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Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

Jizzbug GNOME Shell has the same problem (641 comments)

GNOME Shell has the same problem... With developers worshipping their singular designer, Allan Day, and with Allan imposing his will despite tons of input from users about how his designs are not usable and are tracking behaviors from old versions OS X that Apples long ago admitted weren't usable and has since removed.

I see the problem resulting from this: Since 2010, European developers have eclipsed American developers in the Open Source community, in part because the US is experiencing another tech boom since ~2010, keeping the US devs out of open source and consumed with their professional work.

Our ancestors left Europe for a reason (European == You're-a-peon). These European devs don't have the benefit of that experience.

about two weeks ago

Russian GLONASS Down For 12 Hours

Jizzbug Re:Ukrainian hackers? (148 comments)

This was us (the U.S.) getting back at Russia for helping Iran capture that CIA drone by spoofing m-code GPS with GLONASS. Now we have demonstrated capability to disrupt GLONASS globally.

When GLONASS went live just before the drone was downed, we were still in the process of launching new satellites to regain GPS superiority (Russia had GPS superiority for a short time there).

See, e.g., http://cryptome.org/0005/iran-rsa-cipher.htm.

about two weeks ago

Linux May Succeed Windows XP As OS of Choice For ATMs

Jizzbug SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED 10 YEARS AGO!! (367 comments)

My bank recently upgraded ATMs... It is obviously running a newer version of Windows, and the UI is the slower piece of crap I've ever encountered.

about a month ago

GNU C Library Alternative Musl Libc Hits 1.0 Milestone

Jizzbug Real benefit? (134 comments)

What is the real benefit besides license? Is it correctness?

about a month ago

Prominent GitHub Engineer Julie Ann Horvath Quits Citing Harrassment

Jizzbug She has Panic Disorder (710 comments)

From her testimony it is obvious that she has a case of Panic Disorder. Her condition can likely be treated with micro-nutrient supplementation, as is commonly done with pigs under stress in agribusiness who develop a form of cannibalism known as ear and tail biting syndrome.

See, e.g., http://www.psyc.canterbury.ac.nz/research/earthquake%20research/Rucklidge%20et%20al%20Human%20Psychopharmacology%202012%20earthquake.pdf

about 1 month ago

US Intelligence Officials To Monitor Federal Employees With Security Clearances

Jizzbug Discovery Vault aka Secure Content Monitor (186 comments)

I worked on the software that taps government multi-function printer devices, auditing all scans, faxes, prints, and copies made by government employees.

The product was made by Perceptive Software, it is marketed by Lexmark. Search youtube for public product demonstration videos.

The system was intended to store all classified documents for full-text indexing and partial matching (to find snippets of sensitive information among 500 pages of hamburger recipes), but the government will probably use it in a hot-word or key-phrase mode, since storing all classified docs in it would create a single point of failure / single point of leakage.

about a month ago

NSA and GHCQ Employing Shills To Poison Web Forum Discourse

Jizzbug REDDIT -- CAN ANYONE SAY REDDIT?!?! (347 comments)

Slashdot is the home of the Anonymous Coward.

Reddit is the home of the persona management bot.

about 2 months ago

Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

Jizzbug Popular among European Muslims (280 comments)

I collect foreign nationals on Faceboook, so I can be informed of other perspectives.

I first heard of WhatsApp from all the Muslims in my newsfeed.

about 2 months ago

Louis Suarez-Potts Talks About Making Money with FOSS (Video)

Jizzbug SEND VIDEO DATA OVER PORT 80, SLASHDOT (33 comments)

Either stop hosting your own videos, or make your stupid video player send video streams over port 80.

Just create a YouTube channel and be done with it!

Obviously you're not interested in viewership.

about 2 months ago

Louis Suarez-Potts Talks About Making Money with FOSS (Video)

Jizzbug All these years... (33 comments)

...and OpenOffice / LibreOffice still suck.

about 2 months ago

11-Year UK Study Reports No Health Danger From Mobile Phone Transmissions

Jizzbug French/WHO Interphone Study concluded this month (180 comments)


Glioma and meningioma
Overall, no increase in risk of glioma or meningioma was observed with use of mobile phones. There were suggestions of an increased risk of glioma at the highest exposure levels, but biases and error prevent a causal interpretation. The possible effects of longterm heavy use of mobile phones require further investigation.

