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FCC Forum Divided on Future VoIP Regulation

JohnDenver I'm Sorry (232 comments)

In retrospect, I realize I'm just being stubborn. We both want to preserve Slashdot as a respectable discussion forum, and I must concede that taking aim at submitters is not an efficient or productive way at raising the bar for discussion, rather we should raise the bar in the discussion forum. Lastly, I finally understand your point that readers shouldn't be distracted by pointless pot shots at the submitters as it only debases the reputation of Slashdotters.

Having said that, I'm going to take a step in that direction by writing up a petition to bring back Jon Katz. This time, I will refrain from personal attacks like calling him a hyper-dramatic douche bag and will only respond to his inane submissions with serious discussion.

I will no longer respond to stupidity with stupidity, and most of all I will not hold my fellow Slashdotter's frustrations of proper discussion protocol in contempt, no matter how big of a cry baby they are with their "I don't want to have to read this! Why can't the world be perfect?!? Accommodate me! Come on guys! Stop trolling! Get serious!"

Thank you for hearing my apology.

more than 10 years ago


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