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Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

Jim Sadler Re:For 3rd party batteries, I've had good luck wit (93 comments)

The online auctions tend to sell store stock from failed stores and the batteries have been on the shelf way too long. The catch is that the batteries may seem fine at first and you give the seller a good rating but after a few days the battery shows its true quality. Local stores often have good stock but they price gouge. I can buy a new portable phone as cheaply as buying a replacement battery. Radio Shack can't figure out why they are sinking. Check their prices and you will know why they are in trouble.

8 hours ago

Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers

Jim Sadler Re:Read that statement as follows: (393 comments)

I would not accuse US employers of being on the moral side of any stick. There are a few good employers but most that think they are good are rotten to the core. And there are also plenty of evil employers who wish harm on everyone in every direction. Both the coal and the tobacco industries have demonstrated over and over again that they are willing to be mass murderers if the money crosses their palms. We have little discussion of the reality of severe psychopaths operating major corporations within our society. I wonder if the deaths and disabilities caused by tobacco exceed the losses in WW11 as far as the body count goes. We put concentration camp guards on trial and hang them but could it be that the management of tobacco companies should be tried in the same fashion for crimes against humanity.

10 hours ago

Students From States With Faster Internet Tend To Have Higher Test Scores

Jim Sadler Of Note (166 comments)

The expense of the housing in which a student lives has been a great predictor of success in schools. Expensive dwellings indicate an ability to spend and that means that service providers will invest more in hopes of capturing an account. Such homes can spend freely for expensive services such as HBO, Showtime, alarm systems and being the phone service as well. Whereas poor communities simply can not afford such things. It is not income levels that one measures. After all for the rich taxable income is shielded in such a way that wealth increases while tax statements may reflect no income at all. The people between the rich and the poor are the ones that tend to be forced to report incomes with accuracy. It is difficult to coerce the poor into reporting income as prison can be a step up compared to their free lives and for such folk prison can only punish the tax payers.

12 hours ago

FCC Warned Not To Take Actions a Republican-Led FCC Would Dislike

Jim Sadler Three Can Play That Game (332 comments)

So now the democrats need to warn the FCC not to take actions that might offend future democrats. After that the very, very pissed off left might want to warn the FCC that if anything is done that they don't like they will eat your babies for breakfast from the skulls of republicans. Threats should not exist at any level regardless of how quietly they are made.


Phoenix Introduces Draft Ordinance To Criminalize Certain Drone Uses

Jim Sadler Law Won't Work (197 comments)

Any modern satellite can get photos of you from space. Any plane passing over can also snap pics as well. Beyond that anything in public view is fair game. Obviously if you are concerned about privacy you should have a roof and walls around you. Can you imagine a balloonist shooting pics of his voyage and accidentally getting people in the background of the pics? In essence if anything is private it needs to be tightly held aside and never shared with anyone in any way. Many people are expanding the concept of privacy rather foolishly. We are also encouraging all manner of crimes by disallowing voice recordings in many situations. How many seniors have been violated by dishonest sales tactics in their homes? Yet it is a crime to record voice. It is time for people to take responsibility for their deeds and words instead of allowing people to commit all kinds of crimes and encouraging lies.

3 days ago

Selectable Ethics For Robotic Cars and the Possibility of a Robot Car Bomb

Jim Sadler Everythings a Threat (239 comments)

There is almost nothing that can not be used as a weapon by a dedicated enemy. It doesn't have to be a new invention or high tech for that matter. And lots and lots of seemingly trivial actions can make for worse problems than something like a car bomb. What we need to do is learn to interpret and spot people who operate with bad motives. Usually the public fears an attack that can be seen to have radical and easily seen consequences. But many attacks could be hardly noticeable at all. For example the French used a gimmick that would slice a tire that could be easily tossed onto a street during WWII. Not only did the Germans have trouble dealing with ruined tires but businesses were severely effected as were factories that needed workers and deliveries to be on time. It was a small attack but it was ongoing. Any bright person could dream up numerous attacks that would be next to impossible to detect and could be done over and over again. We can surely spot people likely to do harm and then study them in depth to see what they are up to. Even selling small amounts of dope of any kind attacks a nations ability to survive as dose selling illegal guns on the street.

4 days ago

WikiLeaks' Assange Hopes To Exit London Embassy "Soon"

Jim Sadler Danger! (297 comments)

Mr. Assange needs to remain in a protected environment. I do not think the US government or someone acting t the request of the US government will be reasonable or fair with him. The US is infested with a lunatic right wing as well as a military establishment which simply has absurd beliefs as far as security is concerned. Mr. Assange has done no wrong and did all of us a huge service by getting a little bit of information to the public. If they can they will kill him or bury him in a prison under conditions designed to drive him insane.