Acoustic neuroma
There was no increase in risk of acoustic neuroma with ever regular use of a mobile phone or for users who began regular use 10 years or more before the reference date. Elevated odds ratios observed at the highest level of cumulative call time could be due to chance, reporting bias or a causal effect. As acoustic neuroma is usually a slowly growing tumour, the interval between introduction of mobile phones and occurrence of the tumour might have been too short to observe an effect, if there is one.

about 2 months ago

Open Source — the Last Patent Defense?

Jizzbug I put a GPL-based "Nuclear Option" into my patent! (52 comments)

I put boilerplate on the code segment figures licensing them under the GPL, so that if I need to I can apply "any later version" of the GPL which gives a patent grant! ... For the actual patent application the patent lawyers whited-out the GPL boilerplate in the code segment figures, and they added to the text of the patent, "The programs and program segments as shown in FIGS. 28 and 29 are believed to be subject to a GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)." They stipulated a version to avoid triggering "any later version" clause and thusly the patent grant, but I help write the provisional patent application, and I know the boilerplates in the provisional do not specify a version of the GPL! ;)

So I've assigned my patent to a third party, my former employer, but should I ever need to use my own invention, I put a secret patent grant in it for myself.

about 2 months ago

Acid Bath Offers Easy Path To Stem Cells

Jizzbug Telomeres and Telomerase .... ??? (71 comments)

In adult cells turned to stem cells, don't they need to give the new stem cells a bath in telomerase to extend their telomeres? Otherwise you have a "new" "young" malleable cell that will deteriorate faster because it has the age of an adult cell.

about 3 months ago

Why Transitivity Violations Can Be Rational

Jizzbug Wait so... (169 comments)

It was irrational to think this behavior was irrational?

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?

Jizzbug XMBC on Raspberry Pi (420 comments)

I've really been enjoying its capabilities as compared to my PS3 (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime), AppleTV, Roku, etc., etc. Now PS3 and Raspberry Pi are my most-used media players.

about 3 months ago

DragonFlyBSD 3.6 Brings AMD/Intel Graphics Drivers & Better SMP Scaling

Jizzbug Single System Image clustering (48 comments)

The cool checkpointing and process migration features are part of DragonFly's goal of providing seamless Single System Image clustering some day... A feature and goal that I highly respect and find cool-as-hell, having been an early user of MOSIX and openMosix back in the day.

about 5 months ago

Birthplace of Indoeuropean Languages Found

Jizzbug These Findings Consistent with Genealogy (195 comments)

The native annals of several Phoencian/Scythian nations (e.g., the United Kingdom) describes the invention of language occurring along the southern shores of the Black Sea.

about a year and a half ago

Twitter Based "Ted" System Warns of Earthquakes Earlier

Jizzbug WRONG -- DISPATCH NOT DETECTION (64 comments)

USGS Tweet Earthquake Dispatch

has nothing to do with detecting earthquakes by analyzing twitter feeds

about a year and a half ago

Apple Reportedly Considering Huge Investment In Twitter


What about those of us that want to delete all integration with Twitter that comes standard on OS X Mountain Lion.

Twitter is for brainless fucktard idiotfaces.

about a year and a half ago



X11 7.7 Released

Jizzbug Jizzbug writes  |  about 2 years ago

Jizzbug (101250) writes "The X Window System made release X11 7.7 last night on this 9th of June, 2012: "This release incorporates both new features and stability and correctness fixes, including support for reporting multi-touch events from touchpads and touchscreens which can report input from more than one finger at a time, smoother scrolling from scroll wheels, better cross referencing and formatting of the documentation, pointer barriers to control cursor movement, and synchronization fences to coordinate between X and other rendering engines such as OpenGL.""
Link to Original Source

The Contrapositive Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis

Jizzbug Jizzbug writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Jizzbug writes "Yesterday AT&T's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences accepted an entry, A198382, for a prime-counting function & a contrapositive proof of the Riemann hypothesis. What was accepted is 1 of the of 300 total prime-counting functions that enumerate the prime numbers according to last-digit- & digital-root-preserving sequences. A198382 is the prime-counting function for primes congruent to 37 mod 45 when A198382(n)*90+37."
Link to Original Source


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