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AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

JimMcc 4mb? (524 comments)

I'd be happy with 4mb if it were reliable.

Right now I have 3mb at best, and that's with high latency and a heck of a lot of dropped packets. And I have the highest speed that can be delivered, or at least so they tell me.

about a week ago

Has the Ethanol Threat Manifested In the US?

JimMcc Re:Price per kilojoule [Re:ok if your car is new] (432 comments)

The tax issue is with diesel fuel. All gas sold has the road taxes included, even if so.d at marinas. You can, if you are fueling your boat, collect the receipts and submit for a refund of the road taxes.

Marina fuel is usually more expensive because of the significantly higher costs of moving the fuel from the tank up on shore to the tank in the boat.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

JimMcc Re:Sometimes Extra Jobs are Intentional (343 comments)

Later in life I started a consulting company. One of our clients was a governmental agency. At peak I had 4 full time employees there. As near as any of us could tell, the agency provided good paying jobs to a bunch of people, but hired consultants to actually get the work done because none of the employees had the knowledge or desire to be productive. This went on for years and my employees and I profitted handsomely from it; but as a tax payer it ticked me off.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

JimMcc Sometimes Extra Jobs are Intentional (343 comments)

In the early nineties I was Director oif Development for a company that wrote and sold software to small telephone companies. We created a lot of automation into the process which allowed small companies to do much more than their staffing would otherwise allow. One prospective customer was a county owned telephone company. Their first response when we showed them all the features of our softwar ewas to ask if those capabilities could be turned off. Huh? Turns out that they viewed their primary role to be a provider of jobs within the county. Providing telephone service was considered secondary.

So there's nothing really new about these finds. Just that he's getting noticed for writing about them.

about 4 months ago

Introducing a Calendar System For the Information Age

JimMcc And people thought Y2K was expensive (224 comments)

The conversion to this system would make all the Y2K mitigation costs seem like peanuts. Oh yeah, and a beer to go with the peanuts.

about 6 months ago

Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska

JimMcc What's the difference (397 comments)

What's the difference between a hunter with a drone and a factory fishing vessel with spotter planes? Is it scale? money? Both models are using airborne technology to assist in the gathering of food. If we are going to ban aerial observation, than it should be for all applications and uses of it regardless of how monied the operator is.

about 6 months ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

JimMcc Just Another Cockup by Corporate Overloards (1191 comments)

If I could reply, I would add a reply to my prior comment about incomplete summaries. Now that I'm on my desktop I can see that there is a goofy multi-bar icon, and when I click on it I can select classic view. Or at least pseudo classic view.

What's with the fixed width content and all the white space? Yuck. Please let me pick the width of the content area by changing the width of the window.

What's with all the white space. Did WalMart have a sale on blank pixels?

What happened to the "From the ... Dept." tag under the title. Are we now too grown up for levity?

Why is the fortune cookie now virtually invisible in small font with a low contrast?

The whole new look and feel, the removal or minimization of light-hearted portions of the site, and other features give me a strong sense that your corporate overlords have decided that you should look just like all the other sites that various corporate overlords control.

Increasingly /. seems to becoming irrelevant. I read Google News before getting to /. and increasingly I've already read stories about an issue before I get to /., sometimes days earlier. Slashdot used to be a site where one could find interesting stories about the tech world that generally weren't covered in the mainstream press, or at least we'd learn about them before they became mainstream. Not so much anymore. The new layout seems to be completing /.'s trip to being a JANS. (Just Another News Site)

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

JimMcc Incomplete Summaries -Fail (1191 comments)

The title says it all. I don't want to have to load a new page, along with all the comments to read the whole summary. Additionally, with more and more people using mobile devices, loading a new page with a whole whack of comments that won't necessarily be read, just to get the whole summary, is a waste of metered bandwidth.

about a year ago

What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?

JimMcc Re:Movies (322 comments)

The problem with movies, and to a similar extent comics, is that you are captive to come body else's interpretation. Non visual media allows you to craft your own vision on top of the story. I personally find that much more rewarding, but it does require a practiced imagination.

1 year,13 days

Employers Switching From Payroll Checks To Prepaid Cards With Fees

JimMcc Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (1103 comments)

I'm not sure what bank you deal with, but at my bank funds are available the next business day after I deposit, and the first $100 is available immediately. Maybe that's "float", but not enough that I'm going to squawk.

One important thing for people to realize is that even if the bank clear the check immediately, as in the instant you present it, it can still bounce. All the electronic clearing does is validate that the account number is real and that the account has sufficient funds to cover the check. The account holder can still claim that the check is a forgery and you are then liable for the amount of the check unless some other resolution is arrived at, e.g. it can be shown that the presenter of the check is lying that it is a forgery.

about a year ago

The Return of Surveillance Camera Man

JimMcc Re:Guy deserves getting beaten (188 comments)

Just remember, curious is not synonymous with approve or accept.

