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The One App You Need On Your Resume If You Want a Job At Google

Jmac217 Re:Shash-job-vertisement (205 comments)

And Google is one of the biggest proponents to Python, so there's that to consider.

about 2 months ago

Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

Jmac217 Reliability vs Choice (627 comments)

You can know how to use a terminal on a headless server, write your C code in VIM or EMACS, and compile your code with GCC, and be totally content and remove any overhead, but as long as you understand these tools I don't see any harm in using a program that links your libraries and throws you right onto the starting line with the click of a button. You can only write the same 20 lines of code and manually set paths so often before you're writing your own templates and doing the same thing the IDE would do for you anyway. It's typically natural to start programming in an IDE, but those who rely on it, rather than choose to use it, and never eventually venture down to the command line to build their program from scratch are only seeing half of the picture and will never fully grasp the basic concepts of what they're doing.

about 10 months ago

A New Car UI

Jmac217 Is this a joke? (237 comments)

Seriously this is the most unintuitive design I've come across for a UI; honestly Windows 8 looks better. This is never going anywhere. The iPad has room for reasonably sized buttons, there is no reason for this garbage.

about 9 months ago

E-Sports Gender Gap: 90+% Male

Jmac217 Re:We are not equal... (320 comments)

It also goes without saying that women who want to compete in E-Sports are free to do so. I distinctly remember multiple occasions where there were female team members competing along-side male-only teams.

about 9 months ago

CERN Antimatter Experiment Produces First Beam of Antihydrogen

Jmac217 Re: [Ignorance] (136 comments)

You may like cowering behind your monitor, sitting in your own filth of chip crumbs, and typing with your sticky fingers; but you're the argument against anonymity on the internet.

about a year ago

Behind the Scenes of Wii U Software Development

Jmac217 Oh well (92 comments)

I still like my Wii U

about a year ago

Google Begins To Merge Google+, Gmail Contacts

Jmac217 Re:Great.... (339 comments)

Default is king.

about a year ago

Isaac Asimov's 50-Year-Old Prediction For 2014 Is Viral and Wrong

Jmac217 Fuck this post (385 comments)

Seriously, it's misleading and wrong. Get this shit out of here.

about a year ago

Developing Games On and For Linux/SteamOS

Jmac217 Re:Its (145 comments)

But you have a syntax error. 'it's'=>'it\'s' FTFY

about a year ago

"Perfect" Electron Roundness Bruises Supersymmetry

Jmac217 Re:Bad news for string theory (150 comments)

Well that's the sad truth when basing hypothesis on unproven theories. If Supersymmetry flops, as a whole, it doesn't necessarily mean that we start over from scratch. There could be some truth to each theory even though certain aspects fall through. Physics is about knowing physical law, not wishing it into existance. Wishful thinking only takes us so far and eventually conclusions need to be determined. Well it seems we're getting near the point of drawing conclusions. Picking up the working pieces of busted theories and setting them into improved hypothesis is the best we can do with our current technology. Rather than designing new theories we should focus on developing new technologies to enable the next rounds of experimentation.

about a year ago

Theo De Raadt Says FreeBSD Is Just Catching Up On Security

Jmac217 But why should this matter? (280 comments)

I don't think this guy knows what he's talking about, but that's beside the point. There is absolutely no reason to argue against an operating system you DON'T use. That is the reason you use OpenBSD instead of FreeBSD right? Shit if you're that worried about security go play with Windows for an hour, and come back to see how secure FreeBSD actually is. /dev/random is supposed to become incrementally better with time, but FreeBSD is about tested stability. You're criticizing the project for not implementing a new technology and that is arrogant. Keep testing your chip-based crypto and when it's ready it will get used right away. For now software cryptography is perfectly fine.

1 year,1 day

Is the Porsche Carrera GT Too Dangerous?

Jmac217 Okay... (961 comments)

Because it's the car that's unsafe. If they were driving any other vehicle, the headline would use it's name instead. Those two died, it's terribly sad, but it could have happened to anyone in any car.

1 year,15 days

Tesla Model S Has Bizarre 'Vampire-Like' Thirst For Electricity At Night

Jmac217 Re:The only fix for vampire draw (424 comments)

The problem is that Tesla said they could fix the issue with software. They would be in a pretty bad situation if all of the current cars needed extra hardware.

1 year,22 days

Cupertino Approves New Apple Spaceship HQ

Jmac217 but (172 comments)

Is it really worth it?

1 year,28 days

A Makerbot In Every Classroom

Jmac217 Why though... (152 comments)

It's way too soon for these to matter. Maker Bots are still in a very early stage. Using them for this application now will do no good. Waste of money, time, and effort.

about a year ago

How Blockbuster Could Have Owned Netflix

Jmac217 What's the big deal? (385 comments)

It's better this way. Blockbuster is an old-fashioned corporation that doesn't give a fuck, and their demise proves that. Netflix is down to earth and knows its customer base. Blockbuster's failure was because they're business model was outdated.

about a year ago

Researchers Dare AI Experts To Crack New GOTCHA Password Scheme

Jmac217 Why bother? (169 comments)

This is security by obscurity taken to the extreme. We may be good at recognizing patterns, but if fed enough information a computer can be much better.

about a year ago

Canonical Targets Ubuntu Privacy Critic

Jmac217 Isn't it just a little ironic? (259 comments)

This post is talking about Canonical forcing the removal of the Ubuntu icon from a site, but then right next to this article the Ubuntu icon sits at the top of the page. I had a good laugh about this, and was surprised no one else had pointed it out.

about a year ago

Edward Snowden Leaks Could Help Paedophiles Escape Police, Says UK Government

Jmac217 It's obvious right? (510 comments)

Our governments are ran by some of the stupidest fear-mongering bastards that walk the planet. The only people who are worse are those that blindly follow and listen because "they're the government and they must be right". I'm tired of this bullshit. Laws are invented by those who know nothing and have no other way to spend their time than limiting the freedoms of others. "I don't understand what they're doing, so they must be terrorists. We're the government so we have proprietary rights to anything we want- and that includes your attention". Fuck these idiots. Snowden has brought the truth of our world leaders' intentions to light, and for that he is a hero. The only ones in true danger now are those in charge of the countries we live in. The only thing saving them right now is their practiced and refined ability to promote a police state while distracting our thoughts toward the innocent children. The headline "Snowden fucks little boys" gets more attention than "US Gov is listening to your conversations", and only the latter is true. Does no one know libel when it's smacking them in the face? Are WE that fucking stupid?

about a year ago


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