuit For the Ages

Jeremiah Stoddard Re:The word "limited" (442 comments)

In addition to what other responders have said, the entire life of the author (not to mention so many years beyond it) is arguably "unlimited" -- at least, I find it hard to believe that whoever wrote "limited Times" would have thought that the rest of the author's life could somehow fit into its definition...

about a year and a half ago

Book Review: Locked Down: Information Security For Lawyers

Jeremiah Stoddard Re:Wait, what? (43 comments)

This. In fact, where I work, IT is the only department where we don't have that disclaimer in our email signatures.

about a year and a half ago

Bizarre Porn Raid Underscores Wi-Fi Privacy Risks

Jeremiah Stoddard Re:guilty eh? (964 comments)

Either way, when the police look at your computer and find no traces of illegal activity, they'll let you go, just like they did with the guy in the story.

I wish I had your confidence that the police are always good enough to do that. It must be quite pleasant to be able to ignore all the news reports of police misconduct...

more than 3 years ago

The Fine Line Between Security and Usability

Jeremiah Stoddard Re:Easy (195 comments)

Why should I pay more for what any reasonable person ought to be able to expect? If I pay for something, it's my right to expect a functional and safe product in return. Hell, Free/Open Source software gives me that for free, and yet some profit-making enterprise can't afford to do it?

And it doesn't cost the vendor anything more to release the source of an outdated piece of software -- they don't have to use an open source license, just allow me to fix what I paid for.

more than 7 years ago


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Dying With Your Passwords

Jeremiah Stoddard Jeremiah Stoddard writes  |  more than 8 years ago CNET reports that there are many frustrated families whose deceased relatives have taken their passwords to the grave with them: "It's a vexing, and increasingly common problem for families mourning the loss of loved ones." --

Umm, no it's not. I'm taking my passwords to the grave with me -- and hopefully relatives get the hint that it's because I don't care to let them see my accounts. I don't know if a sudden obsession over the life of a recently deceased relative is a healthy thing, anyway. In a society over-obsessed with privacy rights we seem to accord less respect to the dead than to the living.

Then again, at least they aren't around to complain about it...

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