4 days ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Jim Sadler TV Fodder (358 comments)

These thieves belong on the World's Dumbest Criminals TV show. It's very hard to understand some nut breaking in your home and finding powder in that fancy vase and trying to snort your grandmother's ashes. But i do think people screwed up enough to break in a medical lab and steal deadly plague materials while taking zero precautions to keep it contained may top the charts for stupidity. It is rather like Larry, Moe and Curly with a severe suicidal and homicidal personality changes. On the other hand Ebola widely distributed in the Arab nations might be the way to stop all the fussing.

4 days ago

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Reputation

Jim Sadler Re:American car companies... (413 comments)

Perhaps Microsoft should rename Explorer something like "Rancid Arm Pit oF a Dead Whore.".

5 days ago

Humans Need Not Apply: a Video About the Robot Revolution and Jobs

Jim Sadler Deadly Serious Business (304 comments)

I rant frequently about the issue of automation-robotics. The elimination of human labor is not a bad thing. But the shock we are about to go through must be moderated. The depth of the changes about to take place is too deep to be understood. Do not assume that their are tasks that machines can not do. Obviously current investments tend to cause development in areas where huge savings can be seen. Fast food workers are a serious target for a robotic wipe out. Imagine keeping one or two very pretty young girls to smile and great the public while all other tasks are automated in your McDonalds. We are about to see notions such as capitalism vanish. Ideas such as buying stocks and bonds will also be so convoluted as to remove them from human involvement. The real cross over is not when the machines can do all the work. It is when machines become self funding and begin to acquire ownership that we will see a massive change. Imagine that even right now a wealthy person could set up a computer as if it is a self owned, living entity and load it with programs that cause it to buy and sell stocks on its own. At regular periods a portion of the profits could be used to buy more or better computer equipment as dictated by the machines profits and needs. The human responsible could not stop the machine or its money so to speak. So the designer of the system could only observe the build up of wealth by the machine. The machine could even pay taxes. The effect would be that all money earned is removed from the wealth pool of humanity. Concerns for down stream effects upon humans would not be a consideration. Now imagine a large number of these machines running various AI programs and judging which programs are fit to keep running. No label the computer THE COMPANY and allow it to form smaller companies under it each having the ability to invest and sustain itself and grow, Imagine machines capturing all the worlds financial markets. After all, these machines do not have to support human expenses.

about a week ago

Hemp Fibers Make Better Supercapacitors Than Graphene

Jim Sadler Re:Gives new meaning... (178 comments)

The pro pot crowd often makes reference to George Washington and other founders raising hemp. The hemp they raised for rope and fabric wasn't any good for getting high either. I suppose if you smoked a huge drum of it you might get a mild buzz but no reasonable amount of exposure would give you a buzz. Tobacco is actually worse in that regard. Picking tobacco leaves can put enough nicotine in your system to make you quite ill and that is without lighting it up.

about a week ago

Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body

Jim Sadler Dead Meat (159 comments)

In Florida even the stark raving insane are found capable of intent and fit to stand trial. And I am certain that this genius is able to assist in his own defense as well. As far as i can tell any accused person in Florida that can form one or two words is fodder for execution. There may be cases where a person is so far gone that he makes sounds like a pig feeding at a trough and nothing at all intelligible might be found unfit for trial but it must be rare. If they have an IQ of 20 and can breath unassisted and are at least twelve years old Florida has no problems punishing them which we all know corrects their behavior 100% of the time.

about two weeks ago

California May Waive Environmental Rules For Tesla

Jim Sadler The Gravity of Evil (327 comments)

There is always that strange force that drives people into evil. It is sneaky and persistent. So we have California who has better environmental protections than any other state but also is stuck with the curse of capitalism. Only growth appears to offer financial survival and in order to have growth and money they are willing to let the environment be ruined. The sad fact is that in reality California is over populated. Worse yet those large numbers of people live in an excessively dangerous place where mega catastrophes are certainly going to take place rather frequently. Earthquakes, mud slides, floods and a severe fire problem that is ongoing topped by the sad fact that this is the type of terrain likely to have a new volcano form or an old volcano erupt make California a bad place to build anything at all. Now imagine the worlds largest battery factory in a catastrophic event and think about what might occur. If anything California needs to condemn large areas of land and tare down homes and businesses and return the land to an untouched condition. If you want to see insurance companies and banks collapse just imagine the chain of events if the San Francisco area was destroyed by a major quake. It could bankrupt the entire nation.

about two weeks ago

UCSD To Test Safety of Spinal Stem Cell Injection

Jim Sadler Another Trade Vanishes (43 comments)

Just imagine if we can fix spinal cords how many layoffs will occur in the wheel chair industries!. And home health aids may be less in demand as well as many people confined to chairs need a lot of help in the homes. This is one time that technology replaces workers that the world can rejoice and even giving more hope to the injured is in itself so vitally important. Now if we could just find a way to eliminate funeral workers -----

about two weeks ago

Why the Public Library Beats Amazon

Jim Sadler Evil Library (165 comments)

