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Scientists Make Item Invisible to Microwaves

JhAgA so it's not INVISIBLE... (219 comments)

That story has a totally misleading title. I even filled a complaint about it in BBC Complaint section, which follows:

---- cut & paste --------

I'm writing because I feel cheated by the above news story, which is entitled "Experts create invisibility cloak". Is it now the most popular story in BBC's website, according to the top stories link, but it is totally misleading.

INVISIBILITY means "not visible; not perceptible by the eye", that CAN NOT BE SEEN. Now, the story isn't about making something NOT BEING SEEN, but about a cloack that deflect microwaves! The story even reads:

"In principle, the same theoretical blueprint could be used to cloak objects from visible light. But this would require much more intricate and tiny metamaterial structures, which scientists have yet to devise."

So, the title could be easily corrected to "Experts give huge step towards invisibility", but to assert that they "created an invibility cloack" is totally wrong and misleading. BBC has alwasy been a brand synonymous to credibility in news. However, I'm sure that if stories like that keep hiting the front page, just to attact readers, that will suddenly deteriorate. I'm ashamed.


I feel so pissed off when I click a link to a news story that has the clear intention of misleading. Praise God that I don't watch Fox News.

more than 7 years ago


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