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Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

Jhon Re:Oh good (903 comments)

Lucky for them. All that money they save will help fight the lawsuits they'll have for accidents on freeways and intersections...

5 days ago

Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

Jhon Re:These people are doing it to themselves (903 comments)

"And if you're really in medical need, ambulances will come pick you up."

Costing you more of what you don't have.

That said, I think there's a place for something like this -- but it's being used in an over-bearing way. Set it so that when activated, it will not prevent the car from being started if the car has been not running for more than 8 hours. That will prevent freeway/stop sign activations.

Further, there should be some notice (not saying it wasn't in their loan agreement that they would have SIGNED). But there should be some mailing saying you are x days late -- on date y, you car will no longer start until you make your back-payments.

5 days ago

Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Jhon Re:The WHO (478 comments)

"As to my fears, I am strongly opposed to the concept of my languishing in a nursing home, bereft of my mind, drugged and draining my accumulated wealth. a pointless existence - possibly painful, likely very unhappy existence - that in my mind is much worse than death."

What's stopping you? off yourself now and save a lot of trouble. My entire point was missed by your inability to see past YOUR nose, never mind your accusations of me not being able to see past *MY* nose. The point being that placing some arbitrary limit of 75 as being a good time to die is flipping lame and your response is "fuck you". Wonderful. For some reason this is a trigger issue for you. I've read your posts in this thread and they are many. You should back up, take a deep breath, count to 10 and exhale. It's not about you.

And WTF do you care if your accumulated wealth is draining if you are in the condition you state? Seriously? If you wanted it to go to your family, you would have made sure they would have had it at an earlier time. If not, then great -- let it take care of you instead of draining your family or living off the state. I for one am not interested in dime from my parents/in-laws estates. Let them use it to take care of themselves in a manner they see fit for as long as their comfortable. It's THEIRS, not MINE. They earned it.

about a week ago

Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Jhon Re:The WHO (478 comments)

"I have one thing to say. Fuck you. "

An excellent point. I must be wrong.

"Don't demand other people act as you think they should, and drop the annoying superiority act."

I don't think I "demanded" anything. I did strongly suggest that it's wise to learn to live with our limitations rather than say "I don't want to live not being able to do what I want when I want". I've too many happy 80+ year olds in my life who despite their pain and/or infirmity are enjoying their life and family. And if you can't see that then maybe my "annoying superiority act" isn't an act -- at least where you are concerned.

"There are living fates much worse than death. "

And of course I said exactly the opposite of that, didn't I? Or are you reading your own fears and insecurities in to what I ACTUALLY said?

about a week ago

Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Jhon Re:I agree, 100% (478 comments)

If you don't want to be a financial drain to those you love then you must try to make sure you have assets available for yourself should you require them at that age. Or, when the time comes you move to a state where whatever aid is available to you (SS, SSI, whatever) brings more bang for your buck.

Or ENJOY the fact that your family is taking care of YOU now. The whole circle of life thing.

My mother retired to AZ. She had zero money saved, got a mobile home for $500 in 'decent' condition and had $1700/mo coming in (pension + social security). That's QUITE a comfortable income in Arizona. She lived there until she was 82 (about 10 years) when she came back to be closer to family and entered an assisted living home. Her memory isn't great, can't controller her bladder that well, needs help taking her meds regularly and requires a walker, but she's still truckin'. Still smokes a half-pack a day and walks to the near by gas station store to pick up her cigs if we dont bring them to her.

about a week ago

Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Jhon Re:The WHO (478 comments)

"What's the point of living when their is no real enjoyment?"

This is not some "universal" state -- there will be less things to enjoy, but most likely there will still be enjoyment.

"When it hurts to get out of bed and you can't go and do what you want when you want?"

Then you change your expectation of yourself. You DON'T go and do what you want WHEN you want. You rely more on others and your world will grow "smaller". So long as long as the pain can be managed...

"When you aren't living but just existing and waiting to die?"

That's something else. If you are stuck on a machine completely unable to interact with the world around you, then yes. But that needs to be two-way -- there must be someone on the OTHER end of that (family or friends) who want to interact with you.

