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Radio Shack TRS-80 Vs. Commodore 64: Battle of the Titans

Jintsui Ehhhh... (135 comments)

The program in the article will cause a nasty loop...

about a year and a half ago

Comcast Buys Out GE's Remaining 49% Stake In NBC

Jintsui Re:Syfy Channel Impact (149 comments)

One of the three reasons I have kept my Comcast cable was Syfy. If they change it much more, that will certainly make me cancel.

about a year and a half ago

How EVE Online Dealt With a 3,000-Player Battle

Jintsui Re:Can't stick with it. (398 comments)

Don't blame the game for your dying in Null. Its entirely pilot error. Rule1: When going into Null, you should always assume you are going to die. Rule2: When going into Null, please refer to rule1.

about a year and a half ago

Doom 3 Source Code: Beautiful

Jintsui Not really exicted... (399 comments)

Lets face it, its 8yo code.....

about a year and a half ago

How Do You Detect Cheating In Chess? Watch the Computer

Jintsui Honestly.... (328 comments)

Who the hell cares about Chess?

about a year and a half ago

Google Engineer Shows How To Forge Swords and Knives

Jintsui Fail..... (201 comments)

If he was MAN, he would have hammered that himself with a hammer, not a hammering machine.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Has Been Watching, and It Says You're Getting Used To Windows 8

Jintsui Wow.... (675 comments)

MS is really throwing the bull**** around when it comes to Win8. They will do almost anything other than admit they screwed up.

about 2 years ago

Frame Latency Spikes Plague Radeon Graphics Cards

Jintsui Just wait... (158 comments)

I will reserve judgement and see if other review sites have similar issues and if it is a problem with just the 7k series or not.

about 2 years ago

Facebook Says EU 'Right To Be Forgotten' Would Harm Privacy

Jintsui Oooooo... (277 comments)

Can you say Facebook downgrade? Mmmmhmmmm...

about 2 years ago

EU Issues Largest Antitrust Fine to Date for CRT TV Price Fixing

Jintsui So... (153 comments)

We can expect an similar fine 10-15 years from now for flat panel price fixing? AWESOME!!!!

about 2 years ago

Verizon Patents Eavesdropping Using Your TV For Ad Targeting

Jintsui You can be assured... (181 comments)

that if Verizon did that and I had the service, I would just build a sound dampening housing around their box, and only allow vents to let heat out and allow my remote to hit the IR panel..

about 2 years ago

Over 1000 Volunteers For 'Suicide' Mission To Mars

Jintsui I guess... (453 comments)

We need over 1000 more beds in a mental hospital...

about 2 years ago

Cops To Congress: We Need Logs of Americans' Text Messages

Jintsui Well... (342 comments)

All I can say about this is, if you are stupid enough to use Text, Email or social media for your criminal tendacies, then you deserve to be caught.

about 2 years ago

BP and Three Executives Facing Criminal Charges Over Oil Spill

Jintsui Umm... (238 comments)

I will be please if they ever get put in jail, which is highly unlikely..

about 2 years ago

Judge Demands Email and Facebook Passwords From Women In Sexual Harassment Case

Jintsui This will cause a terrible precedent.. (218 comments)

What do you do if you sue someone and DON'T have a social networking page. Will your case get thrown out for not providing what you don't have? We already see this with job interviews. How many people were not accepted for a job because they wouldn't or couldn't provide a Facebook password? I don't use ANY social networking sites with the exception of Linkedin. Do you think they would believe me if I said I don't have one? It should be the decision of the plaintiffs to provide that information as evidence, not the position of the judge to order private information.

about 2 years ago

AMD Hires Bank To Explore Sale Options

Jintsui AFAIK... (226 comments)

Everyone who has a smartphone and/or tablet STILL has a PC and/or Mac.. ALSO, AFAIK, companies don't have their workforces using tablets or mobile devices to do their daily work. This seems like a fishing attempt by AMD. If AMD sold out, it would be detrimental to the PC industry.

about 2 years ago

Review: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (video)

Jintsui Re:4 kinds of people... (204 comments)

I happily quit WOW in February after almost seven years of playing. So I can tell you that I know something about the game. I've played all expansions through Cataclysm and I can tell you for fact, each expansion was worse the the previous one. Burning Crusade was an incredible expansion. Everything went downhill from there. MOP is sickening to almost all die hard players that played from vanilla on. Its clearly apparent that Blizzard has taken the carebear route to gaming. Instead of putting out quality content for both hard-core and casual players, they are appeasing the casual playerbase. Kung fu pandas? Seriously? I could understand a panda like race, that are similar to pandas, yet with a more ferocious aspect. Thin muscular race, with claws and fangs, sort of like Worgen but still different when compared. That is what they SHOULD have done. But no, they went with the Kung fu panda to attract the kiddies. Pathetic really..

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Makes Direct X 11.1 a Windows 8 Exclusive

Jintsui M$ is just shooting themselves in the foot.. (553 comments)

First, its hardly a change that will make anyone move to 8. Second, game developers most certainly are not going to drop Win7 support anytime soon, even if M$ wants them to. Third, this just pushes devs away from Direct X.

about 2 years ago

Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Increase

Jintsui 20% eh? (447 comments)

So, everything Apple sells with a Samsung part will now become 20% more expensive?

about 2 years ago


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