If I met somebody with a Google Glass I too would be curious. That doesn't mean I would approve or welcome the person taking a video of me. As irrational as it is, to a lot of people there is a big difference between somebody standing there blatantly videoing you Vs the ever present surveillance cameras, at least from an emotional perspective.

about a year ago

Google Maps Used To Find Tax Cheats

JimMcc Re:But of course they do! (174 comments)

The wealthy(especially so in countries with high levels of economic inequality) are where the assets are, often a commanding percentage of them; but they also have by far the most sophisticated measures for avoiding taxation.

Like the USA? We have greater economic inequality since the robber baron era. And we seem hell bent on becoming the newest third world country.

about a year ago

I am fairly prepared for a storm outage of ...

JimMcc Weeks and Highly Mobile (398 comments)

Let see, an ocean capable and proven boat, a full load of fuel, generator, watermaker, long range HF radio equipment... We could easily last for an extended period with only food being the limiting factor. Unless a tsunami takes out the harbor, we can easily just untie the boat and leave for an area not affected by whatever the problem is.

about a year ago

Paul's Call To Abolish the TSA, One Year Later

JimMcc Re:His own strawman (353 comments)

I do not have to agree with everything someone believes in order to agree with them on some things.

Well stated. If only we could somehow move there as a nation we'd be a lot better off. Unfortunately we're stuck with the Bushism "If you're not with us, you're against us."

about a year ago

I paid attention to news of the Marathon bomb ...

JimMcc Re:A victory for the internet (317 comments)

Hopefully the AC comment was posted as a sarcastic comment. It's hard to tell sometimes. But yes, the social media hords did get two INNOCENT people on the cover. Mostly it seems as though the crowd sourcing folks did a great imitation of Chicken Little.

about a year ago

Best reader-submitted /. logo of October 2012?

JimMcc Anything that's not animated (137 comments)

While some of the logos are great artist creations, they were mostly, or totally I can't remember exactly, animated. Web page logos shouldn't be animated. Anything animated calls or attention to it and distracts us from the rest of the page. If the purpose of a web page is to show off animated icons, then by all means, proceed. But if the purpose of a website is to provide content to the user the best thing you can do is banish all animation.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Ideas and Tools To Get Around the Great Firewall?

JimMcc Don't Like the Laws? Don't go. (218 comments)

I don't know the legal issues at hand, nor do I know the laws of China, but if what you are planing to do is a violation of those laws you should be prepared for an extended stay as a guest of the Chinese government.

While you might not believe that what they do is correct, moral, or defensible, it is non the less their country. Just as you would expect foreign visitors to your own country to respect the local laws, you should respect the laws of a country that you visit. If you find the laws so personally distasteful that can not abide by them, don't go.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: To AdBlock Or Not To AdBlock?

JimMcc It's Animation that bugs me (716 comments)

While I'm concerned about being tracked, the major reason I adblock is to avoid having annoying animated ads appear. My eyes are inexorably drawn to anything animated within my near field of view. If a site has any animation on it I have an extremely hard time concentrating on the content. So adblock is most helpful in helping avoid all maner of methods that advertisers use to try and capture your eyeball.

If there were some means of blocking any animated content while still allowing ads I would think seriously of using that. I want the sites that I rely on to earn money. I don't have a problem with advertisers using sites as a venue to get the word out about their product. But I do want to be able to read the sites I visit.

about 2 years ago

I reach my workplace, primarily/typically, by:

JimMcc What? No choice for hurking big van? (566 comments)

I'm a self employed mobile marine electrician. So I guess I get to work by walking. That is, from my boat where we live to my work truck in the parking lot. But after that it is a HBV, Hurking Big Van. Not very fuel efficient, but probably uses less fuel than driving a small vehicle and running back and forth to the shop for every little thing.

more than 2 years ago

64 Complaints Received On UK Cookie Law

JimMcc Notice Designed Not to be Seen (86 comments)

I just visited a link on the and received some kind of cookie notice. The notice appeared as a pop up in the bottom right corner (the last place an english speaker will scan to) with text in pale grey. The notice was clearly designed to be difficult to notice. Even though I saw it pop up right away, I didn't have a chance to read the text or see which link to use to opt out before the notice disappeared. It was clear from the first sentence that if I did nothing I was consenting to be tracked.

I guess the law, which clearly had good intentions, has been eviscerated so that now the websites can just briefly display a hard to notice blob of text, remove it before you have a chance to read it, and continue tracking you with impunity.

more than 2 years ago



JimMcc JimMcc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

JimMcc writes "The Zero Day Blog over at ZD Net has an article describing a PDA sized hand-held device made by Immunity, Inc. which provides automated penetration testing of Wi-Fi networks. It will also, it instructed to do so, automatically launch known exploits. It is designed for use by a novice.

The idea is to give pen testers a tool to launch exploits wirelessly in the most covert fashion. At startup, Silica offers the user the option to scan for available open Wi-Fi networks. Once a network is found, the device connects (much like a laptop at Starbucks) and asks the user if it should simply scan for vulnerable/open ports or launch actual exploits from CANVAS.
They say that they try to thoroughly vet purchasers to determine if they are legitimate, but admit that the device will certainly fall into the wrongs hands."

JimMcc JimMcc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

JimMcc writes "As reported in Business Week Cisco is suing Apple for trademark infringement for the use of the iPhone name. It should be interesting to see where this one goes."


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