"I can see his point easily enough."

I can UNDERSTAND his point. I don't AGREE with it. I'm not saying "forced life" under any condition, of course.

"I'm pretty sure that if I get cancer after 70 I'm just going to start the bucket list."

My mother-in-law has cancer. She's 80. Aside from age related dementia (and the limitations that come along with that) she's doing great and enjoying her home, garden, family and life in general.

"I don't want to be 90 laying in bed waiting for someone to come change my diaper."

Ever read "Tuesday's with Morrie"? I like his outlook on life when HE came to having someone else wipe his arse.

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

Jhon Re:Alright smart guy (504 comments)

I have an Ipad Mini Retina. I honestly don't notice any major slow-downs (a wee bit longer to launch an app -- and noticeably longer to boot the device). However, some apps no longer worked (awaiting an update) -- and this is somewhat minor.

The MAJOR issue I have (and it's appearing a lot on the apple forums) is 5ghz wifi. For many users it's pretty much unusable. I had to switch down to 2.4 (my router has up to 4 SSIDs, 2 for each frequency). I don't LIKE 2.4 because it gets a fair amount of interference, but it's a suitable work around. I'm hoping this gets resolved in the next update.

My main complaint is (and I kick myself in the butt over it) *THIS* complaint was registered while IOS8 was in beta by many users. I SAW those complains and figured they were resolved before they released the update. I should have known better. I had enough sense *NOT* to update my phone (iphone 5).

That said, I don't notice much of ANYTHING worthy of real "hoopla". 'Hey siri' is neat, but I'm still unsure if I will find actual utility from it once the novelty wears off. Certainly not enough "new" stuff to warrant it's size and bulk.

about two weeks ago

U2 and Apple Collaborate On 'Non-Piratable, Interactive Format For Music'

Jhon Re:confused (358 comments)

Because it shows that neither know what they are talking about. If I can HEAR it, I can copy it. And the quality can get pretty damn good depending on how the sound is captured.

Maybe when they build a gizmo that broadcasts the sound directly in to your brain...

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

Jhon Re:I have Pebble Steel (471 comments)

I *THINK* they have a fitness tracker app that ALSO tells the time. It's backwards, but it might fit your needs.

Multitasking would probably be a battery killer. So would color. And sound. and REALLY long vibrating notifications.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

Jhon Re:I have Pebble Steel (471 comments)

It's called "Modern". it's an analog face with Weekday, date and "current" temp (by current, usually within an hour of current time). I turned of the "second" hand and it works nice. I also have backlight set to "auto" -- so if it's bright, it wont activate.

Notifications are all SMS (not a heavy text user, so MAYBE 5 per day -- but could be 20+ if something snaps at work). Work email (fairly busy) and phone calls. I charge it every friday night before bed. Over the last 2 or 3 months I've gotten just 2 "low battery" warnings (20%) -- and those were when I forgot attach the charger (got that notice on Sunday -- 9 days). I don't push personal email unless it's from any one of 3 family members.

I SOMETIMES switch to a doctor who face ("The 12 Doctors" (with 8.30-9 being the War Doctor). It's very simple and has one animation every hour. K9 or some other character will fly across the screen and present the NEXT doctor. Also have two "weather" centric faces that I'll switch to for a quick check, but I always go back to "Modern".

Lastly I have one app -- an MTG life counter (my son found my cards in the garage a few years ago and got hooked).

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

Jhon Re:I have Pebble Steel (471 comments)

I get 7+ days with mine. Try a watch face that doesn't update every second -- just every minute.

The Pebble is cheaper and lasts longer without needing to juice up than any of the other options available. And looks decent for casual wear (for those who care). Unless you have really really small wrists and hands (and I mean REALLY small).

While ~$150 was pricy for me and I'm unsure I'd buy it again given the opportunity, That said, I'm hooked on notifications. I find that JUST for notifications I'm keeping my phone in my pocket far more often now. I really thought I was done with watches. Haven't worn one in 15 years.

