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Taking Action For Free JavaScript

Jobe_br Re:It's about the license (318 comments)

I agree with Kozz. I would also add that while a comment submission form or the like might not need or even benefit much from the use of JavaScript, there's plenty of other things that do. Putting out a request such as "we're launching a campaign to demand that companies, governments, and organizations make their sites work without proprietary JavaScript" seems so baseless and ill-conceived that when I first read it I checked the date on the post to see if it was April 1st. What's the proposal for the alternative? The web platform is built on open standards, the majority of which (more than in any other ecosystem), is driven by open source implementations. For those hackers among us, the web is our oyster and it has fostered a great deal of innovation in the exact way that the FSF has worked to foster it in other ecosystems (e.g. Linux). Assuming that there is a noble and sane goal behind this call to action (which I'm still having a hard time believing), the way this article is written does it no justice. I imagine that this article has become the laughing stock in offices across the country and the world this morning. Presumably not the effect the FSF was looking for ...

about a year and a half ago

Senate Passes Telecom Immunity Bill

Jobe_br Not a single Republican voted Nay (1088 comments)

While we can certainly take issue with those that voted Yea on either side of the aisle, it should be noted that not a single Republican voted Nay on this bill, in the Senate. How do you like that?

more than 6 years ago



Jobe_br Jobe_br writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Jobe_br writes "The fine folks from the Java Posse podcast talk to Mark Reinhold (blog), Rich Sands (blog) and Eric Chu from Sun about OSS Java in a new episode. Topics include both Java SE and Java ME (e.g. phones) — what it all means, how difficult is it to build Java from source?, Sun's decision to use the GPLv2, the possibility of changing to GPLv3 when its released, including the SDK/JRE on Linux, details about open sourcing the Hotspot VM, the javac compiler and more."


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