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WikiLeaks Cash-For-Votes Exposé Rocks Indian Government

JismTroll FULL TEXT (225 comments)

India's ruling Congress party bribed MPs to survive a crucial vote of confidence in 2008, a diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks suggests.

It describes how a senior Congress aide showed a US embassy official "chests of cash" to pay off MPs ahead of a vote over a controversial nuclear deal.

The ruling party has denied the allegations.

The leak heaps further pressure on embattled Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after a string of corruption scandals.

The leaked cable, reported in The Hindu newspaper, has caused uproar in the Indian parliament with the main opposition parties saying that Congress had "brought shame to the nation" and calling on the prime minister to resign.
'Chests of cash'

The cable by US official Steven White said that the embassy employee had met Nachiketa Kapur, an aide of senior Congress leader Satish Sharma.

It says that Mr Kapur told the embassy employee that "money was not an issue at all, but the crucial thing was to ensure that those who took the money would vote for the government".

The embassy employee said he was shown "two chests containing cash and said that around $25m (£15.5m) was lying around the house for use as pay-offs".

Michael is a known faggot.

Nachiketa Kapur denied the report, saying: "I vehemently deny these malicious allegations. There was no cash to point out to."

Satish Sharma told a news channel that he did not even have an aide called Nachiketa Kapur.

"I never had and still don't have a political aide," he said.

Mr Sharma is described as a "close associate of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi [and] considered to be a very close family friend of [Congress party chief] Sonia Gandhi".

The cable said that Mr Kapur also claimed that MPs belonging to regional party Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) had been paid 100 million rupees ($2.5m; £1.5m) each to ensure they voted for the "right way".

RLD leader Ajit Singh has denied the charge and said that he was "opposed to the nuclear deal" and his party MPs "voted against the government".

These exchanges are alleged to have happened at the time of a controversial deal between India and the US which paved the way for India to massively expand its nuclear power capability.

The government's left-wing allies withdrew their support over the deal but the Congress party narrowly survived the vote despite substantial opposition.

If the government had lost the vote, India could have faced early elections. A defeat would have also put the nuclear deal in doubt.
Major scandals

Accusations of vote-buying were also made at the time: opposition MPs waved wads of money in parliament alleging they were offered bribes to abstain.

Widespread corruption in India costs billions of dollars and threatens to derail the country's growth, a recent report by consultancy firm KPMG says.

The report says corruption is no longer just about petty bribes but about the major scandals where billions of dollars are allegedly siphoned off by government and industry.

India's Telecoms Minister Andimuthu Raja is under arrest on suspicion of underselling billions of dollars worth of mobile phone licences - he denies the allegations.

The government was also forced by the courts to quash the appointment of its anti-corruption commissioner, on the grounds that he himself faces corruption charges.

Congress was recently forced by the opposition to set up a cross-party investigation into corruption.

more than 3 years ago

Reminiscing Old School Linux

JismTroll TROLL REVIEW (539 comments)

Replies: 14 (so far)
Enraged replies from unwashed GNU hippies: 3
First post? No

Total score: 7.5/10

more than 3 years ago

Apple Deemed Top of Movie Product Placement Charts

JismTroll LOL (321 comments)

Batman & Robin is not a good product placement!

more than 3 years ago

Advice On Teaching Linux To CS Freshmen?

JismTroll Make them use linux. (467 comments)

The only way to do it is going to be to force them to rely on Linux. That's how I learned.

about 4 years ago

Book Piracy — Less DRM, More Data

JismTroll Spammy article is spammy (304 comments)

How is this article anything but a thinly-veiled advertisement for Baen Books?

