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Plan C: The Cold War Plan Which Would Have Brought the US Under Martial Law

JohnVanVliet C? (277 comments)

plan "c" what about "Plan R" !!!!


Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

JohnVanVliet AV software (467 comments)

Install ClamAV
builds just fine and VERY easy with gcc 4.8
just a few simple commands and it is done
autoreconf -i -v ./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

3 days ago

New MATLAB alternative is dirt-cheap and open source

JohnVanVliet alternative (9 comments)

i have been using Octave for years
now admittedly there is a bit of a qt5 issue with building the GUI (needs qt4 )
but there are not many times that a gui is a MUSE use

the question is
will *.m files i have run on this ?
i have a TON

about two weeks ago

Best current live-action TV show based on comics?

JohnVanVliet DEAD (148 comments)

well consider that this show HAS a good size budget

and they are not doing it as a "low budget " like on Sci-Fi chan

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Migrating a Router From Linux To *BSD?

JohnVanVliet re : bsd (402 comments)

personally i would have had the "server" /firewall running CentOS 6 or Debain stable

then in 5 YEARS when they are going end of life
then worry about systemd VS systemV

in 5 years time

the question should be settled

about two weeks ago

Indiana Court Rules Melted Down Hard Drive Not Destruction of Evidence

JohnVanVliet Re:Hello microwave (181 comments)

" I also don't understand how a drive can be ruled as evidence if nothing is yet discovered on the hard drive. I don't understand how the prosecution can ask for a default judgement without solid compelling evidence of a crime. Without a discovery of the drives contents I'm assuming they had other evidence.

they DO
it is a IP address that anyone in the world could have spoofed
very very very week evidence

about three weeks ago

Over 78% of All PHP Installs Are Insecure

JohnVanVliet re (112 comments)

not surprising at all
over at LinuxQuestions we had a rash of

H E L P ! ! !
I just installed RHEL6.0 ( unlicensed !!!)
i just installed Fedora 12 ,or 13,or14 ( fedora 21 is current)

and !! NO KIDDING !!!
i just installed RH7.2 ( the rh7.2 from 1996 )
i just installed RH9 ( from 2001 )
and a few
"i just installed RHEL4.0 " ( RHEL 7.0 is current)

and this was only in the redhat family

about a month ago

Lizard Squad Targets Tor

JohnVanVliet Re:Oops (83 comments)

no kidding
there ARE groups you just DO NOT PISS OFF

the non govt. professionals like the ones behind offensive security and like
are not to be messed with lightly

about a month ago

Federal Judge: Facebook Must Face Suit For Scanning Messages

JohnVanVliet Re:Advertsing (48 comments)

"Ghostery+Adblock+Scriptblock=No Ads"
true - BUT they still SELL $$$ all the information about
Your friends
all the relational data that is connected to you

about a month ago

Docker Image Insecurity

JohnVanVliet re (73 comments)

just another example of the "bleep'ed ed bleep" that passes for a good idea

it REALLY is time for a X30+ solar flare to kill the electricity for 10 years

then MAYBE we will have had time to well THINK FIRST!!!
and change the priories from
new and "Bleeped up"
to stable and SECURE

about a month ago

AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us

JohnVanVliet law zero (417 comments)

i do beg to differ
the forth law of robotics
-- LAW 0 ( zero ) !!!

the current human population is a UNSUSTAINABLE levels
for various reasons a world population of about 2.5 to 3.5 - 4.0 Billion is sustainable

law 0 would allow for the REMOVAL of 4 billion people from the planet
( something WE humans are unwilling to do at this time )

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings?

JohnVanVliet Re:are the debian support forums down? (286 comments)

that it dose
i was one of the FIRST people to use pulse in fedora 6
now back then there were issues

Almost 10 years have past and those issues are no more


about 3 months ago

Linux distro to vampire XP install?

JohnVanVliet linux (10 comments)

well RHEL 5.10 will support the OLD 2001 XP hardware from 13 years ago
and RHEL 6.5 will also for most 13 year old hardware ( except for the nvidia gforce4 and OLDER cards )
a minor hack of the OS is needed for that .

You can use the FREE CentOS or ScientificLinux 5.10 or 6.5
OR BUY $$$$ the redhat support contract

about 4 months ago

X-Class Solar Flare Coming Friday

JohnVanVliet Re:Flare (145 comments)

The Carrington event was a X27 to x45

so a 1.6 is tiny ( for a big one)

a 2 is 10 times greater that a 1 in power

about 5 months ago

X-Class Solar Flare Coming Friday

JohnVanVliet Flare (145 comments)

Seeing as it is only a x 1.6
As far as BIG things go this is a bit tiny

so PREPARE for the WORST
1 to 2 days no electricity
expect the BEST
pretty lights in the sky

about 5 months ago

What Disk Imaging software works best?

JohnVanVliet disk images (1 comments)

the "dd" command

about 7 months ago

Microsoft takes down No-IP.com domains

JohnVanVliet re (4 comments)

I used to use No-Ip.com
and ALWAYS recommended it
it was a great service

about 7 months ago

Even In Digital Photography Age, High Schoolers Still Flock To the Darkroom

JohnVanVliet darkrooms (240 comments)

i worked in custom color and B&W darkrooms for over 10 years

finally by the late 90's there were 3 jobs for over 200 techs in the SE Michigan area

The oldest piece of hardware was a Kodak K10 that still had vacuum tubes

about 7 months ago

Congressman Asks NSA To Provide Metadata For "Lost" IRS Emails

JohnVanVliet lost mail (347 comments)

did not "Bush" already loose a ton of mails when the "white house" moved from the
Huge giant sized corporate Lotus based mail to the " small business/HOME" mail system from MS

this is NOTHING new

about 7 months ago


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