With regards of "two way" communication, I really don't see a need for "two way" (like SMS reply) if it's going to be a battery killer. Unless you can make using such a small device easier than taking your phone out and using that, it's pointless. It's the notifications that make the difference.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

Jhon Re: Rosetta (635 comments)

A shoebox in the middle of the road!

about a month ago

$75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

Jhon Re:Everyone is a taxpayer (194 comments)

"Sure they are. I assure you that the priest who is fully supported by his congregation is taxed on his "earnings"."

Do you read stuff before you post?

What does "often do not earn any money" mean to you?

Also, there's a difference between joint filings for a family and "not earn(ing) any money". Besides, who said housewife? What about the unmarried woman with 5 kids and not working getting state and federal aid? What about the infirm? Transferring of government benefits (paid by actual 'tax payers") from one federal, state or pocket to the other could HARDLY be called "paying taxes". I'm not calling anyone out who happens to be in a situation that requires aid, but it is disingenuous to really try to call them "taxpayers".

about a month ago

$75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

Jhon Re:Government can and do earn money (194 comments)

"Some do and some do not. People who stay home to raise children often do not earn any money. "

Then they aren't taxpayers, are they?

about a month ago

33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

Jhon Re:The real crime here (465 comments)

" The reason is that those committing crimes aren't considering the risk or consequence of their actions"

This is silly. Your basic premise is that "threat of jail isn't considered by those committing crimes" means that it doesn't prevent ANYONE from committing crimes. By your own reasoning, you've expunged the entire population of those who aren't committing crimes without questioning if their "crime free" state was at all influenced by the threat of jail. *BOGGLES*.

Example: A monster (they exist -- and the scary part is they look just like us) kidnapped my daughter and did horrific things to her. Trust me, the ONLY thing keeping me from committing murder is that one day I won't be available to walk my daughter down the isle* as I'll be behind bars. This is an extreme example, but how many people WOULD steal (or worse) if the KNEW there wouldn't be anyone coming for them?

*My daughter was recovered and the monster is getting ready to go to trial.

about a month ago

33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

Jhon Re:The real crime here (465 comments)

"And what benefit does jail time give the public? "

That the threat of jail prevents many crimes. Point is that the "benefit" is not zero.

GENERALLY, (at least in the US) jail isn't automatic on a first time offense -- or even second or third. The courts bend over backwards trying to give the defendant a chance to change. And if jail wasn't a decent enough threat, why do so many criminals flee from the cops?

about a month ago

Fugitive Child Sex Abuser Caught By Face-Recognition Technology

Jhon Re:Whenever it's advertized like this, then it is (232 comments)

Honest question:

What's the difference with a criminal walking in public and being identified by some person who notifies the authorities VS. a criminal walking in public and being identified by a camera using face recognition software which notifies the authorities?

There are no cameras in our homes watching us. There are no cameras in the bathroom watching us. No cameras where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy...

I just don't get the argument that a camera scanning my face in public is the "government assuming I'm a criminal and treating me like one" and a stranger scanning my face with his eyes (though maybe creepy) isn't assuming I'm a criminal.

I'll admit I have an uneasy FEELING about the practice, but I haven't found a reasonable argument AGAINST it in public places.

about a month and a half ago

Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

Jhon Re:I want a faux smart watch (381 comments)

My guess would be end-cost and interest. Would enough people buy it? My pebble runs about $150. I would NEVER spend that much and certainly not more for something like this.

I received it as a gift -- and love it. I MAY replace it if it breaks or something. I'm unsure. But I really like the notifications on the wrist.

about 3 months ago

Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

Jhon Re:smartwatch (381 comments)

I like how my Pebble tells me I have an incoming call before my phone rings.

about 3 months ago



Goodbye Spirit!

Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Jhon (241832) writes ""Last night, just after midnight, the last recovery command was sent to Spirit. It would be an understatement to say that this was a significant moment. Since the last communication from Spirit on March 22, 2010 (Sol 2210), as she entered her fourth Martian winter, nothing has been heard from her. There is a continued silence from the Gusev site on Mars."