Take a hard core right wing idiot like Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is one of the sickest republicans alive and give him power over libraries. Guess what he did!!!!! The poor often don't have net access or computers of any kind nor know how to use them. So you make all social benefits by computer only forcing the poor to go to the libraries. That may be quite expensive as our libraries can be far from the bushes in which the poor sleep around here. Then when they get to the library they will often find a two or three hour wait before it is their turn. And it just keeps getting better. They have no mail addresses or stoves or refrigerators so food stamps are out. And the state will chop off any benefit which they might be entitled to simply because they can't get mail. Knowing that the state sends out numerous mails requiring a time demand answer. Then we have the next treat. The public library is open to all which means the poor and alcoholics and dope addicts try to stay inside the library for many hours during the hot days in Florida. But even in the various fugues and trances caused by untreated mental illness, addiction, malnutrition and a host of nasty diseases these folks get a slice of revenge. Between the isles in the stacks they urinate, take a dump if they are not leaking directly into the chairs and sofas. I guess Rick Scott has figured out that they save on water bills if the poor don't use the toilets but use the floors instead. So what the right wing has created is what used to be a jewel of civilization called the library and made it into a stinking useless joke filled with the lowest classes of people who do not read a thing while they are there.

about two weeks ago

With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal

Jim Sadler Re:Money pit (322 comments)

Well China will not be able to bomb Nicaragua due to heavy Chinese investments. The US is the same. If china went to war with us they would create a financial crash for their own people. The greed that drives investments may well prevent wars.

about two weeks ago

New Watson-Style AI Called Viv Seeks To Be the First 'Global Brain'

Jim Sadler The Big Point (161 comments)

The program creates programs according to need. Think about that. It means that more and more programs will be written by machines. Once experience is gained and multiple products carry this ability we may see more software than we can imagine being produced for the cost of a few pennies in electricity.

about two weeks ago

3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

Jim Sadler Same Sick Crap (393 comments)

Like most of the House and Senate we have an example here of people wanting to sell out their nation in order to bag some money for their home boys. To them it doesn't matter if tax dollars are wasted or progress is ruined such that other nations get ahead of us. It only matters if they drag the bacon through the dirt back to their nest. I wonder how much Dick Cheney gets paid from this sort of theft. No bid contracts are really suspicious.

about two weeks ago

Larry Rosen: A Case Study In Understanding (and Enforcing) the GPL

Jim Sadler 3rd. Party rights (191 comments)

It is unlikely that many business owners know or could know without great effort and expense whether any defects in license or ownership exist when they purchase software. I think that before any punishments or fines can take place there must be some evidence that a person is doing wrong knowingly. The intellectual property mess with all its complexity and legal issues should not be put upon the end user of the product who in many cases has no way to know or even find out if he is doing wrong. Keep in mind that many businesses are quite small and even a ten dollar expense can be a harsh issue for them therefore lawyers and expert opinions may not be available to them.

about two weeks ago

Patents That Kill

Jim Sadler Figure, Figure, Figure (240 comments)

The idea of patents going in to play was to enable an inventor to benefit from his work. Now we are seeing some information that patent protections stifle economies and progress. Both views are probably correct when applied to specific patents. A patent can work for or against progress. Here is the catch. We can't stand still and debate nonsense philosophies while the world moves on. Socialism or capitalism become the dance that all players get in set with. The reality is that technology is taking us to a world where ideas like socialism and capitalism simply have no validity at all. Human workers are vanishing. Pensions and retirement plans are also usually nothing to count on or value. With companies going off shore and merging and the like the notion of stock in a corporation is not likely to be valid either, We need to urgently start to get rid of these concepts for good. They no longer are valid. Many bright people can not confront this issue at all. But it is real and it is happening right now. So we need to be done with all that nonsense otherwise people will repeat useless behaviors. For example when a suburbanite has an issue they call a congressman. But congress is no longer a living entity. They are way too busy fussing over who is the most savage capitalist and being bribed to stay in their jobs. Soldiers can not count on the VA when disabled. Our wealth is murdered by inflation and endless outcries from the public make it next to impossible to use land that one owns. If you think your company will honor its pensions then you are foolish. Social Security will pay out as it should but the value of the money will make those checks a joke. We need to eliminate the house and the Senate completely. And we need to burn our law books and rewrite the entire body of law that applies everywhere, to everyone, every time. How can we have law when our leaders who approved of torture have not been tried for war crimes? Even Richard Nixon was guilty of felonies yet there was no jail for Nixon. His vice president Spiro Agnew was convicted of receiving bribes. Make note that Agnew did not go to prison. Yet we put people in prison for cashing a bad check or shoplifting some junk items. Just like the Arab nations our legal heritage is in the crazy ward or junk yard.

about two weeks ago



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