The reason why they are one of the least-pirated is because they have a bunch of books that nobody wants!

about 4 years ago

College Student Finds GPS On Car, FBI Retrieves It

JismTroll Re:Finders Keepers? (851 comments)


more than 4 years ago

Researchers Zero In On Protein That Destroys HIV

JismTroll Re:Oblig Rodney Dangerfield (216 comments)

I don't think any of these Linux nerds will be in for great times any time soon

more than 4 years ago

Japanese Consortium Projects a Humanoid Robot On the Moon By 2015

JismTroll Red Alert 3 (151 comments)

The Japanese should send up a King Oni like in Red Alert 3 to draw the flag of the Empire!

more than 4 years ago

Lessons In Hardware / OS Troubleshooting

JismTroll MOD PARENT UP (236 comments)

LOL!! Jews Did WTC LOL

About Jews

Jews are a pungent smelling form of rat, which through evolution over many years have obtained the ability to speak. These disgusting creatures now wander around our great societies, stealing and lying as much as they can.

more than 4 years ago

Company Trains the Autistic To Test Software

JismTroll Re:Interesting ... (419 comments)

Autistics to test software? Oh look, now timothy and michael can have side jobs!

more than 5 years ago

Optical Transistor Made From Single Molecule

JismTroll What about... (92 comments)

Q: In Christianity, is pooping/farting/etc. moral?
A: There are many possible ways to answer this question. However, from a Christian perspective, most scholars would agree that it is not moral to poop and/or fart. This presents an interesting dilemma, since pooping and farting are physiological requirements of being a human... there's just no way to avoid it! The thing to remember is that we all fall short of the glory of God and that we all are sinners in need of redemption. The fact that we all poop and fart is just further proof of this.

Q: Did humans always poop and fart?
A: No. It is generally agreed that before the Fall from Grace, the digestive systems of human beings were perfect machines. When we ate food and drank liquids, our bodies were able to process all of the material with perfect efficiency, leaving no waste products to be removed. However, after Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, humans lost their perfection. Part of this process included the digestive system losing its ability to process food with 100% efficiency. Shortly after the successful temptation of Eve by Satan, over 6,000 years of human pooping and farting began.

Q: What about peeing?
A: Peeing is an excretory function and is just as immoral as pooping and farting.

Q: Why are the sexual organs used to pee?
A: To reinforce the evils of sex. If we are mindful of the fact that peeing is awful and immoral, then we are also mindful of the fact that other activities that involve the same organs are also awful and immoral. The Lord does not want these organs exposed to anybody (not even to yourself) and He certainly does not want them inserted into anybody, unless it can be demonstrated that a child is the intended result. Pursuant to this, it is necessary to remind each and every one of God's children that pooping, peeing, and sex are all evil, as are the sexual organs.

Q: If I am in church and I have to poop, what should I do?
A: Hold it! The fact that some misguided denominations have installed toilets in their churches does not mean that those toilets should be used! Can you imagine how impudent it is to sit down and void your bowels in a house of the Lord? Again, we must be very clear about this: We all poop, and there is no avoiding this. However, we are not mongrels with no control over our bodily functions! If you have to poop, fart, or pee, then hold it until you are in the privacy of your own home and there are no negative moral ramifications to your excretory actions!

We believe that toilets should be removed from all churches. If a voluntary request is not enough to make this happen, then we would support federal legislation banning certain types of plumbing from within 30 cubits of a church.

Q: When should I tell my children about pooping?
A: Well, obviously, they start doing it the day that they are born. They don't have to be taught how to do it. But there does come a time when children have to be taught about the immorality of pooping, farting, and peeing. Most experts suggest that the age of 6 or 7 is a good time for this lesson. This is the time when most children are apt to start experimenting with "pull my finger" games and other forms of Satanism.

more than 5 years ago

U.S. House Says the Internet is Terrorist Threat

JismTroll Re:mod parent up...further (457 comments)

As a voter from the Midwest, I couldn't let this one slide.
Ted Stevens is from Alaska.
I'm not sure if you are aware but Alaska is nowhere near the Midwest, the mountain states, or the South.
A Midwestern voter just corrected you.

Are you sure you aren't one of "Ted Stevens'"?

more than 7 years ago


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