Goodbye, and thanks for all the bits!"

Link to Original Source

"The Olympics Stole My Game"

Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Jhon (241832) writes "
What should the original author Cadin Batrack receive (if anything) for his stolen work, considering the penalties the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee threatens for anyone violating THEIR intellectual property and how Batrack backed up his claims of piracy?

What court would he appeal to?"



Jhon on Text Messaging

Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Isn't modern technology amazing? We're able to take a simple conversation which would take about 2 minutes and extended it out to 2 hours by just using our thumbs!


Godiva Chocolate

Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

For Valentine's day, part of my "husbandly duty" was having a box of my wife's favorite chocolate arrive for her at work -- Godiva Chocolatier.

I placed the order on Feb 11th. It was shipped Feb 12th (2nd day air) and was scheduled to arrive at my wife's work on the 14th (along with flowers, a CD and cards from our kids -- all different vendors). UPS screwed up and shipped the Chocolate 90 miles north by accident. They rescheduled delivery for the 15th.

I was ticked off, but I understand mistakes happen. I call up Godiva on 02/14 at 11:25 am to request a refund of the SHIPPING -- I paid for 2nd day air and wanted them to credit me the difference for standard shipping.

I was shocked and surprised when while on the phone, the Godiva rep called a local store and had a box couriered over (which arrived at 2 pm on Feb 14th)! Fantastic customer service. They made me a customer for life (more of a benefit for my wife -- I'm not a huge chocolate fan).

The only problem was billing. I needed to make 3 separate calls to customer service after that to resolve the two items I was billed for. Not the end of the world -- and I was never on the phone more than 10 mins. It was resolved to my satisfaction.

Forget See's Candy -- go with Godiva. It's more expensive, but the quality of the candy AND service is far greater.



Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I finally broke down and subscribed to Netflix. I've been a "paying" member for about two weeks. That's added to their 2-week trial membership.

So far, I'm very pleased with the service. I'm impressed with their turn-around-time and surprised that the DVDs aren't scratched up beyond use by the time I get them.


  1. Cheaper than local rental (which is around $4/movie)
  2. Cheaper than PayPerView (around $4)
  3. Huge selection
  4. Haven't come across a movie yet that is "rented out"


  1. Regular trips to the local MailBox/PostOffice
  2. Anxiety that a movie will get "lost" in the mail
  3. Anxiety that when something HAPPENS that requires I speak with 'customer service' that it will be a nightmare

For me, the benefits out-way the hassles.

For the record, We got 8 movies over 1 month. At that rate, the cost is $1.25/movie.


Life is full of little bits of self discovery.

Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Tonight I was putting all my DVDs (and a few tapes burned to DVD) in order. I don't have a huge collection, but it's full of mostly movies I've enjoyed and thought were worth owning.

What I noticed was quite interesting. I have a facination for court-room themes. Here's a list of courtroom-related movies in my collection:

12 Angry Men 1957
Anatomy of a Murder 1959
Inherit the Wind 1960
Judgement at Nuremberg 1961
To Kill a Mockingbird 1962
And Justice for All 1979
From the Hip 1987
A Fish Called Wanda 1988
My Cousin Vinny 1992
A Few Good Men 1992
Philadelpha 1993
Primal Fear 1996
Red Corner 1997
Liar Liar 1997
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 1997
Devil's Advocate 1997
Liar Liar 1997
A Civil Action 1998
The Insider 1999
Erin Brockovich 2000
Hart's War 2002

Each one of these movies has a 'courtroom' themes. What I find interesting is that I never realized I was drawn to such movies.


On Adolescents and Cell Phones

Jhon Jhon writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I have often wondered why I see younger and younger folks with cell phones. Is this just parental doting? Or is there a real need?

I'm a parent of two young children (age 5 and 2). My recent experieces have led me to doubt if I ever will dote on my children in such a fashion. I have come to the conclusion that cell phones should NOT be in the hands of children (younger than 21 who do NOT pay for the service).

