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Redheads Need More Anesthesia than Others

Jesus Christ Re:No wonder (484 comments)

Perhaps this quotation from the book of John will help ease you through your time of pain, my child.

And Steve sayeth unto his redheaded wench, "Why you so fat, bitch? I mean, I like how you take it up the ass and all, but I just can't continue makin' love to such a disgustin' dinosaur as yo'self." And the redheaded monster-bitch replied, "Whatchoo sayin'? Is you dumpin' me?" And Steve in turn exclaimed, "Get the fuck out of my hut, stanky-ass redhead ho'! I'm afraid y'all gonna find the fridge empty and eat my black ass! I don't wanna be dinner fo' some nasty redhead pig such as yo'self!" And the firey-maned mountain of jiggling fat cried out, "Fine, asshole! I'm a leavin' I'm a goin' down the the tavern and get drunk and blow every shepard I see! And then I'm a post on Slashdot about it, and garner sympathy fo' da way you done treated me!" And the carrot-top cock-sucking Jello beast ran outside as fast as her fat little legs could carry her massive carriage. And Steve did watcheth pornography and drink the gin and juice. And God saw that Steve was wise and his ex-girlfriend was a fat she-monster, and He granteth Steve a 30-inch schlong, with which Steve bangeth his neighbor's fifteen year old daugther.
John 69:420

On second thought, maybe that didn't help so much after all. My bad.

more than 12 years ago


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