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Google Airs Super Bowl Ad

Johnathon Walls Re:Even more interesting (315 comments)

Wow, why so aggressive?

I think the point is not "why would anyone ever ask those questions" but rather "why are those questions asked SO FREQUENTLY as to be the most likely phrases to follow the word 'why'?"

Jesus you sound like someone found your google history of "why does my penis look like a vagina".

more than 4 years ago

Piercing the Veil On Bioware's MMOG

Johnathon Walls Re:Dynamic quests system for a MMORPG (88 comments)

You're absolutely right, it definitely would be more interesting. The scaling should be pretty simple, but the key lies in getting a good, cohesive, interesting dynamic-story generator. As the other replier notes, Anarchy Online has these "random"/"dynamic" missions. They're truly awful. Some work on this must already exist ... there must be some ground work laid in MUDs, IF, or in other games ...

more than 7 years ago


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