Why? I have recently taken over many mondane tasks for my sister -- who suffered a stroke a few months back. Including her cellphones/bills. Her two children (16 y/o girl, 14 y/o boy) each have a cell on the plan.

Their usage has been unbelievable. Some 800+ text messages each (at $0.05 each), 100+ hours each on the phone. Staying on the phone until 2am, 3am or even 6am on school nights. It has taken some serious effort to cut them down to what I consider to be 'reasonable'.

The 14 y/o has lost his cell phone all together. Consistent lying and late-night usage on school nights we well as stealing a cell phone out of his grandmothers purse, left me what I consider no alternative. He is unable to use the phone responsibly.

The 16 y/o lost her cell usage for about 2 weeks (I shut it off). She's allowed 1000 minutes per month TOTAL. 300 text messages per month TOTAL. As much as I would like to remove her cell phone completely, she has shown enough self-control -- particularly when I check the usage every day and see how long and how often she has used the phone.

Between these two kids, they have cost me close to $400 on cell phone abuse. The 16 y/o is paying me back her share and I've enslaved my nephew on all saturdays and some sundays to work it off at $5/hour.

Post Script: My niece almost lost her cell phone usage for the remainder of the month. She went over her 1000 minutes by a half-hour. I told her as long as I see NO usage (other than checking voice mail), it'll stay on.


Big time scare.

Jhon Jhon writes  |  about 10 years ago

Two weeks ago, my sister had a stroke.

She's 49, mother of 2 children (16 y/o girl, 14 y/o boy), very active and independent.

I was the first to arrive at the hospital -- about 10 minutes after she arrived. This was about 30 minutes after the stroke. She was lucky that it happened in public and it was recognized quickly.

I can never adequately express the fear and anxiety I felt as I received the phone call from my neice. She said that she just got a call that her mother was taken to the hospital and she wasn't talking. I don't know why, but I immediately thought STROKE. When I arrived at the hospital, they were asking me questions about my sister that I knew she could answer. This increased my fears. They told me she was receiving an MRI and an asprin enema. That essentially confirmed it, for me.

Before my sister returned from her MRI, her Dr. approached me and told me that he suspected a stroke, and "a massive one, at that", he said.

They wheeled my sister back in. She looked asleep. I took her hand and spoke to her. She squeezed my hand.

Over the next 30 minutes, my sister regained consciousness. She couldn't talk, she was paralized on her right side and it wasn't clear if she was understanding anything that was said to her. I kept reassuring her that I'll make sure the kids would be fine, the bills would be paid, the pets would be fed, etc -- until she was better.

After the first hour, she was actually lifting her head and looking around. She was able to nod and shake her head in responses to questions -- but not always consistant in her answers.

I'll fast-forward a bit and skip where I passed the news to my mom and my sister's kids...

The first day saw the most dramatic improvement. She was moving her right side (albeit barely) and she was more consistantly nodding and shaking her head. From then on, she has make significant improvement every day.

As of yesterday, she can speak -- but her words are haulting. She's stuck on about 10 phrases. "Yes", "No", "I don't know", "I know", "Maybe", and a few others. She can fully understand everything spoken to her. She can't find the words yet, and she has trouble reading. She KNOWS the words, and can clearly identify their meanings when shown pictures of things and actions -- but when the words are put in sentences, she can't make out the meaning.

Also, she is nearly paralysis free. You can see a SLIGHT droop in her lip when she smiles and she's just a little weak on her right side. That's it. She's able to do EVERYTHING should could before (except drive -- but that's by Dr's order -- she'll need to be evaluated for that in the future).

I've taken care of all her bills and will continue to do so until her disability kicks in. Money will be a little tight for her, but I can supplement it as needed.

She's home now. Last week, she was released as an in-patient at a local rehab clinic and then released for home just yesterday. Her insurance will pay for at-home speech therapy and I'll be working with her on that, too. She's going to get annoyed with me pushing her to read/talk -- but hey. I have a thick skin. I post on slashdot!

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